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PolyServe Database Utility for SQL Server
Highly Available SQL Server Consolidation
Caringo launches software-based CAS
<B>May 31, 2006</B>—One of the inventors of content-addressed storage (CAS)—Paul Carpentier—is one of the founders of Caringo, a start-up with a software-based CAS product designed for fixed content. Caringo's CAStor software, which was introduced this week, runs on industry standard hardware, including systems based on high-capacity Serial ATA (SATA) drives, which the company says could eliminate the need for multiple tiers of storage.
ESG Lab Reviews available on InfoStor.com
<B>May 30, 2006</B>—The Enterprise Strategy Group is well known for its in-depth product evaluations and reviews, called "ESG Lab Validation Reports." Those reports are now available on this site.
HP brings VTLs to SMBs
<B>May 26, 2006</B>—Hewlett-Packard continued its efforts to recruit smaller customers this week by adding virtual tape libraries (VTLs) and a range of new and upgraded data-protection hardware and software products to its small to medium-sized business (SMB) storage portfolio.
Teneros e-mail appliance targets SMBs
<B>May 25, 2006</B>—Teneros this week introduced a small-business version of its Application Continuity Appliance (ACA), which provides failover and e-mail continuity in the event of planned or unplanned downtime of Microsoft Exchange. The small-business version scales the number of users supported down from 250 to 75 and reduces the base price from $15,000 to just under $10,000.
LeftHand Networks
Open iSCSI SAN platform: SAN/iQ software leverages commodity server platforms to provide advanced storage system solutions.
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User survey reveals ILM reality
<B>May 24, 2006</B>—Storage, IT, and records managers hold widely differing views of information lifecycle management (ILM), according to a recent survey of 345 IT and data management professionals conducted by StorageNetworking.org and the Information Storage Industry Center at the University of California, San Diego.
Qualstar announces high-capacity library
<B>May 24, 2006</B>—Qualstar today announced a high-capacity tape library that can scale from 140TB to more than four petabytes. On the performance side, the XLS can scale from four to 96 LTO-3 drives with 27TB-per-hour native throughput. Capacity will double when LTO-4 hits the market later this year.
Hitachi upgrades TagmaStore USP
<B>May 22, 2006</B>—Hitachi Data Systems today announced upgrades to its TagmaStore Universal Storage Platform (USP), a storage controller that sits on the front-end of heterogeneous storage arrays and virtualizes the capacity of those arrays into one pool of storage. The company upgraded performance on, and added audit-logging capabilities to, the USP 100, 600, and 1100.
MonoSphere adds capacity planning
<B>May 19, 2006</B>—MonoSphere has added a capacity-planning module to the new version of its Storage Horizon storage-management software. The Storage Planner module calculates when additional storage will be needed, how much will be required, where it will be needed, and where the capacity will come from.
Aptare upgrades data-protection software
<B>May 18, 2006</B>—Aptare has added the latest edition of its StorageConsole data-protection management software as support for IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager. Storage Console 5.1 also includes new features such as a personalized homepage for users, a policy auditing module, and an XML report designer.
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3PAR, Bell Microproducts, Emulex, Marvell, QLogic, Revivio, Seagate, Sun Microsystems, and Zetera
Product highlights from Storage Decisions
<B>May 17, 2006</B>—The new product announcements were sparse at the Storage Decisions conference this week in Chicago, but some of the industry's biggest names made announcements, including archiving-and-backup news from EMC and a new partnership between Symantec and Network Appliance. Here's a quick recap:
Attune enters file virtualization arena
<B>May 16, 2006</B>—Start-up Attune Systems has launched Maestro File Manager FM5500, a NAS virtualization or network file management (NFM) appliance that is designed to simplify and reduce the cost of managing heterogeneous file servers and file data resources.
Nexsan upgrades storage security appliance
<B>May 15, 2006</B>—Nexsan recently introduced the next generation of its Assureon appliance, which is designed for storage security, business continuity, and regulatory compliance. New features of Assureon 4.0 include a user interface for reporting, data-retention management capabilities, and hardware-accelerated encryption.
Packeteer acquires Tacit
<B>May 12, 2006</B>—Packeteer, which specializes in WAN optimization, this week signed a definitive agreement to acquire Tacit Networks, a company that specializes in wide-area file services (WAFS) and WAN optimization, for approximately $78 million. The purchase is a market expansion opportunity for Packeteer, adding branch-office server consolidation to its WAN optimization offerings.
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EMC buys replication vendor
<B>May 11, 2006</B>—EMC made good on its recent promise to continue buying storage companies this week when the company announced it has purchased data replication software maker Kashya for approximately $153 million. The acquired technology is expected to boost EMC's network virtualization and continuous data protection (CDP) offerings.
Dell adds 4Gbps FC, 3.5-inch SAS
<B>May 10, 2006</B>—Dell introduced two new disk arrays this week, featuring support for 4Gbps Fibre Channel and Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) disk drives. The Dell/EMC CX UltraScale series provides an end-to-end (host-to-disk) 4Gbps architecture, and the PowerVault MD1000 incorporates 3.5-inch SAS drives with higher capacity and performance than 2.5-inch SAS drives.
LSI extends 4Gbps FC arrays
<B>May 9, 2006</B>—LSI Logic has added four new products to its Engenio division's 4Gbps Fibre Channel line of modular storage systems. The 3992, 3992 Turbo, 3994, and 6994 join the 6998, a high-end 4Gbps controller that was introduced in early 2005. The new products move LSI's 4Gbps offerings down into the midrange, leaving room for future development in the entry-level space.
NetApp aims at EMC, HP, HDS
<B>May 8, 2006</B>—Emphasizing increased productivity and lower cost of ownership more than "speeds and feeds," Network Appliance today introduced high-end hardware and services in an attempt to put a dent in the data-center armor of EMC, Hewlett-Packard, and Hitachi Data Systems.
EMC debuts new architecture for Clariion
<B>May 8, 2006</B>—EMC announced today that it has overhauled its entire line of Clariion midrange storage systems with a new architecture, faster components, and the ability to configure multiple tiers of storage in a single array.
Avamar Axion
Easy, fast, and affordable backup and recovery.
Quantum to buy tape rival ADIC
<B>May 4, 2006</B>—Quantum announced this week its plans to acquire rival tape drive and library maker Advanced Digital Information Corp. (ADIC) for about $770 million, broadening Quantum's tape hardware and software portfolio.
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Zmanda releases open source backup/recovery
<B>May 3, 2006</B>—At the MySQL Users Conference last week, start-up Zmanda introduced an enterprise edition of the open-source Amanda backup-and-recovery software, challenging Symantec's NetBackup and EMC/Legato's NetWorker. Amanda Enterprise Edition software, part of the Zmanda Network, offers open source code as well a price tag significantly lower than NetBackup and NetWorker.
Data Domain adds WAN vaulting
<B>May 2, 2006</B>—Data Domain today announced a wide area network (WAN) vaulting option for its DD400 line of disk-based storage appliances. WAN Vaulting for enterprise backup is part of Data Domain's Replicator software option and allows administrators to vault backed-up data sets over a WAN for data protection in case of disaster. Using the company's Global Compression technology, providing up to 20:1 compression, data can be moved in a many-to-one or peer-to-peer fashion.
Emulex completes Aarohi acquisition
<B>May 1, 2006</B>—Today, Fibre Channel specialist Emulex is expected to complete its acquisition of Aarohi Communications, a maker of storage processors, network adapters and software. Emulex acquired Aarohi for approximately $39 million in cash.
New Products
This month&rsquo;s New Products section summarizes some of the announcements made at last month&rsquo;s Storage Networking World (SNW) conference in San Diego.
Why users are adopting IP Storage
Among the driving forces are storage consolidation, simplified data protection, affordable disaster recovery, and improved data management.
The chain of data security
The chain runs from storage systems on the back-end to users on the front-end and requires a blending of security, storage, application, and database skills.
Tacit combines WAFS and WAN optimization
Tacit Networks has added WAN optimization to wide area file services (WAFS) with the 3.0 release of its Ishared software for enterprise branch and remote office locations.
Symantec tackles branch office backup
Symantec officially jumped on the branch-office backup-and-recovery bandwagon recently with the debut of Veritas NetBackup 6.0 PureDisk Remote Office Edition.
SRM vendors add business analytics
Storage resource management (SRM) tools were fairly limited when they hit the scene in the open systems world a few years ago.
Securing and protecting archival data
How do you secure data &ldquo;at rest?&rdquo; Step one: Don&rsquo;t confuse archiving with backup.
SATA spurs RAID-6 activity
RAID 6 isn't new. Vendors such as Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi Data Systems, IBM, and Network Appliance have been incorporating RAID-6 technology in their disk arrays for years (although they typically don't refer to it as RAID 6).
Nimbus claims iSCSI &lsquo;firsts&rsquo;
Start-up Nimbus Data Systems last month unveiled iSCSI-based IP SAN systems that the company claims have a number of unique features to differentiate them from iSCSI systems from more-established vendors such as EqualLogic, Intransa, LeftHand Networks, and Network Appliance.
Intel to sell entry-level EMC arrays
EMC and Intel joined forces last month at the Storage Networking World conference to surprise the crowd with the announcement of a new OEM partnership under which Intel will sell a line of entry-level storage arrays based on EMC's recently launched series of Clariion AX150 storage systems.
Microsoft upgrades Windows Storage Server
Adds iSCSI &lsquo;boot from SAN&rsquo;
HDS ships midrange TagmaStore
Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) recently launched a new storage array and updated its HiCommand management software to bring the multi-protocol support and data migration features of its high-end TagmaStore array down to midrange customers.
Guidelines for evaluating virtual tape libraries
VTLs can form the foundation of a multi-layered data-protection strategy.
Does virtualization free you up or lock you in?
When the word &ldquo;virtualization&rdquo; was first applied to storage, it referred to the ability to create a unified pool of storage from heterogeneous disk platforms by masking the underlying complexity.
DLT-S4 reveals &lsquo;super-tape paradox&rsquo;
With a native throughput rate that&rsquo;s 20% slower than IBM&rsquo;s LTO-3 drive, Quantum&rsquo;s new DLT-S4 performs backup jobs 30% faster.
Data classification is the icing on the ILM cake
Call it what you want-ICM, IIM, etc.-but data classification and policy-based management tools will help you get a grip on burgeoning data stores.
Content-addressed storage makes the grade
It is safe to assume that when any new storage technology hits the streets it will be followed by a parade of naysayers and detractors and a subsequent battle among vendors over where, when, and how it should be used.
Cisco launches 4Gbps director
Cisco began shipments to its OEMs last month of a whale of a Fibre Channel switch-the 528-port MDS 9513 Multilayer Director, with support for 4Gbps and 10Gbps Fibre Channel.
Business Briefs
QLogic&rsquo;s 4Gbps SANbox 5600 Series Fibre Channel stackable switches are now available directly from Sun Microsystems and authorized Sun distributors.
Why virtualization is like the neutron bomb
The big vendors want to wipe out the competition without wiping out their assets.