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NeoScale supports 4Gbps Fibre Channel
<B>October 30, 2006</B>—NeoScale has added a 4Gbps Fibre Channel model to its line of tape security appliances. The company also introduced a second-generation security appliance that secures data to SCSI-attached tape drives.
SGI rolls out NAS appliances
<B>October 27, 2006</B>—Less than two weeks after emerging from Chapter 11, SGI hit the ground running with a pair of new enterprise-level NAS appliances
iQstor ships 4Gbps array for SMBs
<B>October 26, 2006</B>—iQstor Networks announced the availability of a disk array for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) this week in the form of the 4Gbps iQ2880 Fibre Channel storage system.
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EMC overhauls storage systems
<B>October 25, 2006</B>—EMC doubled the performance and storage capacities of several of its hardware platforms this week
Data protection: Why you need data-protection management
<B>October 23, 2006</B>—Data protection is a must-do-well responsibility for all IT organizations. Even the temporary loss of availability of data to key applications may have severe consequences
NAS: ONStor launches data-mirroring software
<B>October 20, 2006</B>—Today, ONStor introduced Data Mirror, a new software solution that allows users to replicate both data and configurations from primary ONStor NAS filers to secondary ONStor filers
Open source project challenges traditional storage
<B>October 20, 2006</B>—A number of open source storage projects have popped up in recent months, most with a focus on developing heterogeneous storage management software.
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Storage growth spawns budget pressures
<B>October 19, 2006</B>—Experts have been saying for years that data is growing at an explosive rate, but it seems capacity growth, at least in Fortune 1000 companies, is even more rapid than once thought.
Pillar Data stretches out from midrange
<B>October 19, 2006</B>—Pillar Data Systems, which has focused on midrange storage systems for the past five years, is expanding its reach
Overland RAID array supports SAS
<B>October 18, 2006</B>—Overland Storage today announced shipments of the first RAID arrays in its Ultamus product family that support the emerging Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) disk interface.
AMCC overcomes the RAID-6 penalty
<B>October 17, 2006</b>—AMCC may be one of the last controller manufacturers to add support for RAID 6, but the company claims that the wait was worthwhile
Compellent introduces 'thin replication'
<B>October 16, 2006</B>—The new version of Compellent's Storage Center SAN platform is designed to cut bandwidth and storage management requirements by half, according to company claims.
HP XP 'Bulletproof Software' for High Availability
Availability software and services for HP XP storage providing true business continuance.
<B>Security: The importance of key management, part 2</B>
<B>October 13, 2006</B>—Vendors have responded to the crushing need for securing data at rest with a plethora of products and approaches. Broadly speaking, these products can be divided into six categories:
<B>Security: The importance of key management, part 1</B>
<B>October 12, 2006</B>—It is difficult to pick up a newspaper these days without reading about another high-profile data security breach, whether it is the loss of a laptop or a tape.
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Data Domain de-duplicates
<B>October 11, 2006</B>—Data Domain this week introduced the DDX series of data de-duplicating storage arrays, which are targeted at data centers. The DDX series is powered by the new DD560 controller and offers up to 6.4TB per hour of sustained throughput, according to the company, and up to 15 petabytes of capacity for long-term online retention. Data Domain claims that its Global Compression technology can lead to pricing as low as $0.35 per gigabyte.
EMC teams with Microsoft for content management
<B>October 10, 2006</B>—EMC and Microsoft have strengthened their partnership in the world of content management with the announcement of a new alliance. The hi-tech power couple is set to introduce new content and archiving products that enable tighter integration between the EMC Documentum ECM platform and Microsoft applications, specifically Microsoft's SharePoint collaboration portal.
Isilon adds software for clustered storage
<B>October 9, 2006</B>—Isilon introduced a new version of its OneFS operating system today in addition to two data-protection and data-management applications that run on top of the OneFS platform.
InfiniBand: QLogic snags SilverStorm
<B>October 6, 2006</B>—QLogic this week announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase SilverStorm Technologies, a networking hardware and software vendor that manufactures InfiniBand host channel adapters (HCAs). QLogic will pay approximately $60 million in cash for SilverStorm and will provide more details on the acquisition during its second-quarter fiscal 2007 earnings conference on October 24.
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Reader-Expert I/O: iSCSI arrays are not created equal
<B>October 4, 2006</B>—The marketplace for iSCSI storage devices is getting very complicated very quickly. Whereas a year ago there were only a handful of iSCSI vendors, today there are more than 50 by my count. Many of the iSCSI products represent the state-of-the-art in storage networking technology and are suitable for the most demanding of enterprise applications. Many others, by contrast, are only suitable for simple workgroup applications, and there are plenty of products in between.
Tape trends: 28% growth rate for HH LTO
It's no secret that LTO tape drives/libraries are dominating the tape market. In fact, in terms of unit shipments, LTO-based tape libraries accounted for about 84% of total shipments last year and they're expected to account for more than 88% of shipments this year, according to the Freeman Reports tape market research firm.
Adaptec rounds out NAS line
<B>October 2, 2006</B>—Adaptec will introduce three new NAS systems this week, the Snap Server 110, 210 and 410, which will replace the current Snap Server 1100. The new products enable unified file and block (via iSCSI) services. They also leverage Adaptec's GuardianOS operating system, which now runs across the entire line of Snap Servers.
HP VLS 6000
This ESG Lab validation report shows how easy it is to configure, manage and execute disk-based backups while leveraging existing backup software and procedures using the HP StorageWorks Virtual Library System (VLS) 6000. The backup and restore performance capabilities of the VLS 6000 are also highlighted.
SAN management via virtual disk blocks
Compellent alters the SAN value proposition by restructuring storage virtualization to start at the data block.
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The case for storage virtualization
The concept of storage virtualization has been around for a number of years, but until recently it had not gained widespread acceptance.
Sun, IBM tackle tape encryption
Sun Microsystems and IBM each launched new technologies for data encryption on tape drives and key management last month as a direct response to the ongoing threat of data loss and identity theft plaguing big companies and consumers across the country.
Strategic governance issues for e-mail archiving
This article identifies some of the higher-level issues in governance and control that can impact the parameters and attributes used in selecting the appropriate e-mail archiving technology.
Storage service providers rise from the ashes
The storage service provider (SSP) market faded into near oblivion a few years ago, but SSPs are making a comeback for a variety of reasons.
SGI, LSI support SAS
In an indication that the Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) disk drive interface is ready for prime time, SGI recently became one of the first disk-systems vendors to ship SAS-based storage arrays.
EqualLogic adds SAS to IP SANs
Adoption of iSCSI-based IP SANs is picking up, as are iSCSI-related product announcements.
Putting a FAIS on intelligent switches
It has been several years since storage networking vendors began their push for putting advanced data services and storage management functions on fabric switches.
Making the transition to consolidated NAS
Consolidating file servers involves decisions regarding virtualization, operating systems, protocol compatibility, and NAS gateways.
IBM refreshes storage lineup
IBM recently began shipping a wide variety of new and upgraded systems in its storage product line, including two new models of its flagship DS8000 enterprise storage arrays, new connectivity and drive options, and products based on its partnership with Network Appliance.
Data classification is the key to ILM
Classification is complex, but the good news is that a variety of tools exist to help you get started.
Cisco targets branch offices
Cisco recently introduced additions to its branch office product family, including an integrated hardware and software solution that promises to aid in the consolidation of branch office server, storage, and backup systems and to boost the performance of TCP-based applications across WANs.
Business Briefs
The Eclipse Foundation, an open source community, recently approved the creation of the Aperi Storage Management Framework Project.
Brocade ups the ante for iSCSI
Brocade recently unleashed eight storage networking hardware products, including an iSCSI blade for its director-class switch, revamped versions of three of the company&rsquo;s Tapestry data management software products, and 10 new services in the area of SANs and file area networks (FANs).
3PAR targets midrange
3PAR Data shrunk its disk systems to fit departmental, replication site, and remote data-center deployments with the introduction of the InServ E200 Storage Server, a midrange complement to the company&rsquo;s high-end InServ S400 and S800 arrays.
When does online backup/recovery make sense?
Online backup and recovery-specifically, outsourcing storage operations to third-party services providers-may make more sense than ever.