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Veritas expands beyond storage
This week, Veritas took initial steps toward what it refers to as "utility computing" by introducing OpForce 3.0 server provisioning software. The package is the first to come out of the acquisition of Jareva Technologies and is Veritas' first foray beyond its storage-centric roots.
LTO gaining ground in tape market
Despite continued adoption of storage area networks (SANs) and network-attached storage (NAS) last year, unit shipments of tape libraries increased just 3% to 65,400 units, according to the recently published Freeman Report, <I>2003 Tape Library Outlook</I>.
FCIA approves 4Gbps fabrics (but not unanimously)
Last week, the Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA) voted in approval of using 4Gbps Fibre Channel in switched SAN fabrics. Previously, 4Gbps Fibre Channel was to be limited to "inside the box" (e.g. disk drive and array) implementations, and 10Gbps was assumed to be the next speed for Fibre Channel fabrics.
iSCSI software initiators vs. iSCSI HBAs
For some applications, software initiators will suffice, but more-demanding applications will require iSCSI and TCP/IP hardware accelerators on host bus adapters.
Microsoft debuts next-generation NAS software
In its latest network-attached storage (NAS) server appliance kit, Microsoft is increasing NFS file sharing performance by 50%, adding storage resource management (SRM) functionality and a new Web user interface, supporting an iSCSI initiator, and including the same storage features as Windows Server 2003.
Interoperability demos don't prove anything
We just wound down on a grueling spring show season. It started in March with the Brocade Conference, followed by Storage Management, Storage Networking World, EMC Technology Forum, Veritas Vision, Storage World Conference, IDC Storage Forum and, earlier this month, Gartner's PlanetStorage (which took place on another planet&mdash;Las Vegas).
Start-up promises WAN file transfers at LAN speeds
Tacit Networks is tackling network-attached storage (NAS) problems such as scalability and the slow speed of remote file access by enabling the most current files to be shared among remote offices instantaneously.
SNIA expands support for end users
In its ongoing effort to expand communication between end users and vendors, the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) is launching a customer focus committee (CFC) to coordinate its end-user forums.
Online backup/recovery holds appeal for SMBs
Atlanta-based Adams Outdoor Advertising has no IT staff, which is not unusual for a small-to-medium business (SMB). However, the company still needs the most reliable technology possible for backup and recovery in its 13 offices east of the Mississippi.
NetScout moves into SAN performance management
Westford, MA-based NetScout Systems is leveraging its established LAN and WAN products to provide a storage area network (SAN) performance monitoring and analysis solution that has not previously been available, according to analysts.
Making the case for software-based replication
"What is your data worth, and how much will it cost to be without it?" That's the fundamental question behind choosing the most appropriate data-protection solution.
iSCSI presents options for the channel
"The value of iSCSI can be summed up in one word: leverage," says Lee Payne, senior systems engineer at Overland Storage. The ability to leverage existing IP-based networking infrastructure is a key goal&mdash;and interoperability cornerstone&mdash;for the iSCSI community.
EMC to enter Windows-based network-attached storage market
In the next quarter, EMC plans to ship a Windows-based network-attached storage (NAS) appliance (the NetWin 2000), marking the company's departure from its proprietary approach to NAS (the high-end Celerra server).
Internetworking for FC SAN extension
The maturity of the Fibre Channel storage area network (SAN) market is in part affirmed by the growing requirement of enterprises to connect their existing SAN islands together. Be it for disaster recovery, campus storage connectivity, consolidating remote tape backup, or content sharing over long distances, linking SANs together is the next evolutionary step once departmental and application-specific storage networks have been deployed.
End users demand better management tools
If you're like the majority of your colleagues, you're dissatisfied with the storage management tools that vendors are providing, at least for storage area network (SAN) environments.
Disk drive/array interface options expand
Like the old Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times," storage professionals doubtless dream of working in a field that is less "interesting" and more predictable, with fewer complex decisions to make.
Diligent extends virtual tape to open systems
Diligent Technologies is expanding its tape virtualization software beyond mainframes by allowing open systems backup applications to use disk instead of tape as a backup medium.
Comparing disk-to-disk (to tape) backup models
The trouble with backup is that it hasn't kept pace with other growth and expansion trends in information technology.
Adaptec ships iSCSI host adapters
Adaptec has begun shipments of an ASIC-based host bus adapter (HBA) that fully offloads iSCSI and TCP/IP protocol processing from host CPUs. The HBA will compete with iSCSI cards from Alacritech and Intel and, later this year, QLogic, Emulex, and others.
A model for storage management life cycle
A methodical approach to ensuring that storage solutions continuously support business requirements has become essential at many IT organizations. This article presents a storage management life-cycle model that encompasses the various phases associated with a total storage solution: demand planning, provisioning, operations and maintenance, and "customer care."
'Active' SRM goes beyond reporting
Storage is becoming more complex every day. In most organizations, critical data resides in a combination of direct-attached and networked storage, accessed by many distributed applications. The supporting hardware includes not only storage arrays and backup devices, but also network-related equipment such as switches and host bus adapters (HBAs).
Vendors move toward fabric-based intelligence
Although initial shipments of "intelligent" switches are still several months out, a variety of hardware and software vendors are already in queue to grab a share of this emerging market&mdash;a market analysts say is set to take off next year.