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Gateway enters SAN, NAS markets
In a move that may propel Gateway into the competitive storage area network (SAN) market, the company last week announced that it will resell Hitachi Data Systems' Thunder 9500V series storage systems. However, Gateway will face an uphill battle trying to match the success of the Dell-EMC relationship, according to analysts
Vendors qualify iSCSI hardware with Windows
Microsoft yesterday announced that it has qualified 14 vendors of iSCSI storage arrays, tape libraries, host bus adapters (HBAs), and bridges to interoperate with Windows and Microsoft's iSCSI software initiator.
Arrow distributes first IP SAN bundle
Arrow Enterprise Storage Solutions is distributing an IP storage area network (SAN) based on iSCSI products from Adaptec and Network Appliance. This is the first iSCSI host bus adapter (HBA) and native iSCSI target configuration available to resellers through a major distributor, according to Adaptec officials.
Veritas pushes forward, integrates software family
In what is being described as one of the company's most comprehensive product rollouts this year, Veritas this week announced plans to expand and enhance its enterprise data-protection family with a variety of new or enhanced backup, data life-cycle management (DLM), and other management products over the next few months.
When does database-on-NAS make sense?
If you're running DB2, Oracle, or SQL Server on network-attached storage (NAS), you're not alone. Increasingly, more IT administrators are hosting database applications on NAS to leverage its ease of use and relatively low cost.
What are the benefits of storage area networks?
The U.S. Air Force's 45th Space Wing, headquartered at Patrick Air Force Base near Cocoa Beach, FL, exemplifies an almost literal "mission-critical" storage area network (SAN) customer.
User view: Storage management software
There are many challenges associated with the ups and downs of storage and storage management (see figure). While many aspects of data storage are growing rapidly, just as many are shrinking.
User group options multiply
If you're a storage end user with a desire to join an association of your peers, your alternatives are expanding. The Association of Storage Networking Professionals (ASNP) recently became the newest end-user organization dedicated to storage issues.
The role of secure archiving in the e-mail life cycle
E-mail is the lifeblood of modern commerce, and preserving and protecting e-mails is now a critical business function.
Technical view of disk journaling for secondary disk
Previous articles in this series have shown how introducing a secondary disk layer between the primary storage (application) layer and the tape layer can enhance the utility and value of the data protection process in many ways, including
Symantec acquires PowerQuest
Best known for its Norton line of security products, Symantec recently signed an agreement to acquire PowerQuest, an Orem, UT-based company that specializes in volume imaging and server provisioning. Symantec will incorporate Power-Quest's technology into its Ghost line of products, which provides PC management for software distribution, migration, backup, and disaster recovery.
Sonasoft provides fast recovery for SQL
The SQL Server Worldwide User's Group recently awarded five out of a possible five stars to Sonasoft for its data-protection console for SQL Server databases. The Sonasoft appliance, called SonaSafe, was introduced in January for SQL Server; the company released a version for Exchange this month and will support Microsoft flat files early next year.
IP SAN activity picks up
The IP storage area network (SAN) market is still in its infancy, but a number of smaller vendors recently debuted new devices and expanded existing products with performance upgrades and more functionality. Analysts expect the competition to really heat up early next year.
Luminex links mainframes, open-systems storage
Users know how costly it can be to scale mainframe environments—even in small increments—to meet growing data needs, but few have thought to ask why.
Is it a logical or physical copy?
In today's 24x7 data centers, one copy of a critical application volume is not enough. To run backup operations, load data warehouses, or test new versions of applications without disrupting the flow of information to users and applications, IT administrators need to create multiple copies of volumes that are used as the data sources for these operations.
IBM delivers SAN file system, falls short
After several years in development and a number of false starts, IBM this month began shipping the first iteration of its TotalStorage SAN File System, more commonly known as "StorageTank."
HDS emphasizes information life-cycle management
This month, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) began shipping a modular disk array (the Thunder 9580V) with twice the raw capacity, Fibre Channel connections, and LUNs and nearly twice the bandwidth of the Thunder 9570V.
Good news for tight storage budgets
If you're in the process of finalizing your 2004 storage budget, you're probably pulling your hair out trying to figure out how to handle capacity growth, hardware procurement, and ongoing storage management costs on such a puny allowance. The economy may be loosening up, but that doesn't mean that upper management has untied the IT purse strings.
Emulex acquires Vixel
This month, Emulex completed its acquisition of Vixel Corp., a manufacturer of embedded Fibre Channel switches.
EMC continues midrange NAS push
EMC is continuing its move into the midrange network-attached storage (NAS) market by expanding its line of proprietary Celerra NS600 devices, as well as adding the Windows-based NetWin 200 last month (see "EMC debuts Windows-based NAS," InfoStor, October 2003, p. 14).
EMC and Documentum: A marriage made in heaven?
Whether or not you think EMC's acquisition of Documentum is a masterstroke or a billion-dollar-plus blunder, you have to admit that the move is unprecedented. For the first time, an independent storage company has reached well outside its own backyard to grab a content management software applications provider.
DataCore counters performance criticism
No longer a start-up after more than five years in business, feisty DataCore Software doesn't take criticism lying down. Responding to long-standing charges (mostly from large disk array vendors) that its in-band "storage area network (SAN) appliances" cause bottlenecks in storage networks, the company earlier this year ran tests based on the Storage Performance Council's SPC-1 benchmark, an industry-standard suite of tests designed to measure performance of disk subsystems.
Data replication: Host, network, or array?
It should come as no surprise that replication is a hot topic today. Because of the huge increase in the amount of mission-critical data—as well as growing concerns and new regulations regarding data availability—disaster recovery and business continuance are leading IT managers to revisit their current data-protection and recovery plans.
Xeon CPUs + Ultra320 SCSI = blazing speed
We recently began testing commodity servers based on Intel's Xeon processors. One of the leading examples in this new class of server is the IBM xSeries 235 eServer.