Industry News and Analysis

Tape Library Market Stays Strong
According to Freeman Reports' 2001 Tape Library Outlook, the library market is on the threshold of robust growth. Unit shipments are expected to more than double over the next six years, from 61,800 units last year to 133,000 units in 2006. Revenue, meanwhile, will increase more slowly from $2.3 billion to $3.8 billion, reflecting the move by end-users to lower-cost open-system libraries.
Quantum/ATL Ships GE/FC library
Addressing user demand for a library that can be shared in mixed storage networking environments, Quantum/ATL recently introduced the P3000 Gemini series, which features both Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel connectivity.
Fujitsu Eyes Software Opportunity
Lured by the prospect of a multi-billion dollar market opportunity, Fujitsu last week threw its hat into the storage management software ring, launching Fujitsu Software Corp. (Fujitsu Softek) and a trio of new software options for managing heterogeneous storage area networks (SANs).
Western Digital spins off SAN business
Western Digital last month formally split its Connex subsidiary into two companies in an attempt to better serve network-attached storage (NAS) and, especially, storage area network (SAN) management software markets, officials say
University relies on HSM-based PACS system
A picture archival communication system combines hierarchical storage management and high-speed data-management software
The case for outsourced electronic vaulting
Like it or not, the truth is that systems fail, power outages occur, and disasters happen. And when they do, there is a very real risk of significant impact to your business
Sun bundles 'low-cost' SANs
Hoping to eliminate two of the biggest gating factors-high cost and difficult implementation-to acceptance of storage area networks (SANs), Sun Microsystems is bundling "plug-and-play" SANs that start at $97,700
SSP Sanrise targets enterprises
Sanrise is targeting enterprise companies with its backup/recovery and disk-on-demand services
SAN Valley links FC SANs over IP networks
At the upcoming Networld+Interop show (May 6-11 in Las Vegas), SAN Valley Systems is expected to announce a gateway that will enable companies to link Fibre Channel storage area networks (SANs) over optical IP networks
Quantum delivers Super DLT
After a protracted delay, Quantum last month announced that it has begun shipping Super DLTtape I drives and media. Unlike preliminary units shipped in November, these drives feature full backward read-compatibility with previous DLT generations, going back to the DLT 4000 and including the DLT1 from Benchmark Storage
Optimizing SAN performance
SAN planning and performance management tools are critical when implementing a high-performance storage network
New Products
Aimed primarily at departmental storage area networks (SANs), McData's 32-port ES-3032 Fibre Channel fabric switch has many of the fault-tolerant features of the company's director-class Fibre Channel switches (including fault isolation, dual power supplies, and hot-pluggable cooling fans, power supplies, and optics) but does not include redundant logic
Microsoft catches the NAS appliance wave
Storage analysts tend to ignore Microsoft. We think that when they talk about "disk," they really mean a hard disk in a PC
MaxOptix brings RAID to tape
Leveraging technology largely developed by a leading disk array vendor, Fremont, CA-based MaxOptix last month began shipping the StreamIT tape-RAID appliance
It's show time
Following the success of the Storage Networking World conference and exhibit earlier this month (which was graced with a decent turnout of your peers), there are a number of upcoming shows that may be of interest to you
Making the case for SSPs
A look at what's driving storage service provider (SSP) market growth, and trends for the future
IP storage start-up launched
This month, Pirus Networks came partially out of stealth mode by officially launching itself and sketching plans for a switch that can handle a variety of protocols and I/O traffic, including Ethernet, IP storage, Fibre Channel, and iSCSI
Inside the Direct Access File System
The demand for storage networks that offer scalable, high-performance data management with low total cost of ownership has led to the development of the Direct Access File System (DAFS) protocol
IBM readies iSCSI, NAS devices
Lending credibility to the emerging iSCSI standard and the convergence of network-attached storage (NAS) and storage area network (SAN) technologies, IBM is readying two products that signal new directions for Big Blue's storage division
HP sharpens storage vision
Hewlett-Packard says it has put lingering organization and marketing issues behind it with the recent launch of its Federated Storage Area Management (FSAM) strategy and preliminary product set
Emulex outlines iSCSI HBA plans
Emulex, one of the leading vendors of Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs), last month sketched its plans for HBAs based on the evolving iSCSI standard
EMC rolls out ESN Manager
By most accounts, EMC's recent rollout of ESN Manager lacks the substance-at least in its first iteration-of a major software release
DAFS streamlines file access
If the Direct Access File System (DAFS) protocol delivers on its promises of better performance within data center environments, end users will see faster access/response times in their database and Internet applications as early as 2002
Business Briefs
<b>ADVA Optical Networking</b> and <b>Inrange Technologies</b> have entered into a strategic agreement, whereby Inrange will sell ADVA Fiber Service Platform products under the Inrange IN-VSN Spectrum label
Business benefits of server-free backup
Two of the biggest advantages of server-free backup are server/LAN resource savings and the ability to leverage SAN technology and application investments
Bosch controls corporate data growth
Solution is based on a disk-tape hierarchical storage management system and AIT tape units
Application-centric storage management
Managing data according to a priority hierarchy eases storage management hassles and decreases labor costs
Why NAS virtualization?
As with SANs, NAS virtualization promises easier storage management and lower storage management costs