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Emulex Outlines iSCSI HBA Plans
This week, Emulex, one of the leading Fibre Channel host bus adapter vendors (along with QLogic), sketched its plans for HBAs based on the evolving iSCSI standard. iSCSI allows block-level I/O over standard IP networks, such as Ethernet.
Sun Bundles 'Low-Cost' SANs
Hoping to eliminate two of the biggest gating factors to acceptance of storage area networks (SANs) -- high cost and difficult implementation -- Sun Microsystems has begun bundling 'plug-and-play' SANs that start at $97,700. Sun also announced that it will open up its StorEdge T3 disk arrays and SAN configurations beyond its Solaris platform.
Intel, NetApp Ink $1 Billion Deal
Intel and Network Appliance have entered into a 7-year, $1 billion agreement, culminating a long-time business relationship and reaffirming both companies' commitment to develop open standards such as the Direct Access File System (DAFS).
Quantum Delivers Super DLT
After a protracted delay, Quantum earlier this week announced that it has begun shipping Super DLTtape I drives and media. Unlike preliminary units shipped last November, these drives feature full backward read-compatibility with previous DLT generations, going back to the DLT 4000 and including the DLT1 from Benchmark Storage.
Midrange NAS race heats up
On the heels of EMC's entry into the midrange network-attached storage (NAS) market, Network Appliance and Dell Computer are diving in with midrange products of their own
Tape's evolving role
Falling prices, near-immediate data access, and data replication technologies may make disk an interesting alternative to tape for backing up mission-critical data
Sun continues software spree
Last month, Sun Microsystems announced an agreement to acquire LSC Inc., an Eagan, MN-based developer of high-performance file system and storage management software for the Solaris operating system
Storage virtualization: What, how, and why
Because virtualization sets the foundation for the enterprise storage utility, it's crucial for IT planners to understand its first principles and not be fooled by the hype
SNIA builds shared-storage model
The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) is developing a shared-storage model that it hopes will benefit both end users and vendors as they grapple with diverse storage architectures and terminology
Online PC backup firms turn toward businesses
According to International Data Corp. (IDC), many online PC backup and "Web folder" companies are refocusing their business models away from consumers and toward businesses.
Nishan delivers SoIP switches
After more than a year of drumrolls, Nishan Systems last month began shipping multi-protocol storage switches that enable end users to build native IP storage area networks (SANs)
New Products
<b>Procom attacks NetApp, EMC</b><BR>Taking aim at network-attached storage (NAS) market leaders Network Appliance and EMC, Procom Technology recently introduced high-end NAS servers based on Fibre Channel disk technology
Netreon demos directory-based
Although the product won't ship until at least this summer, Netreon recently provided a glimpse into the future of Windows 2000-based SAN management with a "proof-of-concept" demonstration of directory-based software
NAS, SANs, and SSPs
The following Q&A-with storage consultant and book author Jon William Toigo-was excerpted from an online chat session hosted by www.searchstorage.com, a Web-based search engine site for storage-related articles and information
Forsythe, Nuclio target SSP space
The storage service provider (SSP) market is attracting more and more vendors almost weekly. Most recently, Skokie, IL-based Forsythe Solutions Group, a 30-year-old technology infrastructure provider, and its subsidiary Nuclio will team with EMC to provide storage services
IP-based storage: Benefits and challenges
Block-level IP storage promises numerous advantages, but there are still many hurdles to overcome
Introduction to storage area networks
A beginner's guide to the concepts, components, and benefits of SANs
FalconStor combines virtualization, IP Storage
Melville, NY-based start-up FalconStor has introduced a software suite, dubbed IPStor, that provides storage virtualization and aggregation, while at the same time enabling both block-level and file-level storage traffic over standard IP networks
Enron launches capacity-trading market
Drawing on its experience in establishing the market for bandwidth trading (buying and selling telelcommunications capacity) in 1999, Enron Broadband Services has created a trading market to bring together buyers and sellers of surplus storage capacity available from storage service providers (SSPs)
Emergence of storage service providers
The storage outsourcing industry has emerged with varying service models, a competitive market, and numerous choices for enterprise customers
EMC strengthens Clariion family
With the introduction of its fifth-generation Clariion disk array-the FC4700-last month, EMC claims to have raised the bar for midrange storage
DAFS versus SAFS
Direct Access File Systems and SAN-attached file systems (SAFSs) promise a number of improvements, particularly in performance. Here's the case for SAFS
Business Briefs
<b>Cisco Systems</b> has joined a $25 million investment round in <b>StoreAge Networking Technologies</b>, a Haifa, Israel-based maker of appliances that provide virtualization for storage area networks (SANs)
BlueArc guns for EMC, NetApp
BlueArc, a Mountain View, CA-based start-up, is setting its sights on becoming a leader in the fast-paced network-attached storage (NAS) market
Best practices for storage environments
A discussion of data-management life cycles, NAS and SAN options, I/O requirements, and modular versus frame-based disk arrays.
ADIC completes hat trick
In its third acquisition in as many years, Redmond, WA-based Advanced Digital Information Corporation (ADIC) recently announced plans to purchase Pathlight Technology, a privately owned manufacturer of storage area network (SAN) products, in an effort to broaden its overall storage portfolio
What's hot in 2001?
Irecently asked one of the prominent storage industry analysts what the hottest topics were for this year, and he immediately answered "storage virtualization" and "DAFS."