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ADIC Completes Hat Trick
In its third acquisition in as many years, Redmond, WA-based storage vendor Advanced Digital Information Corporation (ADIC) today announced plans to purchase Pathlight Technology, a privately owned manufacturer of storage area network (SAN) products, in an effort to broaden its overall storage portfolio.
Little Mountain Group Acquired by QLogic
ALISO VIEJO, CA -- QLogic Corporation earlier this month acquired the outstanding common stock of Little Mountain Group, Inc. for a combination of cash and stock that could reach as high as $30 million over four years.
Netreon Demos Directory-Based SAN Management
Although the product won't ship until at least this summer, Netreon recently provided a glimpse into the future of Windows 2000-based SAN management with a 'proof of concept' demonstration of directory-based software.
Jiro Adoption Picks Up Steam
Sun Microsystems is hoping that recent support from a handful of component and software vendors - most notably, Veritas Software - will help drive adoption of its Jiro technology, especially among other software and systems vendors.
Cereva Targets Internet Storage
Marlborough, MA-based startup Cereva Networks came out of stealth mode last month when it announced an Internet storage system capable of scaling to almost one petabyte (PB), accelerating content delivery, and simplifying infrastructures for Internet data centers (IDCs) and service providers, the company claims.
Sanrise Acquires Exodus Commucications DataVault Business
SANTA CLARA, CA -- Sanrise Inc., has acquired the assests of, and is assuming the operations for, the Exodus Communications DataVault tape back-up and restore service business.
Storage Vendors Turn to Linux for Quick Fix
As evidence of the growing appeal of Linux in non-server-specific markets, San Francisco-based Linuxcare, a provider of professional services and solutions for Linux and other open-source technologies, last month announced strategic partnerships with storage vendors Hewlett-Packard, Maxtor, Network Appliance, Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems, and Tricord Systems.
OPINION: Financial Analysts Miss the Boat on Storage
Earlier this month, Robertson Stephens sent the tech sector of the stock market reeling downward, crushing many storage stocks, with significantly flawed reasoning.
Sun to Acquire SRM Vendor
In a stock-for-stock swap valued at $400 million, Sun later this quarter is expected to finalize its acquisition of storage resource management (SRM) software vendor HighGround Systems. The deal, which has been widely applauded by analysts, lends credibility to Sun's open-storage initiative and, by default, makes the company a leader in the fast-growing SRM market.
Comdisco Hops on SSP Bandwagon
Comdisco is staking claim to a piece of the fast-growing storage service provider (SSP) market by launching a managed storage services division. The Comdisco Storage Services (CSS) division will plan, build, and manage on-site storage area network (SAN) and network-attached storage (NAS) architectures.
NAS muscles into the limelight
For the past few years, most of the glory-and excessive hype-in the storage industry has centered on storage area networks (SANs). But over the last few months, the considerably older network-attached storage (NAS) seems to be pushing SANs somewhere to the left of center stage
Tape library requirements for SANs
Storage area networks demand connectivity options, high availability for shared environments, and storage resource management software
Sun to acquire SRM vendor
In a stock-for-stock swap valued at $400 million, Sun later this quarter is expected to finalize its acquisition of storage resource management (SRM) software vendor HighGround Systems
SPC benchmark helps IT evaluate storage
The Storage Performance Council's SPC-1 benchmark will provide objective, verifiable performance data
Software vendors speak out
Tivoli tests show that data movers (i.e., bridges or routers) are less available and less robust than application servers are.
SANs rely on storage virtualization
A number of approaches exist for virtualizing heterogeneous storage environments, including SAN appliances, "SAN-in-a-box," and distributed enterprise solutions
Optical system reduces file preparation time
A combination of imaging software and an optical disk library reduced a tribunal's file preparation time by 57%.
Optical formats spar over 20GB mark
Hitting the 20GB mark is the next milestone for high-capacity optical technology. So far, that magic number has eluded optical manufacturers and taken its toll on one company that couldn't deliver on its promise of higher capacity
New Products
<b>Procom brings fault tolerance to NAS</b><br>Procom Technology's NetFORCE 3000 series of network-attached storage (NAS) appliances are based on Fibre Channel RAID controllers and a clustered, fail-over architecture
Conference targets I/O, InfiniBand
Next month, the e-Commerce Infrastruc-ture Technology Conference and Tradeshow (eCIT) hopes to bring together InfiniBand users before the new architecture hits the streets in volume over the next two to three years
Moving toward storage re-centralization
<p>The trend is toward architectures such as NAS and SAN, but improvements in software management and testing are still required</p>
Maxoptix buys Breece Hill
On the heels of securing more than $18 million in funding to further finance development of its new optical storage products, Maxoptix acquired tape automation manufacturer Breece Hill Technologies last month for an undisclosed amount
Is server-less backup ready for prime time?
Despite the recent onslaught of announcements from various software vendors, server-less backup remains in its earliest stages
HDSA promotes automated storage
Hoping to promote removable storage technologies such as tape and optical libraries, the non-profit High Density Storage Association (HDSA) was launched last month
EMC attacks midrange NAS
Taking aim at network-attached storage (NAS) leader Network Appliance, EMC's recent entry into the midrange market is bad news for all NAS players but good news for end users looking for more choices in a market dominated by a handful of vendors
Comdisco hops on SSP bandwagon
Comdisco is staking claim to a piece of the fast-growing storage service provider (SSP) market by launching a managed storage services division
Business value of storage virtualization
Measurement of the business benefits of a particular virtualization approach is a function of near-term and long-term predictions
Business Briefs
Dell Computer is partnering with Imation to establish its most recent Dell Technology Solutions Center (DTSC)
Block-level storage over IP
The following Q&A-an interview with storage analyst Steve Duplessie, with a focus on iSCSI-was excerpted from an online chat session hosted by www.searchstorage.com, a Web-based search engine site for storage-related articles and information (searchstorage.com). Questions were posted by end users
Applications for storage area networks
An excerpt from Designing Storage Area Networks examines some of the applications that can benefit most from SANs
Tricord targets server appliance market
While other vendors are largely focusing on storage area network (SAN) applications, Minneapolis-based Tricord Systems last month announced plans to bring "aggregation" technology-a type of virtualization software-to the server appliance market later this quarter