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Sanbolic Readies Shared File System
Startup Sanbolic Inc. has begun beta shipments of a shared, journaling file system designed specifically for storage networks. The Melio FS can be applied to storage area network (SAN) environments, as well as network-attached storage (NAS) or combination SAN-NAS environments. Production shipments are expected before the end of the year.
McData Breaks Into Storage Network Management
McData recently expanded into the emerging storage network management arena with the launch of its Enterprise Solutions Architecture. The software platform, which focuses on the storage network itself, not the overall storage environment, integrates with upper-level management software such as EMC's Control Center and Veritas' SANPoint Control to give users a detailed, yet 'generic,' look at their storage fabrics ()e.g., hubs, switches, wiring, etc.).
Quantum Acquires Connex Assets
Quantum is targeting the midrange network attached storage (NAS) market by buying key technology, intellectual property, assets, and personnel from Connex, a NAS manufacturer and subsidiary of Western Digital. Quantum will boost its market-leading Snap Appliances' Snap Server product line with Connex's technology and target an 'underserved' market segment, according to the company.
Nexsan Enters U.S. With Disk-to-Disk Backup
WOODLAND HILLS, CA -- This week, Nexsan Technologies announced that it has moved its headquarters from the U.K. to the U.S. Founded in 1998, Nexsan offers a variety of standard RAID subsystems with ATA, SCSI and Fibre Channel interfaces. But company officials hope to differentiate the product line in two primary areas: low cost and a disk-to-disk backup application that reduces -- and in some cases eliminates -- the need for tape-based backup.
PennWell Acquires Silicon Valley Market Research Firm Strategies Unlimited
August 3, 2001 -- MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- Technology oriented market research and management consulting firm Strategies Unlimited has been acquired by the PennWell Corporation.
HP Outlines iSCSI Road Map
Ending speculation about its IP storage strategy, Hewlett-Packard recently said it will begin demonstrating its iSCSI 'solution set' at industry events this fall, and expects to deliver first products early next year. The news comes out of HP's networked storage solutions organization, and is an integral component of the company's Federated Storage Management Strategy.
Mammoth-2, NetVault combo rips through backups
OpenBench Labs makes short work of backing up 100GB per hour in a 19-inch rack
Sun, Veritas team on NAS-SAN combo
Sun Microsystems and Veritas Software have teamed up to provide a network-attached storage (NAS) product that competes head-on with NAS market leader Network Appliance's filers
Storage services over wide area networks
Service providers can offer low-cost connectivity of enterprise Ethernet and Fibre Channel storage networks over WANs.
Storage service providers revamp business strategies
The long-expected storage service provider (SSP) shake-out has begun, and before it ends, only 25% of SSPs will survive, predicts market analyst firm Gartner/Dataquest
SAN survives earthquake without data loss
SAN benefits include reduced administration and better backup, data sharing, and data protection
Adaptec enters external RAID market</b><br>Hoping to get a piece of the booming market for external RAID, Adaptec last month entered the fray with a SCSI-to-SCSI disk subsystem
New players enter SRM market
As evidence of the growing importance of managing burgeoning storage capacity, two new players-TeraCloud and TrelliSoft-have entered the storage resource management (SRM) software market, a crowded field that already includes about 10 vendors
NAS + SAN: The best of both worlds
Recently, it has been politically correct for vendors to say that network-attached storage (NAS) and storage area network (SAN) are complementary
Extending SANs with network-attached storage
Combining NAS and SAN enables the two environments to share storage devices
Making 'storewidth' vision a reality
Storewidth is the combination of ubiquitous, high-capacity optical bandwidth and unlimited storage capacity, but we're not there yet
Legato integrates serverless code into NetWorker
Having virtually disappeared from the serverless backup scene a year ago, Legato Systems recently brushed the cobwebs from its Celestra code, making it generally available in a workstation configuration to end users running NetWorker 6.1 in Solaris and HP-UX environments
Evolving SANs require new management tools
Large shifting SANs require configuration comparison, asset/change/service management, and replication capabilities
Convergence of SAN, NAS, and IP networks
Next-generation storage networks will combine block- and file-level data access with emerging technologies such as iSCSI-based IP storage
Computer Associates predicts 'bright' future
Computer Associates says it is counting on the strength of its new BrightStor platform-in particular, BrightStor Enterprise Backup-to catapult it back atop the network backup leader board
Combining the benefits of NAS and SAN
NAS and SAN have proven value, but their differences can make administration unnecessarily complex and costly. Merging the two will combine their benefits and yield large savings in storage management costs.
Centralized storage management tools simplify administration while decreasing overall costs
Centralized storage management tools simplify administration while decreasing overall costs
Catch the next wave: 2Gbps FC SANs
Next-generation Fibre Channel SANs could benefit database/transaction servers, disaster-recovery applications, and imaging environments
Who needs SAN virtualization?
According to Data Storage Technologies (Ridgewood, NJ) president Richard Lee, there are a number of value propositions to "virtualizing" a storage area network (SAN), including lower management costs, less complexity, and higher return on investment