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Tape encryption not a security cure-all
<B>November 30, 2005</B>—Thanks to a few high-profile incidents of lost backup tapes recently, data security has been boiled down to a simple solution by many vendors: tape encryption. However, the storage security problem can't be solved so easily. It's about the process...
Survey shows interest in NAS virtualization
<B>November 29, 2005</B>—A recent end-user survey conducted by Peripheral Concepts and Coughlin Associates, <I>2005 NAS and NAS Virtualization Report</I>, targeted IT organizations with at least one NAS system and a minimum of 1TB of raw disk storage. More than 2,000 qualified respondents answered a screening survey, and a selected population of 135 IT administrators and managers answered the full survey.
iSCSI products continue to trickle out
<B>November 25, 2005</B>—Although a number of recent end-user surveys indicate steady, albeit slow, adoption of iSCSI-based IP SANs, there have been few iSCSI-related product introductions from the larger vendors over the last couple months. Not to worry: A number of smaller vendors are keeping the ball rolling with introductions ranging from chips and accelerators for OEMs and integrators to ready-to-run IP SANs for end users.
HDD distributors upbeat about Q1
<B>November 23, 2005</B>—Robert W. Baird & Co.'s survey of 10 large distributors, representing a total of more than $2 billion in hard disk drive (HDD) revenues, reveals a generally upbeat environment going into the first quarter of next year.
SenSage bundles security with Centera
<B>November 22, 2005</B>—Next week, SenSage, a provider of enterprise security analytics software, will introduce the SenSage Compliance Bundle, a result of a partnership with EMC. The bundle combines SenSage's security analytics software with an EMC Centera content-addressed storage (CAS) system to yield a scalable security information management (SIM) solution.
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Tacit, Softricity partner on WAN-enabled Windows apps
<B>November 18, 2005</B>—Tacit Networks and Softricity this week announced a joint solution that gives branch office users on-demand access to centralized, consolidated Windows applications via WANs at LAN speeds. The joint offering combines the Softricity Desktop solution with Tacit Networks' Ishared application acceleration technology to provide branch office users with access to the most current version of centralized applications.
BakBone acquires Constant Data
<B>November 17, 2005</B>—BakBone Software this week announced that it has acquired data replication vendor Constant Data for $5.5 million. It is BakBone's first acquisition and is part of the company's move toward an Integrated Data Protection (IDP) strategy.
Product wrap-up from SuperComputing 2005
<B>November 16, 2005</B>—We wrap up our coverage of this week's SuperComputing 2005 conference in Seattle, which had about 9,000 attendees, with a number of announcements related to InfiniBand and storage for high-performance computing (HPC) environments.
Isilon accelerates clustered storage
<B>November 15, 2005</B>—Isilon's announcements at this week's SuperComputing 2005 conference included a partnership with Microsoft on clustered computing and clustered storage, as well as an acceleration product for clustered storage.
Archivas Digital Archiving
"Active archive" is a bit of an oxymoron, but it makes perfect sense for this category of storage.
InfiniBand makes a comeback at SuperComputing show
<B>November 14, 2005</B>—SuperComputing 2005, an international conference on high-performance computing (HPC), networking, and storage, convened this week in Seattle under the theme "Gateway to Discovery." Attendees in research, education, government, and commerce who have asked for native InfiniBand in their storage products will discover that some vendors have been listening.
TIP survey: ILM becomes #1 management priority
<B>November 11, 2005</B>— According to a recent end-user survey conducted by TheInfoPro research firm ("Wave 6" of TIP's semi-annual surveys), information lifecycle management (ILM) is now ranked as the top storage management priority for high-end enterprises. However, managing ILM architectures has simultaneously become one of the top pain points for storage professionals.
FilesX offers 'CDP on-demand'
<B>November 11, 2005</B>—FilesX recently announced a continuous data protection (CDP) On-Demand feature through its Xpress Restore disk-based backup/recovery software. Xpress Restore uses "CDP on Demand" as the backup engine. The software is Windows-based and provides integration with Exchange and SQL Server.
Copan adds data-archiving array
<B>November 10, 2005</B>—Copan Systems has expanded its portfolio of enterprise storage solutions leveraging its massive array of idle disks (MAID) platform into the archiving market. The Revolution 220A is based on Copan's Revolution 220T virtual tape library (VTL) with the addition of Millennia Archive software.
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IBM continues NetApp rollout
<B>November 9, 2005</B>—IBM this week announced the System Storage N5000 series of NAS appliances targeted at the midrange market. The N5200 and N5500 represent the second phase of IBM's staged rollout of Network Appliance's product line.
The Kashya KBX5000 Data Protection Appliance
Running the Kashya remote mirroring solution integrated with Cisco SANTap.
CommVault adds data-recovery module
<B>November 7, 2005</B>—Tomorrow, CommVault will make the first of three major announcements this quarter around its QiNetix data management suite. The first announcement introduces ContinuousDataReplicator (CDR), a data-recovery software module built on the QiNetix platform. CDR protects data located at remote offices and also between data centers.
Sun introduces first STK product
<B>November 4, 2005</B>—This week's 2005 StorageTek FORUM, in Washington, DC, brought together Sun and StorageTek customers and introduced Sun's Data Management Group (DMG). The DMG focuses on three product areas: disk, tape, and information lifecycle management (ILM).
Survey reveals lack of data protection
<B>November 3, 2005</B>—A recent survey conducted by GlassHouse Technologies, a storage consulting and services provider, reveals that of the more than 300 participating companies 54% have no documented procedures for protecting stored data, and a whopping 70% of executives rate their storage departments' data storage security readiness as fair or poor.
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HP closes AppIQ acquisition
<B>November 2, 2005</B>—Hewlett-Packard has completed its acquisition of AppIQ and this week began shipping a new version of its Storage Essentials management application based on AppIQ technology.
MiraLink offers CDP alternative
<B>November 1, 2005</B>—Calling continuous data protection (CDP) "expensive and not fully baked," MiraLink, which specializes in remote disaster-recovery solutions, introduced its IP-based family of mirroring solutions this week. Targeting companies with up to 5,000 employees, MiraLink's appliances are designed to offer real-time data protection with low cost of ownership.
Tacit, Packeteer link WAFS, WAN optimization
Tacit Networks and Packeteer have entered into a strategic alliance enabling joint customers to consolidate and centralize e-mail, Web servers, and file servers at corporate data centers while delivering optimized application performance to branch-office users.
Sun sketches post-acquisition strategy
Two months after it closed the $4.1 billion acquisition of StorageTek, Sun Microsystems is hinting at how it plans to become a major player in the storage industry.
SMI-S 1.1 introduces value-added services
The latest version of the storage management standard includes services for data protection, security, policy management, and more.
SATA, SAS drive toward the enterprise
Serial ATA, Serial Attached SCSI, and/or Fibre Channel? Here are some guidelines to help you make the call.
SAS-SATA rollouts accelerate
Adapters, controllers, and subsystems based on the Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) interface-the successor to the venerable parallel SCSI interface-are rolling out in production volumes, and SAS-based servers are available from vendors such as Hewlett-Packard and IBM.
SAN management merging with SRM
The goal is to get rid of Visio, Excel, pencils, and erasers and to automate the process of managing storage networks.
Removable disk cartridges aimed at tape
Disk-based backup has quickly found its way into the storage plans of many organizations, but tape lives on for many reasons: It&rsquo;s removable and inexpensive and has a shelf life that meets long-term archival requirements.
ILM requires data classification
A complete information life-cycle management strategy should include integrated automation, policy creation, discovery, and data classification.
Microsoft outlines future storage plans
On the heels of releasing its System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) software, Microsoft has recently been hinting at its storage product plans through 2007, including a new beta release of the Windows Storage Server 2003 operating system and a line of appliances aimed at remote offices.
Is CDP hot, or not?
Over the last year more than a dozen start-ups have climbed into the so-called continuous data protection (CDP) market, and the last few months saw the entry of heavyweights such as Microsoft, IBM, Symantec and, most recently, EMC (see &ldquo;EMC &lsquo;validates&rsquo; CDP,&rdquo; on the cover).
IBM updates SVC, ships virtual tape
IBM recently announced a series of storage and server virtualization products, including the eighth release of its TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller (SVC) virtualization appliance with a new set of replication services for heterogeneous disk arrays.
HP acquires AppIQ, Peregrine
Hewlett-Packard recently completed its acquisition of AppIQ, a developer of SAN management and storage resource management (SRM) software with a focus on the SMI-S management standard.
EMC &lsquo;validates&rsquo; CDP
At the Storage Networking World conference last month, EMC introduced its information protection strategy with three products that form the company&rsquo;s new recovery management software portfolio.
Data protection over WANs: The network
There are two alternatives to vaulting via trucks-the Internet and private line networks, each with advantages and disadvantages.
Cisco embraces InfiniBand
Cisco recently began shipping a new InfiniBand-based Server Fabric Switch (SFS) and VFrame 3.0 data-center virtualization software, both aimed at boosting the company&rsquo;s presence in the utility computing market and moving the utility concept from arrays into the network.
Users take different approaches to D2D
Babysitting arduous backup-and-restore operations is nobody&rsquo;s idea of fun.