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Survey suggests iSCSI growth
<B>August 30, 2005</B>—A survey of 100 Fortune 1000 CIOs conducted last month by Citigroup included queries on IT storage spending and produced a number of expected—and some unexpected—results.
Permabit adds archiving modules
<B>August 29, 2005</B>—Archiving and compliance vendor Permabit today released version 2.0 of its Permeon Compliance Store, which modularizes its high availability and replication features and adds a new retention policy module. Permeon Compliance Store was introduced in October 2003, and although it is primarily a software product it is delivered to users as an appliance through Permabit's OEM relationships.
IBM offers file-based CDP
<B>August 26, 2005</B>—IBM today announced its first foray into the continuous data protection (CDP) market with the IBM Tivoli Continuous Data Protection for Files software. The real-time backup software is designed to scale from corporate file servers to departmental remote offices and down to desktops and laptops. Looking ahead, IBM plans to expand its CDP offerings to include block-based CDP and arrays.
Overtone reduces e-mail archiving overhead
<B>August 25, 2005</B>—Overtone Software claims it can reduce total overhead costs of e-mail archiving by 30% to 50% by not using the journaling feature in Microsoft messaging environments. Traditional approaches to compliance require journaling (copying) of all messages to an additional mailbox.
Zantaz opens e-mail APIs
<B>August 24, 2005</B>—Zantaz made two announcements this week regarding its EAS (enterprise archive solution) product. The first is that the company has evolved its API strategy to allow integration with products from leading enterprise content management (ECM), document management, and records management (RM) vendors. The second is that it has entered into a formal partnership with MDY, a records management company, integrating with MDY's FileSurf federated records management solution.
Storage highlights from IDF
<B>August 23, 2005</B>—A number of storage vendors used this week's Intel Developer Forum (IDF) conference in San Francisco (August 23-25) for product launches, demos, and announcements. Here's a sampling from the first day of the show.
Nexsan combines CAS and encryption
<B>August 22, 2005</B>—Nexsan Technologies today introduced Assureon, a storage appliance with built-in encryption, authentication, compliance capabilities, content-addressed storage (CAS), information life-cycle management (ILM), continuous data protection (CDP), and high-availability clustering.
EMC rounds out virtualization
<B>August 19, 2005</B>—This week, EMC announced acquisitions of two San Jose-based companies—Rainfinity and the intellectual property of Maranti Networks. According to a Baird US Equity Research report, the financial impact to EMC is "trivial" and will contribute limited revenue gains in the near future for the giant. Financial terms of the Rainfinity acquisition were not disclosed, but an EMC spokesperson confirmed that the price tag was "less than $100 million."
Get ready for RAID 6
<B>August 18, 2005</B>—Particularly if you use Serial ATA (SATA)-based disk arrays, you may be a candidate for RAID 6, which provides an added level of data protection versus conventional RAID configurations such as RAID 5. RAID 6, which is sometimes referred to as "double-parity RAID," has been receiving a lot of attention recently.
StorageTek enhances mainframe arrays
<B>August 17, 2005</B>—StorageTek next week will announce upgrades to its FlexLine V-Series Shared Virtual Array (SVA) V2X disk storage systems for mainframe environments. The announcement will be made at the SHARE conference, a five-day IBM user event in Boston.
Seagate, WD improve SATA drives
<B>August 15, 2005</B>— Seagate and Western Digital recently began production shipments of Serial ATA (SATA) drives designed for non-desktop applications. For example, Seagate today began shipments to the channel of its NL35 line of "nearline" SATA drives, which were announced in October 2004.
Storage highlights from LinuxWorld
<B>August 11, 2005</B>—At this week's LinuxWorld conference in San Francisco, a number of storage vendors introduced new products, with an emphasis on data management, virtualization, and data protection.
Overland enters primary storage market
<B>August 9, 2005</B>—Overland Storage today announced its acquisition of Zetta Systems, a privately held developer of real-time data-protection software. Overland hopes that the $9 million, all-cash transaction will pave its way into the primary storage market.
NeoPath boosts NFM performance
<B>August 8, 2005</B>—NeoPath Networks will announce tomorrow its second-generation network file management (NFM) appliance, the FD-220 File Director, which the company claims provides a 3X performance boost over its FD-200 predecessor.
User survey: 2H05 upbeat
<B>August 4, 2005</B>—According to a survey of more than 80 end users conducted by the Robert W Baird Ltd. investment research firm, user spending on storage will pick up in the second half of this year, particularly on technologies such as networked storage. For example, 77% of the survey respondents expect to spend at least the same amount on storage as they spent last year. About half of the companies forecast annual capacity increases of 20% to 39%.
IBM targets SMBs
<B>August 2, 2005</B>—On the heels of EMC's high-end Symmetrix DMX-3 announcement (see <a href=http://is.pennnet.com/Articles/Article_Display.cfm?ARTICLE_ID=233035>EMC doubles capacity, bandwidth</a> ) and Hitachi Data Systems' midrange flurry ( see <a href=http://is.pennnet.com/Articles/Article_Display.cfm?ARTICLE_ID=232852>Hitachi attacks midrange</a> ), IBM today set its sites on the low-end small to medium-sized business (SMB) market with three product introductions:
4Gbps FC products roll out
Products based on the next generation of Fibre Channel, which has a maximum throughput rate of 4Gbps, began trickling out early this year, and a deluge is expected in the fourth quarter.
Managing fixed-content data with CAS
In the first part of a two-part series, we look at object-based storage, or content-addressed storage (CAS), and &ldquo;active archiving.
Virtualization enables SAN consolidation
The story Jim Livingston, technology architect and director of the Data Resource Center for the University of Utah Health Sciences Center (UUHSC), recounts is one that many IT administrators-particularly those at medium-sized and large enterprises-can relate to.
Tape drive/library trends: LTO surges
Credit a healthy tape market to the popularity of LTO, IT initiatives such as compliance, and applications such as ILM.
Storage virtualization heats up
Adoption of storage virtualization is accelerating in Fortune 1000 companies, with many IT organizations planning to implement virtualization first to manage unstructured data and NAS environments.
Storage and ECM converging
Once considered separate disciplines within IT organizations, enterprise content management (ECM) and storage management are converging.
NetApp acquires Decru for security
Citing customer demand for data security, Network Appliance is in the process of acquiring Decru, a privately owned storage security company, for approximately $272 million in cash and stock.
Microsoft enters D2D backup market
This month, Microsoft released to manufacturing its first disk-to-disk (D2D) backup/recovery software, Data Protection Manager, designed to help companies reduce the time spent on data backup and recovery.
Gartner: Steady growth for storage software
According to IT consulting firm Gartner Inc., the storage software market grew 7.9% in 2003 and 12.3% in 2004, reaching $5.6 billion in total revenue.
A step-by-step guide to building tiered storage
Implementing tiered hardware is actually the last step to take.
EMC extends Centera software
When EMC&rsquo;s Centera content-addressed storage (CAS) system hit the market in 2002, customers tried it with single applications such as e-mail, imaging, etc.
DPM will bring D2D CDP to the masses
Microsoft&rsquo;s recent release to the channel of its Data Protection Manager (DPM) backup/recovery software will no doubt fuel what is already one of the hottest trends in the storage industry: disk-to-disk backup.
Do you need fabric-based intelligence?
In the second part of our series we look at intelligent fabric devices from Brocade, Cisco, EMC, IBM, Maranti, MaXXan, and others.
Credit union addresses tape security
Recent reports of missing data tapes out of Bank of America, CitiGroup, and Time Warner highlight a growing concern in the industry about the potential security risks of saving data in clear-text format to tape media during backup, disaster recovery, and archival procedures.
Compliance: Process takes center stage
Most IT organizations impacted by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) have had more than nine months to work out the kinks in their efforts to comply with SOX Section 404, which went into effect last November.
Best of breed vs. trusted brand
A great thing about the storage industry is that innovation can spring from anywhere.
Why you need information management tools
Features to look for include search, classification, tracking and auditing, policy enforcement, information movement, and access control.