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Compaq Partners for Online PC Backup
In the wake of Sept. 11, data backup has taken the spotlight as end users realize the necessity of backing up mission-critical data. While PC vendors have long chanted the backup mantra, Compaq recently entered into a co-licensing and co-marketing agreement with Connected, a Framingham, MA-based PC data protection and management company.
NetApp Announces NAS Backup Device
In further evidence of a developing trend toward backup to disk (as part of a disk-to-disk-to-tape scheme), Network Appliance this week announced the NearStore family of network-attached storage (NAS) devices for backup consolidation. However, NetApp is not committing to a firm delivery schedule, other than saying that it will be available 'in the first half of 2002.'
SPC Releases 'Standard' Benchmark for Disk Arrays
At the Computer Measurement Group Conference this week in Anaheim, CA, the Storage Performance Council announced the SPC-1 benchmark, a standardized test to measure the performance of disk subsystems. According to Leah Schoeb, SPC chairperson and a staff engineer at Sun, the benchmark is designed for both disk array manufacturers and end users.
Users demand openness, vendors respond
EMC delivers Auto IS components
To IP or not to IP?
By now, most IT storage professionals understand the potential advantages of building a storage network based on good ol' IP (as opposed to Fibre Channel): lower cost, use of existing personnel and expertise, easier management, etc. The question is no longer <i>why</i> or <i>how</i> you should use IP; it's <i>when</i>
StorageQuest breaks down DAS, NAS barriers
With all the talk of Fibre Channel and storage area networks (SANs), it's easy to lose sight of the fact that, to date, less than one-quarter of all companies have actually implemented SANs
SRM vendors expand features, platforms
Several software developers recently unveiled new versions of their products in the fast-growing storage resource management (SRM) market
SNIA, Infinity I/O launch FC-SAN certification
Storage networking professionals can now take an exam to become certified in Fibre Channel-storage area networks (FC-SAN) with a program developed by the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and training provider Infinity I/O.
Part III<br>Storage virtualization: SAN options
The issue that inevitably creates confusion is how and where to implement virtualization within the storage area network
NuView tackles Dfs storage management
Houston-based NuView says it is making it easier for users and IT administrators to manage storage resources in Windows environments, specifically files residing on network-attached storage (NAS) devices
LeftHand Networks combines NAS, SAN
This month, Boulder, CO-based LeftHand Networks began shipments of a RAID device that combines block-level (storage area network) and file-level (network-attached storage) I/O over Ethernet
New Products
Brocade has begun shipping to its OEMs a 2Gbps Fibre Channel switch, dubbed the SilkWorm 3800, that is based on the company's Intelligent Fabric Services Architecture
IP storage: Separating hype from reality
A review of FCIP, iSCSI, SoIP, iFCP, mFCP, and iSNS and a look at the strengths and weaknesses of IP storage
IP storage and Fibre Channel: Competition and co-existence
A review of the FCIP, iFCP, iSCSI, and iSNS IP storage standards and their potential positioning against the incumbent Fibre Channel and dark-horse InfiniBand
From DAS/NAS/SAN to 'utility-class storage'
A new class of storage system is on the horizon, and it may eliminate the drawbacks associated with direct-attached storage, network-attached storage, and storage area networks
Dell, IBM, Compaq expand NAS options
Three of the largest storage vendors continue to push the price/capacity/feature envelope in network-attached storage (NAS) with their latest entries in the midrange market, a space that low-end NAS leader Snap Appliances entered last month (see InfoStor, November 2001, p. 8)
Compaq, HP take 'virtual' steps
Recent product news out of Compaq and Hewlett-Packard has sparked some interesting discussion not only about the two companies' virtualization plans, but about the eventual role that various virtualization levels-server, fabric, and storage system-will ultimately play in end users' storage environments.
Business Briefs
<b>Exabyte</b> and <b>Ecrix</b> have finalized their merger, enabling Exabyte to serve the lucrative tape storage automation, high-performance, and large volume "DDS replacement" markets
Bandwidth vs. latency in SAN extensions
Within the data center, SAN throughput is driven by link bandwidth, but as SANs are extended over distance, latency must be factored in
Using DWDM for storage networking in MANs
Dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) solves the problems associated with applications such as disaster recovery in MANs