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Start-up acquires EMC technology for tape virtualization
Framingham, MA-based start-up Diligent Technologies has acquired EMC's Israel-based R&D facility that specializes in developing software--including tape virtualization products that are currently on the market as an EMC brand--and other technologies Diligent plans to commercialize over the next nine months.
Entry-level NAS race heats up
Network-attached storage (NAS) vendors are targeting small to mid-sized businesses that want increased capacity and performance beyond what typical entry-level NAS has delivered in the past. This month, several vendors announced products to meet these users' needs.
Automated networked storage drives business value
IT organizations (ITOs) increasingly view storage as a strategic differentiator for existing and new applications.
Users support SNIA's SAN certification program
It's no secret that implementing and managing storage area networks (SANs) can be challenging. Leading SAN vendors have training programs, but one drawback to those programs is that they're not exactly vendor-neutral. That's one reason why the Storage Networking Industry Association (<a href="http://www.snia.org">www.snia.org</a>) established the SNIA Fibre Channel SAN certification program.
Microsoft touts 'SAN friendliness'
A major highlight of the storage features that will debut next year with Microsoft's .NET Server will be its storage area network (SAN) support, including flexible volume mounting, boot-from-SAN, optimized drivers for Fibre Channel, and enhanced host bus adapter (HBA) management.
Network Appliance enters SAN market
Network Appliance recently entered the storage area network (SAN) market with the FAS900&mdash;a fabric-attached storage device that combines network-attached storage (NAS) and SAN functionality in one box.
Storage network security options expand
Keeping data secure is a top priority for IT managers these days, and typical network security measures may not be enough.
Start-ups address end-user pain points
A trio of newcomers is attempting to break through the cacophony of start-up announcements with products they claim address common shortcomings of mainstream alternatives.
Start-up feeding frenzy will benefit users
According to PriMetrica Inc. (www.storagewatch.com), 190 storage vendors&mdash;the majority being start-ups&mdash;have received funding over the last two years.
Spinnaker takes on EMC, NetApp
Spinnaker Networks, a Pittsburgh-based start-up, is looking to take on EMC and Network Appliance with its first network-attached storage (NAS) product&mdash;SpinServer 3300&mdash;which leverages a distributed file system for scaling up to 512 servers.
Quantum spins off NAS business
Citing a need to concentrate on its data-protection line, Quantum recently spun off its network-attached storage (NAS) business into a new company called Snap Appliance Inc.
Providing storage intelligence with automated policies
Finding an enterprise storage management (ESM) software vendor that doesn't claim to have automated policy management today is difficult.
EMC CTO speaks out about AutoIS, openness, and more
In the midst of one of EMC's longest and broadest product announcement cycles on record, CTO Mark Lewis sat down with InfoStor to address questions about the company's future course.
Microsoft pushes storage strategy
Microsoft is continuing to fine-tune its storage strategy.
Is serverless backup your best bet?
Only a few months ago, serverless backup was viewed a silver bullet of networked storage.
Distributed file systems enhance NAS
Forrester Research studies show that storage management can cost a company seven times the original equipment outlay&mdash;a fact that every IT manager understands all too well by now.
Disk-to-disk increases backup-and-restore speeds
Fast backup and recovery of data has been facilitated by two recent developments: disk-to-disk backup/recovery and "data typing," in which applications and data types are prioritized by importance to improve business continuance.
Consultants urge IT to build strategic storage plans
While some IT shops have built strategic storage plans, analysts say the adoption rate should be much higher, especially among mid-sized and large companies about to embark on large storage investments (e.g., a storage area network) or those looking to standardize their storage environments.
Business continuity planning and technologies
When critical business data is lost, every minute that goes by means missing information, lost revenue opportunities, and perhaps even the closing of a department or company.
ARM software saves time, money
If you're acquainted with the ARM acronym, then you know why the industry is buzzing about it and why vendors are racing to bring such products to market.
Applications-centric path to managing storage
A popular practice of storage vendors is to use statistical data to hype the implementation of an architectural model like storage area network (SAN) or the acquisition of a particular product such as a storage management application.
Sun acquires Pirus, furthers N1 strategy
With its upcoming acquisition of hybrid switch maker Pirus Networks, Sun Microsystems is rounding out its Network One (N1) strategy for combining data resources into a single system.