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Callisma Enters Storage Services Market
Network services provider and consulting firm Callisma is launching a storage network service business targeting large-scale enterprises and service providers. The company plans to offer storage and server consolidation, backup and restore, disaster recovery, and high availability services.
Wind River Accelerates TCP/IP
One of the major hurdles facing developers and users of IP-based storage is the CPU-intensive overhead imposed by the TCP/IP protocol stack. A number of network interface card (NIC) and host bus adapter (HBA) vendors have announced products that will offload TCP/IP processing onto specialized processors and firmware. Most of those cards are due by the end of the year.
Super DLT, LTO Face Off
No two tape technologies in recent history have generated such heated debate as have Linear-Tape Open (LTO) Ultrium and Super DLTtape. With both products now shipping in volume, analysts have begun to share their forecasts for these technologies.
FalconStor, NPI to Merge
Former Cheyenne Software CEO ReiJane Huai is hoping lightning does strike twice. Having sold Cheyenne to Computer Associates in 1996 for $1.3 billion, Huai says he is now squarely focused on establishing his year-old start-up FalconStor as an emerging leader in the network storage software space--one of the fastest-growing segments of the $44 billion global storage market.
DataCore Extends Virtualization
Next week, three-year-old start-up DataCore Software will release version 4.0 of its SANsymphony suite, further extending the company's technology lead in the nascent storage virtualization market, analysts say.
New Products
<b>Astrum broadens SRM software</b><br>This month, storage resource management (SRM) vendor Astrum Software began shipments of its Storage Performance Manager (SPM)-the fourth piece of its StorCast suite
Storage issues for e-CRM, Web storefronts
Web storefronts and electronic Customer Relationship Management have unique infrastructure requirements
Storage Computer takes legal action
Storage Computer is taking legal action against Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), Seagate Technology, and Xiotech Corp.-a wholly owned subsidiary of Seagate-for patent infringement
Storage area networks: Why and how?
The vast majority of you have not yet implemented a storage area network (SAN), but many of you are evaluating the technology and may take the plunge within the next year
Start-up redefines NAS architecture
Just weeks after BlueArc introduced a new network-attached storage (NAS) architecture promising wire-speed throughput and enormous capacities, Northbrook, IL-based start-up Ikadega announced a similar hardware-based technology
SNIA, Infinity I/O certify storage pros
The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and Infinity I/O have launched a certification program to train IT professional in Fibre Channel-based storage area networks (SANs)
SAN, NAS, and virtualization
The following Q&A-with Marc Farley, author of and a storage industry commentator-was excerpted from an online chat session hosted by www.searchstorage.com, a Web-based search engine site for storage-related articles and information. Questions were posted by end users.
Quantum/ATL ships GE/FC library
Addressing user demand for a library that can be shared in mixed storage networking environments, Quantum/ATL last month introduced the P3000 Gemini series, which features both Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel connectivity.
Quantum re-emphasizes 'solutions' strategy
Having officially extricated itself from the disk drive market, Quantum says it will now concentrate on expanding its storage systems businesses
IDCs attract SSPs
Of the new storage service providers (SSPs) that have been appearing almost weekly, only five or six "pure play" SSPs will still be standing next year, predicts Doug Chandler, program manager for storage services at International Data Corp.
NAS vendors switching to Windows
Open-source operating systems are taking a back seat to Microsoft's Windows 2000 in the network-attached storage (NAS) arena
Media: The other half of removable storage
Advancements and trends in the media market are indicative of how storage is used
HP Hood outsources backup operations
Outsourcing enabled HP Hood's IT department to close its server backup window and slashed annual backup expenses by more than 50%
Fujitsu eyes software opportunity
Lured by the prospect of a multi-billion dollar market opportunity, Fujitsu last week threw its hat into the storage management software ring, launching Fujitsu Software Corp. (Fujitsu Softek) and a trio of new software options for managing heterogeneous storage area networks (SANs)
Fibre Channel vs. Ethernet/iSCSI: D&eacute;j&agrave; vu
If history repeats itself, it'll be d&eacute;j&agrave; vu all over again
Ethernet SANs: Panacea or fantasy?
Some of the claimed advantages of IP/Ethernet storage area networks may be overstated
Cisco enters storage network market
Last month, Cisco crashed the storage networking party with shipments of the SN 5420 Storage Router, which allows IT organizations to connect Fibre Channel devices and storage area networks (SANs) over standard IP networks such as Gigabit Ethernet
Business Briefs
<b>Eurologic Systems</b> announced that <b>Vixel</b> has joined its LINK Alliance Program, whereby the companies are cooperating to enable users of storage-critical applications to implement pre-tested interoperable storage configurations across a storage area network
Business benefits of SANs: User case studies
Users cite high availability, performance, scalability, and cost reductions through centralized management and storage consolidation
Backup with synchronization/ replication
Peer-to-peer synchronization and replication software can augment and simplify existing data backup and retrieval systems
Tape library market stays strong
According to Freeman Reports' 2001 Tape Library Outlook, the library market is on the threshold of robust growth. Unit shipments are expected to more than double over the next six years, from 61,800 units last year to 133,000 units in 2006