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Kazeon, NetApp expand relationship
<B>February 28, 2006</B>—Kazeon today introduced SnapSearch and Recovery software, which classifies and indexes backup and archive data and supports Network Appliance's data-protection products, including SnapShot, SnapVault, and SnapMirror. Kazeon's announcement builds upon its October 2005 agreement with Network Appliance, in which NetApp agreed to OEM Kazeon's Information Server (IS) 1200, an out-of-band storage appliance.
EMC adds eDiscovery services
<B>February 27, 2006</B>—EMC today unveiled its eDiscovery solution, which combines services with EMC software and hardware to collect and hold information relative to litigation. eDiscovery also applies information lifecycle management (ILM) strategies to organize data and streamline the discovery process, eliminating the need for costly third-party services.
IBM adds software for SMBs
<B>February 24, 2006</B>—IBM today announced the IBM Tivoli Express Portfolio, a set of software products designed to enable small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to manage their IT infrastructure with integrated features usually found in enterprise products.
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Survey underscores shift from tape to disk
<B>February 22, 2006</B>—The results of a recent survey conducted by Peripheral Concepts and Coughlin Associates emphasize the ongoing shift from tape- to disk-based backup and recovery, which is being fueled primarily by users' demand for faster recovery times. The <I>Backup and Archive User Perspective Report</I> qualified 2,000 IT professionals for a screening survey.
Adaptec adds SAS to NAS
<B>February 21, 2006</B>—Adaptec expanded its SnapServer NAS appliance line this week with the 500 series, targeting small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The company also added StorAssure Personal Edition, which is "continuous-protection" software for client file data.
QLogic acquires PathScale for InfiniBand
<B>February 17, 2006</B>—In yet another sign that InfiniBand may be making its way into the storage space, QLogic this week announced that it will acquire PathScale, a start-up founded in 2001, for approximately $109 million in cash.
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Users drive open source storage initiative
<B>February 15, 2006</B>—Another storage industry group has joined the race to deliver a universal storage management framework, but this time the effort is not being led by the vendor community. Earlier this month a Website called StorageRevolution.com went online with a mission to solicit ideas, resources, and code from the end-user community in an open source effort to advance heterogeneous storage management.
Abrevity tackles data classification
<B>February 13, 2006</B>—At the ILM Summit in Irvine, CA today, Abrevity introduced its FileData Manager information classification management (ICM) product. Both FileData Manager and BioData Manager, which was introduced last month, run on top of 1Base, the foundation of Abrevity's ICM technology. BioData Manager is similar to FileData Manager, but is customized for the biosciences market.
NSI adds virtual system support
<B>February 10, 2006</B>—NSI Software recently began shipping Double-Take for Virtual Systems software, which provides real-time replication and data protection for virtual machine environments. The software has all the functionality of Double-Take, including real-time replication, monitoring, and fail-over. Double-Take is a "near" continuous data protection (CDP) product—e.g., it can recover to previous points in time, but not <I>any</I> point in time (APIT).
HP buys database archiving vendor
<B>February 9, 2006</B>—Hewlett-Packard inked a deal this week to acquire database archiving specialist OuterBay Technologies in an effort to advance its information lifecycle management (ILM) offerings and bolster the capabilities of its Reference Information Storage System (RISS) content-addressed storage (CAS) system. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed.
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NAS gateways get 2x boost
<B>February 8, 2006</B>—BlueArc this week introduced the Titan 2000 series NAS gateways, which provide twice the performance, throughput, and scalability of the previous generation—as well as a new, simplified data management framework. Both the Titan 2100 and 2200 can scale up to 512TB. The company claims throughput of 5Gbps and 10Gbps for the 2100 and 2200, respectively.
Network Appliance joins the VTL fray
<B>February 7, 2006</B>—Network Appliance this week kicked off a disk-to-disk backup campaign with the release of two virtual tape libraries (VTLs) and related services. The company also released an enhanced version of its Decru DataFort security appliance for data encryption.
EMC targets SMBs
<B>February 6, 2006</B>—EMC today announced a line of hardware and software products aimed at meeting the storage requirements of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Dubbed Insignia, the new line primarily comprises existing EMC products that have been tweaked to fit lower price points required by SMBs.
Who's minding the message store? (Part 2)
<B>February 2, 2006—Part 2 of 2—</B>Yesterday's article focused on e-mail management and archiving and how important it is for all groups within an organization to work together to define the policies, procedures, and underlying technology surrounding the proper management and disposition of e-mail. Today's article discusses preservation and retention issues—i.e., short-term vs. long-term strategies—and has some suggestions for IT.
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Who's minding the message store? (Part 1)
<B>February 1, 2006—Part 1 of 2—</B>Storage professionals are fairly comfortable in the world of backups, remote replication, off-site disaster recovery, and disk-based restore. However, comfort levels tend to drop as talk turns to the company's e-mail management and archiving strategy.
LTO loader provides impressive performance
Tandberg Data integrates its half-height LTO2 tape drive with clever robotics to solve SMB and remote-site backup woes.
Users moving toward NAS virtualization
To improve performance and ease management headaches,end users are virtualizing NAS environments.
Trends to watch in 2006
The Needham &amp; Co. investment banking firm last month released a report that reviewed the key storage trends of 2005, as well as the trends and technologies to keep an eye on over the remainder of 2006.
To encrypt or not to encrypt
Over the last year or so we&rsquo;ve been barraged by press releases from storage vendors that exploit the issue of lost tapes, which seemed to be an epidemic last year (e.g., Citigroup, Ameritrade, Bank of America, Time Warner, etc.).
Tacit acquires Mobiliti
Tacit Networks recently expanded its line of wide area file services (WAFS) products down to the smallest of branch offices and remote worker environments today with the introduction of an entry-level WAFS appliance and the acquisition of Mobiliti Inc., a privately held maker of virtual networking, synchronization, and optimization software.
Seagate to acquire Maxtor
Seagate Technology is in the process of acquiring rival Maxtor in an all-stock transaction worth approximately $1.9 billion.
Modest growth expected in the channel
A survey of 50 value-added resellers (VARs), conducted by the Robert W. Baird investment research firm, indicates that Q4 2005 reflected &ldquo;reasonably healthy&rdquo; VAR revenues.
Adoption of tiered storage accelerates
Tiered storage is viewed as a necessary step toward information lifecycle management (ILM).
IT sets sights on storage security
Strict regulations for data retention and the rise of information lifecycle management (ILM) strategies are causing more and more interaction between storage and security in many IT organizations.
Is InfiniBand poised for a comeback?
InfiniBand, the interconnect that enjoyed 15 minutes of fame more than five years ago, finds itself back in the spotlight, and this time around storage professionals might want to take a closer look at the technology.
Information lifecycle management, from A to Z
Part two of a three-part series examines ILM issues such as data location, information paths and perimeters, data lifecycles, and the changing value of information.
How to plan for information lifecycle management
Is ILM simply a repackaging of old methods with a glossy veneer of vaporware, or can you actually improve your operational costs and efficiencies?
EMC continues acquisition spree
Last month, EMC continued to push beyond its storage-centric roots with two acquisitions: managed IT services provider Internosis, and information and grid technology from Acxiom.
Data protection over WANs: Recovery and restoration, Part 3
Note: The first two parts of this article series appeared in the November 2005 and January 2006 issues of <i>InfoStor</i>.
D2D backup meets the need for speed
&ldquo;&#x2026;It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!&rdquo; - Lewis Carroll, <i>Through the Looking Glass</i>
Archiving tools relieve database bloat
Data growth has joined death and taxes as one of the only guarantees in life and, as a result, database-specific archiving tools are growing in popularity.
Who&rsquo;s minding the message store?
Storage professionals are fairly comfortable in the world of backups, remote replication, off-site disaster recovery, and disk-based restore.