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CA rolls out new ARCserve release
Computer Associates this week announced the general availability of BrightStor ARCserve Backup r11. Company officials say that highlights of the latest version of the software include support for Microsoft's Virtual Shadow Copy Service (VSS), Windows Powered NAS and Windows Storage Server 2003, and a Microsoft Exchange agent that allows for document-level backup and restore.
SANRAD, Xiran ship iSCSI products
After three years of fits and starts and false expectations, some analysts predict that 2004 will finally be The Year of iSCSI. Although end-user adoption is still miniscule, the rate of iSCSI product introductions is picking up, mostly from relatively new players. Two of the more recent iSCSI introductions came from SANRAD and Xiran (and Adaptec is expected to introduce external iSCSI disk arrays next week).
Veritas acquires Ejasent
Veritas is expected to finalize its $59 million acquisition of virtualization technology start-up Ejasent at the end of the month. Mountain View, CA-based Ejasent specializes in application virtualization, and Veritas plans to use the technology to enhance its own product line.
MaXXan sees early traction in DR applications
MaXXan claims it is beginning to gain some traction with its intelligent switching platform, particularly in the area of disaster recovery.
Serial ATA to take off in 2004
Few disk drive interfaces have generated the buzz that Serial ATA (SATA) is generating. And based on drive shipment predictions, it's easy to understand why.
Maranti touts 'application-aware controllers'
More than a year after it was expected to begin shipments, start-up Maranti Networks last month released its CoreSTOR Adaptive Storage Services Platforms, which the company generically refers to as network storage services controllers.
The ABCs of ILM
Information life-cycle management (ILM), or data life-cycle management, is quickly becoming one of the storage industry's most overused and abused terms.
Technical implications for iSCSI deployment
Issues include performance, high availability, interoperability, manageability, and scalability.
Solving information life-cycle management challenges
ILM boils down to classifying data based on its relative business value and then putting the data on the most appropriate storage resource.
Snapshots enhance the power of replication, Part III
Software-based point-in-time copies, or snapshots, enable a number of benefits, including replication between heterogeneous storage systems.
Serial ATA activity heats up
Few disk drive interfaces have generated the buzz that Serial ATA (SATA) is generating.
ONStor delivers SAN-based file services
Start-up ONStor claims its SF4400 "SAN filer" addresses users' top network-attached storage (NAS) and storage area network (SAN) issues, including backup, load balancing, clustering, return on investment (ROI), management, and performance.
NetApp, Veritas push DLM, D2D backup
This quarter, Network Appliance's alliance with Veritas will yield integrated products targeting data life-cycle management (DLM) and regulatory compliance as the result of an expanded partnership announced last August.
NetApp furthers 'storage-grid' vision
Network Appliance is continuing to move forward with the storage grid strategy it outlined in November when it announced the acquisition of Spinnaker Networks.
iSCSI accelerates the transition to network storage
An examination of the potential benefits of iSCSI shows why it may be a worthy alternative (or complement) to DAS, NAS, and Fibre Channel SANs.
Leveraging storage resource management software
Users are looking beyond basic capacity monitoring and reporting to SRM functions such as chargeback, capacity planning and provisioning, and "active" management.
iSCSI and TCP/IP offload engines
TOEs relieve CPUs from protocol processing, but whether or not you need them in an iSCSI environment depends on application requirements.
I-L-M, buy-from-me, M-O-N-E-Y
We&mdash;and most likely <i>you</i>, too&mdash;have recently been barraged by vendors touting their information life-cycle management (ILM) strategies, products, visions, and snake oil.
Gateway enters SAN, NAS markets
In a move that may propel the company into the competitive storage area network (SAN) market, Gateway recently announced that it will resell Hitachi Data Systems' Thunder 9500V series storage systems.
Fibre Channel update: To 4Gbps and beyond
Last year, the FCIA approved 4Gbps Fibre Channel for use in SAN fabrics. End-user solutions are expected in the second half of this year.
Eye-POPing results in NAS server tests
FIA's Gigabit NAS server turns in impressive throughput results, but performance depends on the operating environment.
ExaGrid crisscrosses the competition
While larger and more-established vendors are knee-high in visions of utility computing, start-up ExaGrid is making final preparations for the release of its Grid Protected Storage architecture, a framework analysts say creates a utility-computing-like environment for a variety of integrated storage services.
Cloverleaf targets large SAN/NAS shops
Cloverleaf Communications has begun shipments of an Intelligent Storage Networking (iSN) system that includes a storage administrator's wish list of software functionality.
Blade servers and storage implications, Part I
Blade servers may revolutionize the data center, but they bring up some new and old storage challenges.
Application-aware infrastructures ensure business continuance
Building storage networks that are "application-aware" enables IT organizations to enforce service levels and availability policies based on the business value of data and applications.
Veritas ports VM to Cisco switches
But will users buy in?