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NetScout extends SAN performance management
Westford, MA-based NetScout Systems is leveraging its established LAN and WAN products to provide a storage area network (SAN) performance monitoring and analysis solution that has not previously been available, according to analysts.
Adaptec ships iSCSI host adapters
After a delay of more than a year, Adaptec has begun shipments of an ASIC-based host bus adapter (HBA) that fully offloads both iSCSI and TCP/IP protocol processing from host CPUs. The HBA will compete with iSCSI cards from Alacritech and Intel and, later this year, QLogic, Emulex, and others.
Start-up promises WAN file transfers at LAN speeds
Tacit Networks is tackling network-attached storage (NAS) problems such as scalability and the slow speed of remote file access by enabling the most current files to be shared among remote offices instantaneously.
SNIA expands support for end users
In its ongoing effort to expand communication between end users and vendors, the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) is launching a customer focus committee (CFC) to coordinate its end-user forums. The CFC's goal is to ensure end-user feedback is incorporated into development of future storage networking products.
IP SAN costs less than 2 cents per MB
One of the long-standing promises of IP storage area networks (SANs) based on the iSCSI protocol has been low cost compared to Fibre Channel SANs. But few companies have actually backed up those claims to date.
Ultrium 2 LTO tape drives pass the test
"Super drive" is the new buzzword in the tape storage market. According to industry analysts, super drives have tape cartridges that can hold at least 100GB (uncompressed) of data. In that category you'll find Mammoth 2 from Exabyte, SuperDLT (SDLT) from Quantum, SuperAIT (S-AIT) from Sony, and Ultrium format LTO drives from Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and Seagate.
U.S. Army leverages SNIA Tech Center
The U.S. Army is well on its way to the "biggest technological rollout in decades," according to Jim Riggs, project manager with the Army PERMS Project.
Sun tackles storage virtualization
Last month, Sun began shipping its N1 Data Platform, which is based on hardware and virtualization software that it acquired from Pirus Networks last year. The platform provides storage pooling and consolidation by allowing users to allocate storage resources on demand.
Storage security gains users' attention
While a recent Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) survey confirmed that users are still awaiting new security products and technologies for their storage networks, security start-up vendors say options exist today to meet those needs.
Sanera director aimed at high-end SANs
Most storage start-ups prefer to graze in pastures ignored by the larger vendors, but a handful of switch start-ups are going right to the top of the food chain with director-class switches.
Putting together the pieces of SAN management software
This past year has seen major changes in the landscape of what is referred to as either the storage area management (SAM) or SAN management software segment of the storage market. Whatever your terminology preference, this critical segment of the fabric-attached storage (FAS) market has become the key focal point for many start-ups, as well as for all of the established players in the industry.
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SNIA begins SMI-S testing
New Products
Iomega continues NAS push
Maximize SAN and NAS ROI with SRM
Business applications will continue to demand increasing amounts of storage. Applications driving capacity growth include e-mail, e-commerce, transactional databases, digital photography/audio/video, medical imaging, and regulation-required documentation (e.g., the Health Insurance & Portability Accounting Act [HIPAA]).
IBM begins virtualization rollout
IBM late last month put an end to speculation about its virtualization strategy, announcing the phased rollout of initial products this year. The rollout begins with the release of IBM TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller in July and culminates with the much-anticipated delivery of TotalStorage SAN File System (a.k.a. Storage Tank) later this year.
InterSAN adds SRM, boosts SAM automation
InterSAN has added storage resource management (SRM) capabilities and enhanced policy-based management in the latest version of its storage area management (SAM) software—Pathline 2.5.
High-end NAS market heats up
The high-end network-attached storage (NAS) market will be getting more competitive this year as the reseller agreement between Hitachi Data Systems and Network Appliance kicks in with both vendors delivering a NAS gateway.
Fujitsu Softek augments SRM software
Cash-strapped IT departments are increasingly realizing that, although storage resource management (SRM) software can be expensive, it can also significantly decrease overall hardware costs and ongoing storage management costs.
FilesX focuses on fast data recovery
To date, little attention has been paid to the recovery side of the backup-and-restore equation. But Southborough, MA, start-up FilesX is hoping to change that. The company joins a growing list of vendors intent on improving the way users restore data, in part via disk-based recovery techniques.
Emulex and Intel team up on FC, SATA, SAS
At last month's Storage Networking World conference, Emulex and Intel announced a partnership that is expected to lead to "next-generation" storage processors and related boards and software by the fourth quarter.
Disk-based database recovery slashes restore time
Your enterprise-wide transactional database has suffered a catastrophic event and you're now facing a 17- to 25-hour system rebuild process from the backup tapes. It's a nightmare scenario that would make any storage administrator operating in a critical uptime processing environment cringe.
Disk- or tape-based backup, or both?
With more and more pressure on IT administrators to protect data and make it readily accessible 24 hours a day, an increasing number of companies are looking for alternatives or supplemental solutions to traditional client-to-tape backup and restore.
CommVault delivers storage management pieces
This month, CommVault Systems introduced the first data management components of its QiNetix platform (which was announced last October): QNet Management Console and QiNetix Storage Manager. A third product—QNet SAN—is slated for release in the next quarter.
Business Briefs
CNT has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Inrange Technologies, in an all-cash transaction valued at approximately $190 million, or $2.31 per Inrange share.
Are your storage resources (and data) really secure?
Maybe we just live in paranoid times, but security has once again become a top concern in many IT organizations. In a recent survey conducted by International Data Corp., security ranked number two (behind uptime) among the top issues for IT managers.
Users contend with growing e-mail stockpiles
According to the Yankee Group, e-mail is the fastest-growing storage consumer from an application standpoint, increasing at a rate of 38% annually. At these levels, e-mail management is quickly becoming a source of considerable angst for IT administrators.