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LAB REVIEW: Quantum redefines DLT 'value'
<B>January 30, 2006</B>—With the introduction of its fourth generation of DLT "value" tape drives, Quantum's product road map has a simplified naming scheme. While the old SuperDLT (SDLT) moniker is gone, drive development will continue along two distinct lines: DLT-V, where V designates "value," and DLT-S, where S designates "super." Add to that a number that represents the generation of the drive.
EMC extends ILM and IP storage
<B>January 27, 2006</B>—EMC this week introduced a number of hardware and software products targeted at expanding the market for tiered storage and paving the way for IP storage in the enterprise. EMC made capacity enhancements to its Symmetrix DMX-3 disk array and introduced new file system software and NAS virtualization capabilities. Through these enhancements, the company intends to extend ILM benefits to more applications and extend IP storage into enterprise storage environments.
Pillar Axiom Storage System
The Pillar Axiom storage system supports a clustered architecture including NAS and SAN.
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ILM trumps data security in survey
<B>January 26, 2006</B>—A recent survey conducted by GlassHouse Technologies, a storage consulting and services provider, reveals that both regional and multi-national companies will focus on increasing storage infrastructure efficiencies and holding down costs in 2006. The ?2006 Storage Budget Survey? also indicates that respondents now consider information lifecycle management (ILM) as a way to control costs.
3PAR introduces Utility DLM
<B>January 25, 2006</B>—This week, 3PAR introduced Utility Data Lifecycle Management (DLM), which is designed to reduce storage costs without the expense and complexity associated with information lifecycle management (ILM). Utility DLM includes a scalable tiered storage array, administration and system tuning tools, data management services, and virtual copy and remote copy services.
Tacit brings WAFS to SOHO users
<B>January 24, 2006</B>—Tacit Networks expanded its line of wide area file services (WAFS) products down to the smallest of branch offices and remote worker environments today with the introduction of an entry-level WAFS appliance and the acquisition of Mobiliti Inc., a privately held maker of virtual networking, synchronization, and optimization software. Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.
Data Domain adds VTL option
<B>January 23, 2006</B>—Data Domain today introduced a virtual tape library (VTL) option for its DD400 series of disk-based backup appliances. Users now have the option of emulating a tape library over Fibre Channel, in addition to backing up to a file system over Ethernet.
Key storage trends for 2006
<B>January 20, 2006</B>—The Needham & Co. investment banking firm released a report this month that reviewed the key storage trends of 2005, as well as the trends and technologies to keep an eye on over the remainder of 2006. Topping their list (in no particular order) were IP storage, information lifecycle management (ILM), storage virtualization, enhanced backup and recovery, security, and InfiniBand.
Disaster-recovery plans fall short
<B>January 19, 2006</B>—A recent Applied Research survey of 500 IT managers shows that nearly half of the responding companies do not have a disaster-recovery (DR) plan in place. Why? Lack of resources was cited by 33% of those respondents, while 27% don't see a need for DR plans.
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Survey reveals archiving/backup confusion
<B>January 18, 2006</B>—A survey conducted by eMedia and commissioned by BridgeHead Software reveals that the process of archiving data is often misunderstood and inefficiently implemented by US enterprises. The survey concludes that failing to archive properly can jeopardize business operations.
CASE STUDIES: Archiving tools relieve database bloat
<B>January 17, 2006</B>—Data growth has joined death and taxes as one of the only guarantees in life and, as a result, database-specific archiving tools are growing in popularity. Sometimes referred to as "active archiving," these tools are only offered by a small number of vendors, but can have a big impact on database performance and backup windows.
Seagate goes perpendicular
<B>January 16, 2006</B>—Perpendicular magnetic recording has emerged as an answer to a leveling off in the density of data that can be stored on hard drives with traditional longitudinal recording. So far, perpendicular drives for notebooks and consumer electronics devices are available, and perpendicular drives for enterprise storage could emerge by year-end.
Is InfiniBand poised for a comeback? (Part 2)
<B>January 13, 2006</B>—<B>Part 2 of 2</B>—Yesterday's article explored the history of InfiniBand and its recent breakthrough into enterprise network storage. Today we look at product offerings and the future challenges that face InfiniBand.
Is InfiniBand poised for a comeback?
<B>January 12, 2006</B>— <B>Part 1 of 2</B>—InfiniBand, the interconnect that enjoyed 15 minutes of fame more than five years ago, finds itself back in the spotlight, and this time around storage professionals might want to take a closer look at the technology. While many in the storage industry thought it was dead, InfiniBand found a niche in the high-performance computing (HPC) world connecting huge clusters of servers.
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EMC acquires services provider
<B>January 11, 2006</B>—EMC is aggressively ringing in the new year with its second major acquisition of 2006. Internosis, a provider of managed IT services in Microsoft-oriented application environments, will now be known as EMC Microsoft Practice, a part of the EMC Technology Solutions Group.
CA to resell StoreAge software
<B>January 10, 2006</B>—Computer Associates this week announced that it will resell StoreAge Networking Technologies' cross-platform virtualization and multi-tiered data-protection software with its BrightStor storage management software. StoreAge Virtualization Manager (SVM) will be offered as a complement to CA's BrightStor Storage Resource Manager and BrightStor ARCserve Backup software.
EMC buys grid technology
<B>January 9, 2006</B>—Last week, EMC announced its purchase of Little Rock, AR-based Acxiom's information and grid software for $30 million. Acxiom developed the software for its own business operations—hosted data hygiene, cleansing, and manipulation services for major companies that want to mine and analyze their own customer databases. As part of the agreement, EMC will lease the software back to Acxiom as the latter continues to offer its hosted services.
Zetera expands SoIP into business market
<B>January 6, 2006</B>—At the CES show in Las Vegas this week, Zetera announced its Storage over IP (SoIP) Z-SAN technology's formal entrance into the business network storage space via a reseller deal with Bell Micro. Bell Micro is expected to launch a new line of desktop and rack-mount products based on Zetera technology under its Hammer Storage brand within the next two months.
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Adoption of tiered storage accelerates
<B>January 4, 2006</B>—A recent end-user survey conducted by Peripheral Concepts and Coughlin Associates, <I>2006 Tiered Storage Report</I>, targeted medium-sized IT organizations with 1TB to 200TB of raw disk storage. More than 2,000 IT managers answered a screening survey, and a selected population of 130 managers answered a detailed survey.
Channel 'modestly positive' for 2006
<B>January 3, 2006</B>—A survey of 50 VARs, conducted by the Robert W Baird Ltd. investment research firm, confirmed that Q4 2005 reflected "reasonably healthy" VAR revenues. The survey also suggests sound prospects for modest growth in 2006.
Mastering Storage Management Software
Mastering Storage Management Software With storage needs growing at a breakneck rate, the need for tools that manage storage in a heterogeneous environment is more important than ever. Download this free guide now from our editors at Enterprise Storage Forum and learn to solve the puzzle of standards and acronyms that make up the modern storage management landscape.
Information lifecycle management, from A to Z
Part one in our three-part series on ILM focuses on information assurance, data protection, and the importance of context.
Why users are embracing iSCSI SANs
There are many potential benefits of IP SANs based on iSCSI, but relatively low cost is the primary factor.
VTLs top users&rsquo; priority list
A recent end-user survey conducted by TheInfoPro research firm (&ldquo;Wave 6&rdquo; of TIP&rsquo;s semi-annual surveys) shows that virtual tape libraries (VTLs) rank as the top storage networking technology in the plans of many large enterprises.
Tape encryption not a security cure-all
Thanks to a few high-profile incidents of lost backup tapes in 2005, data security has been boiled down to a simple solution by many vendors: tape encryption.
Software fills forecasting gap in SRM
Storage resource management (SRM) tools have become an integral part of managing networked storage environments by bringing visualization, discovery, provisioning, reporting, and a host of other capabilities to the fingertips of storage administrators.
SNIA sets priorities for 2006
Primary areas of focus include standards, security, data management, and end-user education.
Options multiply for users and integrators
End users and systems/storage integrators are cruising into the New Year with an unprecedented number of choices when it comes to disk drive/array interfaces and drive types: Fibre Channel, parallel SCSI, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), parallel ATA, and Serial ATA (SATA).
Microsoft upgrades SAN, NAS features
Microsoft made good on its promise to add enhanced SAN and NAS management capabilities to its Windows Server 2003 operating system last month when it released Windows Server 2003 R2 and Windows Storage Server 2003 R2 to its partners.
Emulex pushes FC-SATA spec
Emulex is spearheading a potential standard, recently dubbed &ldquo;FC-SATA,&rdquo; that is analogous to Serial Attached SCSI (SAS): Just as SAS subsystems can accommodate both SAS and Serial ATA (SATA) disk drives, FC-SATA arrays would be able to accommodate both Fibre Channel and SATA drives.
Focus on: iSCSI
Here&rsquo;s a brief sampling of some of the more-recent iSCSI-related product announcements, ranging from full-blown IP SANs to silicon controllers
Focus on SAS/SATA
The following is a sampling of recent Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Serial ATA (SATA) product announcements
Five interfaces, five vendors, five opinions
What&rsquo;s the relative positioning of Fibre Channel, ATA, Serial ATA (SATA), SCSI, and Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) in enterprise applications?
Data protection over WANs: Security
Security should be a primary consideration when implementing a WAN-based backup-and-recovery system.
CIO survey reveals surprises
A survey of 100 Fortune 1000 CIOs in the US, conducted by Citigroup, revealed a number of surprising results on the storage front.
CDP survey raises questions
When International Data Corp. (IDC) analysts Rhoda Phillips and Natalya Yezhkova started researching continuous data protection (CDP) technology a year ago, they began by categorizing solutions according to whether they were software- or appliance-based.
Building an information management framework
An information management framework (IMF) includes four layers: policy, management, operations, and infrastructure.
Attaching blade servers to SANs
It should come as no surprise that storage is no longer a stand-alone purchase. In fact, storage is now a consideration in almost every IT acquisition.
Developing an Information Lifecycle Management Strategy
Developing an Information Lifecycle Management Strategy Information lifecycle management blends storage and enterprise content management to massage corporate data from its inception until its disposal. But is ILM merely a marketing buzzword, or is it alive and real in daily operations? Download this free guide now from our editors at Enterprise Storage Forum and learn why ILM is important in more ways than you think.