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Hitachi mixes SATA, FC drives
This month, Hitachi Data Systems began offering an "intermix" drive option for its Thunder 9500 V Series disk arrays that allows users to mix Serial ATA (SATA) and Fibre Channel disk drives in a single array. Analysts expect similar announcements from a variety of vendors over the coming months as SATA drives continue to play an increasingly central role in both backup/recovery and compliance-related applications.
EMC taps ADIC for tape libraries
The company that once prophesized that tape was a dying technology has now signed an agreement with Advance Digital Information Corp. to resell ADIC's Scalar tape libraries.
MaXXan upgrades intelligent switches
While vendors such as Cisco, Brocade, Maranti, and McData continue to focus on first-generation intelligent switch platforms, four-year-old start-up MaXXan this month began shipments of its second-generation switch platform--the MXV500 Intelligent SAN Switch.
Who needs 4Gbps Fibre Channel?
Host bus adapter (HBA) and switch vendors are expected to usher in 4Gbps Fibre Channel products late this year or early next year, a move that will make 4Gbps an interim speed before the industry takes on the major transition to 10Gbps Fibre Channel.
Brocade squares off against McData, Cisco
Brocade still has the lion's share of the Fibre Channel fabric switch market, but the company has struggled in the high-end director-class segment against competitors Cisco and McData. However, Brocade's SilkWorm 24000 director may at least level the playing field, although it's not expected to give Brocade any clear-cut competitive advantages, according to analysts.
Replication options multiply
It used to be that if you wanted to replicate data you had to do it at the array level using proprietary products such as EMC's SRDF, Hitachi Data Systems' XRC, or IBM's PPRC. But users' needs have changed, and vendors have responded.
Veritas bangs 'continuous computing' drum
But integration still poses challenges
Users, vendors combine NAS, iSCSI
News from NetApp, Snap, FalconStor, String Bean Software
Tech preview: Serial-Attached SCSI + PCI Express
Later this year you will be able to combine Serial-Attached SCSI and PCI Express to maximize server-storage performance.
Symantec moves into storage, systems management
Symantec, a leading supplier of security software and services, last month created a new business division tasked with solving users' end-to-end security management problems.
Signiant takes on remote data
Signiant, a provider of software and services for remote data protection, recently announced several enhancements, including a new release of its flagship Mobilize platform and a suite of remote data management products that can be layered on top of the platform to improve remote backup.
According to our reader surveys, you're very interested in trends such as disk-to-disk backup/restore, tiered storage, fixed-content storage, and other nearline applications.
SATA blurs the lines between desktop and enterprise
Serial ATA is somewhere between 'desktop' ATA and 'enterprise' SCSI and Fibre Channel disk drives, but will drive makers continue to classify (and price) disk drives based on interface technology?
SAN security: Are you prepared?
SNIA's Storage Security Industry Forum provides guidelines for ensuring storage network security.
Roadblocks to implementing storage SLAs
Service level agreements are the key to information life-cycle management (ILM) and tiered storage.
ILM: Separating hype from reality
Information life-cycle management has suffered from vendor hype, but by understanding ILM fundamentals you can realize operational benefits.
Policies align IT with business units
Strategic, tactical, and operational policies must be in place for IT managers and various business units to work cooperatively toward their respective goals.
IBM continues software integration push
IBM recently announced its TotalStorage Productivity Center with Advanced Provisioning, in a move to integrate more automation capabilities into its storage management portfolio.
Hitachi expands software capabilities
Drawing from its seven-month partnership with AppIQ, a provider of storage area management software, Hitachi Data Systems last month made several enhancements to its software lineup, including the addition of two more jointly developed products.
Guidelines for implementing ILM
An industry analyst provides tips on setting up a sound information life-cycle management strategy and avoiding the next client/server trap.
EMC focuses on ILM
Not surprisingly, information life-cycle management (ILM) was front and center at the EMC Technology Summit last month.
DCT joins 'CAS pack'
Belgium-born DataCenter Technologies (DCT) this month announced its entry into the increasingly crowded content- addressed storage (CAS) market with its DCT Content Director software.
Building a SAN for SMBs, part 2
How to go from boxed HBAs and switches to a fully functional, fault-tolerant SAN in 30 minutes.
Brocade squares off against McData, Cisco
Brocade still has the lion's share of the Fibre Channel fabric switch market, but the company has struggled in the high-end director-class segment against competitors Cisco, McData, and, to a lesser degree, CNT.
What <i>is</i> information life-cycle management?
It's all about putting data at the right place, at the right time.