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KVS extends framework for content archiving
With business partner and competitor EMC at its side, KVS, a provider of e-mail archiving and content management software, earlier this week announced version 5 of its Enterprise Vault software.
Start-up spins a 'compelling' story
In a storage market in which point products abound, the idea of being able to buy a services-rich storage system from a single vendor may be welcome news to many end users, particularly those squeezed by tight budgets and demanding data requirements.
IBM takes the sting out of compliance
When it comes to regulatory compliance, no two users are alike, nor is their data. These differences can make it difficult for organizations to implement effective regulatory compliance processes, let alone build flexible IT infrastructures to support these policies and the various types of data involved.
Information Lifecycle Management - March 2004<br>Myths and Realities
Have you ever felt like you've created a monster? One year ago ESG published an article defining Information Lifecycle Management (ILM).
Alacritech accelerates iSCSI
Last week, Alacritech released its SES1001 iSCSI accelerator card, which speeds up Microsoft's iSCSI initiator software via hardware ASICs. To spice up the competitive matrix--and controversy--in the iSCSI market, Alacritech commissioned VeriTest (the testing division of Lionbridge) to conduct performance testing of the Alacritech card versus competing cards from Adaptec and Intel. <a href="http://www.veritest.com/clients/reports/alacritech/">www.veritest.com/clients/reports/alacritech/</a>
Documentum builds on content management roots
At the AIIM exposition and conference next week, Documentum, a provider of content management software, will make several product announcements intended to make it easier for companies to manage--and store--growing reservoirs of unstructured data.
Network security implications of IP SANs
IP storage area networks pose challenges that may be new to network, storage, and security administrators.
User survey: SANs becoming mainstream
A recent survey of 100 IT professionals from a variety of companies, including Global 2000 corporations and mid-sized businesses, indicates that storage area networks (SANs) have become "mainstream," with at least one SAN deployed in four out of five of the surveyed companies, according to IT consulting firm Ashton, Metzler & Associates, in Sanibel, FL.
Tame the storage management beast with SRM
A user/consultant offers his views on how storage resource management (SRM) software can help you get a grip on spiraling management costs.
Studios move to network storage
In media environments, there's a clear trend away from direct-attached storage to network storage, which provides a number of advantages for collaborative projects.
Start-up ships low-cost SATA appliance
Candera, a vendor of network storage controllers, last month announced the availability of a Serial ATA-based disk appliance that it claims is nearly half the price of comparable ATA-based disk arrays from larger vendors, such as EMC's CLARiiON.
Serial ATA means low-cost storage
For many graphics applications, disk arrays based on SATA disk drives may provide as much performance as Fibre Channel disk arrays&mdash;at half the cost.
Sandial emphasizes SAN performance, QoS
Sandial, a start-up in Portsmouth, NH, last month formally introduced its 14000 Storage Backbone Switch.
QLogic stacks SAN switches
Following a long-standing trend in the IP/Ethernet switch market, QLogic last month began shipping the industry's first stackable Fibre Channel switches.
Optical libraries adopt blue lasers
The optical library market is expected to be flat for the next several years, say analysts, but blue-laser optical drive/library/media manufacturers are bullish on the latest technology that is set to take over where magneto-optical (MO) technology left off.
EMC goes on hardware binge
After months of hearing a lot about its software and significantly less about its hardware portfolio, EMC last month made one of its broadest hardware announcements to date.
iSCSI attracts early adopters
Although most deployments are in relatively small configurations, end users report immediate benefits&mdash;and reduced costs&mdash;from IP SANs.
IBM beefs up NAS-SAN gateway
Hoping to take advantage of one of the hottest segments of the network-attached storage (NAS) market&mdash;NAS-SAN gateways&mdash;IBM recently announced its high-end TotalStorage NAS Gateway 500, which will replace its midrange 300G NAS gateway.
Data Domain banks on compression for D2D
Hoping to capitalize on growing user interest in disk-to-disk backup and restore (with the emphasis on restore), Data Domain last month introduced its DD200 Restorer disk-based backup-and-recovery file server.
DAMming the flow
Digital asset management (DAM) tools help digital content creation (DDC) professionals control rivers of data.
D2D, iSCSI, SATA peak readers' interest
We recently completed a reader survey that in part asked you to rank your interest in a number of relatively new technologies.
D2D backup success depends on software
Low-cost arrays are making disk-to-disk (D2D) backup affordable, but don't ignore the software side of the equation.
CA rolls out new ARCserve release
Computer Associates recently announced the general availability of BrightStor ARCserve Backup r11.
Building blocks for information life-cycle management
There is no silver bullet for information life-cycle management yet, but users can begin to build an ILM foundation with existing products.
Being smart about 'intelligent' switches?
What's your take on intelligent switching and the role that these types of switches should play in storage management?
Veritas focuses on mid-tier backup
When it comes to backing up data, mid-tier users are often put in the position of having to either invest big dollars in enterprise-class products that are too feature-rich for their data-protection needs or settle on low-end products that can fall short of requirements.