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Alacritech accelerates TCP/IP storage
Start-up veteran Larry Boucher (founder of companies such as Adaptec and Auspex) has launched a new company called Alacritech
Maxtor/Quantum merger signals consolidation
The upcoming merger of Maxtor and Quantum's hard disk drive (HDD) division early next year portends a growing trend toward greater consolidation in the storage industry-a trend dictated by razor-thin margins and intense competition
Tivoli eases SAN management
This month, Tivoli Systems began shipments of its Storage Network Manager v1.1 software, which is designed to simplify the deployment and management of heterogeneous storage area networks (SANs)
Three approaches to storage virtualization
There are three main methods to virtualize storage, each with advantages and disadvantages.
The case for network storage appliances
Potential benefits include centralized management, data protection, and support for heterogeneous platforms.
Testing HP's SureStore NetStorage 6000 NAS
OpenBench Labs goes under the hood of Hewlett-Packard's NAS server, unveiling some interesting performance results.
Start your metadata engines!
In the lingua franca of storage area networking, server-less backup is the "killer app," but coordinated, concurrent data sharing is the "Holy Grail."
SSPs and storage outsourcing
The following Q&A session was excerpted from an online chat session hosted by searchstorage.com, a Web-based search engine site for storage-related articles and information
SAN infrastructure: A strategic business decision
When designing a storage area network, be sure to plan for future requirements as well as current needs.
Quantum answers LTO with SDLT
Drive lacks backward compatibility
Prisa refocuses on SAN software
Next month, Prisa Networks hopes to complete a company turnaround by shipping the first module in its storage area network (SAN) management software suite
New Products
Allowing users to support both SAN (block-level) and NAS (file-level services) operations in a single disk array, TrueSAN Networks' Paladin Storage Network System provides up to 50TB
Microsoft supports HDS/McData SAN
At the recent Microsoft Enterprise 2000 conference, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), McData, and Microsoft announced a "Trusted Solution Platform" designed to overcome a litany
Managing heterogeneous storage networks
SAN management software promises to simplify the administration and management of storage networks.
Building better backup systems with SANs
Storage area network backup will take place in three stages: LAN-free, integrated media and devices, and server-less backup.
Making the move to 2Gbps Fibre Channel
Fibre Channel devices operating at 2Gbps are shipping, and adoption is expected next year.
Lucent, Vixel deliver Fibre Channel over IP
Lucent Technologies recently began customer trials of a version of its OptiStar EdgeSwitch that can handle OC-12, OC-48, Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel traffic. Production shipments are scheduled for the first quarter.
In this issue: Spotlight on SANs
Although the rate of adoption of storage area networks at the end-user level is difficult to gauge, SANs represent the most exciting-yet daunting-architectural challenge since storage started migrating from mainframes to open systems.
IBM enters storage outsourcing arena
IBM's Global Services division recently announced that it was entering the "hosted and managed storage services" game with a wide range of on-demand storage and storage management services
Focus on Fibre Channel
The following Q&A was excerpted from an online chat session hosted by searchstorage.com, a Web-based search engine site for storage-related articles and information (www.searchstorage.com).
Fibre Channel HBAs, hubs, and switches
An excerpt from the 2000 Storage Area Network Report provides market and technology details on key Fibre Channel components.
Fibre Channel vendors eye 10Gbps
With a goal of keeping up with throughput advances in the Ethernet market, Fibre Channel vendors are drawing up a roadmap for 10Gbps speeds
Entrada to ship SAN over IP router
Aiming to get a foothold in the nascent market for communications gear that enables companies to link storage area networks (SANs) over IP networks, Entrada Networks plans to ship in the next quarter a transport router dubbed Silverline
A conversation with Doug Fiero, EMC's manager of enterprise storage networks
Drive manufacturers boost capacity, data rates
At last week's Comdex show, hard-disk-drive manufacturers demonstrated the latest improvements in drive technologies
Business Briefs
<b>Compaq </b>has selected <b>QLogic</b>'s GEM359 enclosure management controller chip for its servers and storage systems.
Users identify key storage issues
At the recent Storage Networking World conference, users dispelled doubt over storage area network (SAN) and network-attached storage (NAS) adoption, revealing strong support for both technologies