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LSI demos SAS-based SAN switch
<B>March 31, 2006</B>—SAN configurations that use Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) as a fabric interconnect are moving from the drawing board to the data center. For example, LSI Logic plans to unveil the first fabric switch based on SAS at next week's Storage Networking World conference and has hopes that small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) will eventually opt for SAS-based SANs over competing technologies such as Fibre Channel and iSCSI.
Ario adds SATA, SAS disk arrays
<B>March 30, 2006</B>—This week, Ario Data Networks introduced the first two products in its Capacity Storage Array (CSA) series of Serial ATA (SATA) and Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) storage subsystems. The Capacity RAID Array (CRA) and Capacity Expansion Array (CEA) feature a front-loaded blade design that allows disk maintenance without interrupting operations. The CSA family leverages existing Ario RAID controllers and JBOD SATA and SAS connectivity products.
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Compellent, ONStor combine SAN, NAS
<B>March 29, 2006</B>—Compellent and ONStor this week announced an integrated NAS and SAN solution that also enables automated tiered storage. The bundle combines ONStor's Bobcat NAS gateway with Compellent's Storage Center array for storage of both block and file data. Compellent will sell, service, and support the entire solution.
Tacit combines WAFS and WAN optimization
<B>March 27, 2006</B>—Tacit Networks has added WAN optimization to wide area file services (WAFS) with the 3.0 release of its IShared software for enterprise branch, remote, and small office/home office (SOHO) locations. In addition to WAFS and WAN optimization, the Windows-based solution includes Exchange e-mail services and Windows-based branch-office IT services.
Revivio automates CDP functions
<B>March 24, 2006</B>—Next week, Revivio plans to announce its Application Infrastructure Suite, which is designed to automate data protection and recovery by leveraging the company's continuous data protection (CDP) technology. Revivio will bundle the Application Infrastructure Suite with its Continuous Protection System (CPS) 1200 series of CDP appliances—currently at no extra charge.
Nimbus claims iSCSI 'firsts'
<B>March 23, 2006</B>—Start-up Nimbus Data Systems this week unveiled iSCSI SAN systems that the company claims have a number of features to differentiate them from iSCSI systems from more-established vendors such as Network Appliance, EqualLogic, Intransa, and LeftHand Networks.
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Onaro widens its view into SANs
<B>March 22, 2006</B>—Onaro recently beefed up its predictive change management and monitoring software for SANs with the addition of replication and performance monitoring tools and the launch of a new version of its flagship SANscreen product with support for EMC's Enterprise Control Center (ECC) management platform.
OPINION: What happened to network-based intelligence?
<B>March 21, 2006</B>—In September 2004, the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) published a report entitled <I>The Future of Network-Based Storage Intelligence </I>(<B><a href="http://www.enterprisestrategygroup.com">www.enterprisestrategygroup.com</A></B>). Since then, not much has happened in this market. We said that moving storage services from servers and disk arrays into the network would be one of the most important architecture shifts since the advent of block-based SANs.
ANALYST VIEW: The changing face of data protection
<B>March 17, 2006</B>—It may have taken years, but the data-protection market is finally in a state of transition. Although end users are still looking for ways to improve backup performance (the backup window remains the number-one storage-related issue among IT organizations today), they are focusing increasingly on recovery.
McData consolidates remote office data
<B>March 16, 2006</B>—McData this week announced a new set of partnerships, products, and services as part of a strategy to give large enterprises a better handle on centrally managing corporate data in remote office locations.
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agami expands NAS line
<B>March 15, 2006</B>—Start-up agami Systems this week extended its line of integrated NAS products with the AIS6000 series, which doubles the capacity (up to 19.2TB with 48 drives) and performance (up to 1GBps read throughput) of the AIS3000 series released last October when the company launched its NAS servers.
NeoScale enhances key management
<B>March 14, 2006</B>—This week, NeoScale introduced KeyVault, an appliance that adds automation and flexibility for infrastructure changes to the key management technology that's included in the company's CryptoStor encryption appliances. The previous technology allowed users to move keys to allow information sharing, but it could not be done from a centralized location, it wasn't automated, and it wasn't open to third-party keys.
Isilon boosts performance, capacity
<B>March 13, 2006</B>—Isilon today launched two new products designed to enhance storage cluster performance and capacity—the IQ Accelerator and EX6000, respectively. The company also released a version upgrade of its OneFS file-system software, which powers all of Isilon's clustered storage products.
Survey: Reducing complexity is an IT priority
<B>March 10, 2006</B>—A recent Applied Research survey of 500 IT managers reveals—not surprisingly—that a majority of them want to reduce the complexity in their data centers and increase data and application availability. Among the biggest storage-related "pain points," data availability ranked first for 23% of the respondents, followed by data migration (17%) and storage capacity management (16%).
Quantum expands tape line, adds disk
<B>March 9, 2006</B>—Quantum this week announced two new products to expand its tape line and extend its reach into disk-based backup and recovery. The DLT-S4 tape drive continues the renaming of the SDLT moniker and offers increased capacity and throughput, while GoVault is a removable disk-based device for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and remote offices that want to simplify the backup, recovery, and archiving process.
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Brocade buys file virtualization vendor
<B>March 8, 2006</B>—Switch-and-director specialist Brocade does not want to be known as just a switch-and-director specialist anymore. In an effort to morph from a Fibre Channel switch-maker into an overall data management provider, Brocade this week announced the acquisition of NuView, a developer of enterprise file management software.
EMC expands NAS line
<B>March 7, 2006</B>—EMC this week launched two new NAS systems as well as software to automate root-cause and impact analysis across IP-based devices, including NAS servers. The Celerra NS350 and NS704, which support both NAS and iSCSI, are designed for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as well as for enterprises with remote offices.
Microsoft acquires iSCSI software
<B>March 7, 2006</B>—Microsoft announced last week that it has acquired iSCSI target software from start-up String Bean Software and plans to offer the technology as an add-on to the Windows Storage Server 2003 R2 platform. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed.
Brocade adds 4Gbps switches, iSCSI gateway
<B>March 6, 2006</B>—This morning, Brocade announced an array of new storage networking products that run the gamut of protocols and port counts—from a 64-port 4Gbps SAN switch, to a Fibre Channel over Internet Protocol (FCIP) blade, to an iSCSI gateway.
Adoption of 4Gbps FC set for takeoff
<B>March 3, 2006</B>—If recent shipment figures for host bus adapters (HBAs) and switches are any indication, end-user adoption of 4Gbps Fibre Channel SANs may take off more rapidly than expected—whether or not users actually need the 2x performance improvement.
IBM launches 4Gbps arrays for SMBs
<B>March 2, 2006</B>—IBM this week continued on its quest to refit its entire storage subsystem line with 4Gbps Fibre Channel technology by upgrading its midrange disk systems and launching new offerings for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).
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ILM&rsquo;s state-of-the-art (storage) studio
Industrial Light &amp; Magic uses high-speed NAS servers with a distributed file system, 10Gbps Ethernet, and a 5,000-node render farm to store and move 170TB of content.
The good thing about standards&#x2026;
&#x2026;is that there&rsquo;s so many of them. There&rsquo;s an interesting brouhaha brewing in the storage management standards arena.
Survey reveals archiving/backup confusion
A survey conducted by eMedia and commissioned by BridgeHead Software reveals that the process of archiving data is often misunderstood and inefficiently implemented by US enterprises.
Storage networking options for moving terabytes
Your choices boil down to Fibre Channel SANs, iSCSI SANs, NAS, and InfiniBand-all at a variety of performance and cost points.
SAN speeds Capital FX&rsquo;s DI process
Postproduction studio combines a SAN with a shared file system to keep the workflow flowing.
Quantum redefines DLT &lsquo;value&rsquo;
By giving DLT drives the software functionality of SDLT, Quantum puts the squeeze on DAT with the launch of the DLT-V4.
NetApp joins VTL fray
Network Appliance last month kicked off a disk-to-disk backup campaign with the release of two virtual tape libraries (VTLs) and related services.
HP acquires OuterBay
Hewlett-Packard recently completed its acquisition of database archiving specialist OuterBay Technologies in an effort to advance its information lifecycle management (ILM) offerings and bolster the capabilities of its Reference Information Storage System (RISS) content-addressable storage (CAS) system.
ILM a higher priority than security
A recent survey conducted by GlassHouse Technologies, a storage consulting and services provider, reveals that IT organizations will focus primarily on increasing storage infrastructure efficiencies and holding down costs this year.
EMC refreshes product line
Insignia brand aimed at SMBs
Disaster-recovery plans fall short
A survey of 500 IT managers conducted by Applied Research shows that nearly half of the companies do not have a disaster-recovery (DR) plan in place.
Cost, compatibility are key for VTLs
It&rsquo;s no secret that disk-based backup is now a top priority for a large number of enterprises, and virtual tape libraries (VTLs) are emerging as the technology of choice for fixing the broken backup-and-recovery process.
Combining storage virtualization and iSCSI
Coupling storage virtualization with iSCSI-based IP SANs provides a number of benefits.
CASE STUDIES: Storage stokes the creative process
High-speed data transfers and collaborative content sharing top the storage priorities at DCC facilities.
Abrevity tackles data classification
At the ILM Summit last month, Abrevity introduced its FileData Manager information classification management (ICM) product.
Users drive open source storage initiative
Another storage industry group has joined the race to deliver a universal storage management framework, but this time the vendor community isn&rsquo;t leading the effort.