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NGDP forecast: CDT, WDS, VTL, COS
<B>January 31, 2007</B>—A wave of new technologies has emerged over the past few years that collectively—despite being over-hyped in some instances—appear to be poised to change how users architect their data-protection strategies.
FAST tackles BI with search
<B>January 30, 2007</B>—Enterprise search software maker FAST Search & Transfer unveiled a new search platform this week in an effort to improve the quality, speed, and accessibility of data warehouses.
SAS: The new kid on the I/O block
With the recent addition of Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), end users and systems/storage integrators have a wide array of choices in enterprise-level disk drives and host connections.
IBM to buy Softek
<B>January 29, 2007</B>—IBM announced today it has signed an agreement to acquire long-time technology partner and data mobility specialist Softek for an undisclosed sum.
Enterprise Vault 7.0 automates classification
<B>January 26, 2007</B>—Symantec is beefing up its digital archiving software with a new level of automated data classification, broader support for upcoming Microsoft applications, and support for a variety of enterprise content management (ECM) platforms.
Case studies: Why SMBs are embracing iSCSI SANs
<B>January 25, 2007</B>—When it comes to networked storage, total cost sits atop the list of buying criteria for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), followed closely by simplicity, product support, and, in some cases, the physical size of the solution, as shown in the following case studies.
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3PAR, Alacritech, Attune, Brocade, Digi-Data, Double-Take, EMC, Emulex, FalconStor, James River Technical, Lucid8, LXI, McData, Oracle, QLogic, and Zetera.
Clustered storage: Isilon targets SMBs
<B>January 24, 2007</B>—Isilon is trying to make clustered storage more affordable for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with the introduction of the IQ 200.
NAS: Adaptec aims for the enterprise
<B>January 23, 2007</B>—Topping off the recently refreshed Snap Server product line, Adaptec this week introduced the Snap Server 650, which doubles the performance of the company's exiting NAS devices.
DataCore targets SMBs with DR, BC
<B>January 20, 2007</B>—DataCore Software announced this week that it has expanded its Virtual Infrastructure Foundation to provide disaster recovery and business continuity for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).
WAN Vaulting for Enterprise Backup from Data Domain
ESG Lab validated DataDomain WAN Vaulting focusing on its powerful Data Domain Replicator software, Global Compression, and Enterprise Manager.
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Anacomp, AnexTEK Global, Force10 Networks, IBM, Pando Networks, Siafu, Software, SiliconSystems, T-Mobile, and Zetera
Symantec ships Storage Foundation for Windows
<B>January 17, 2007</B>—Symantec has taken another step on the path toward integrating all of its software management suites under one umbrella—this time in the Windows world—with the launch of the latest version of its Storage Foundation management product.
Seagate launches 2.5-inch, 15K SAS drives
<B>January 16, 2007</B>—Seagate announced this week that it has begun shipping the next generation of its fastest hard drive—the 2.5-inch, 15,000rpm Savvio 15K—which is based on the Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) interface.
Start-up manages apps, servers, storage
<B>January 15, 2007</B>—Software start-up Akorri officially came on the scene today with the launch of both the company and a new infrastructure management and monitoring tool aimed at tying applications, server, and storage management together for better control of IT environments.
VTLs: Assess before you commit
<B>January 12, 2007</B>—A virtual tape library (VTL) is one way that disk can be integrated into a backup system. Since backing up to disk has become a more-viable solution in the past few years, with the cost of disk arrays coming down rapidly (thanks in part to Serial ATA), IT organizations have become convinced that implementing disk (typically as a VTL) will eliminate their backup-and-restore woes and save the day.
iSCSI: Brocade scoops up Silverback
<B>January 11, 2007</B>—Continuing its moves into the iSCSI market, Fibre Channel stalwart Brocade this week acquired privately held Silverback Systems for an undisclosed amount of cash.
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Acopia, Agere, Bell Micro, Bluefish Technologies Pty. Ltd., Bluefish444, Chelsio Communications, Cloverleaf, Digi-Data, EVault, Hitachi, Hitachi Data Systems, IBM, Infortrend, InTechnology, KODAK Service & Support, Onaro, Samsung, Seagate, Smartways, Sonasoft, StorageNetworking.org, SYNNEX, Toshiba
LTO-4 products on the way
<B>January 10, 2007</B>—New hardware based on the next-generation Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Ultrium format came one step closer to reality today
Vendors tackle power and cooling concerns
<B>January 9, 2007</B>—Some call it a crisis, others term it a growing problem, but everyone agrees that powering the data center is becoming increasingly expensive.
Double-Take expands replication
<B>January 8, 2007</B>—Tomorrow, Double-Take Software will launch two products based on a technology the company calls System State Protection and Recovery, which replicates the operating system, registry, drives, hot fixes, and patches
VARs cautiously optimistic about 2007
<B>January 5, 2007</B>—According to a server-storage reseller survey conducted by Robert W. Baird & Co., VARs ended 2006 on a relatively high note and are somewhat optimistic about revenue growth in 2007.
Storix upgrades AIX, Linux backup/recovery software
<B>January 4, 2007</B>—Next week, Storix will release version 6.1 of its System Backup Administrator (SBAdmin) software, which includes new features for AIX- and Linux-based backup and recovery.
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3PAR, Agilysys, Arrow, Ariba, Atto, BridgeHead, EMC, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi Data Systems, IBM, Incipient, and Novell.
2006: A year of acquisitions
<B>January 3, 2007</B>—The storage-related acquisitions inked in 2006 have affected users' purchase options and strengthened some vendors against their competitors. Here is a quick re-cap of acquisition activity in 2006:
Why SMBs are embracing iSCSI, part 1
Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are adopting iSCSI SANs for many different reasons.
What&rsquo;s &lsquo;hot&rsquo; . . . according to you
We regularly report on the results of end-user surveys from research outfits such as TheInfoPro, and one of the more interesting parts of those surveys is where users rank various technologies in terms of what&rsquo;s hot, and what&rsquo;s not.
Tips for e-mail management and archiving, part 1
Although managing e-mail has become a major headache for storage administrators, who might have an overwhelming urge to delete entire mailboxes, a variety of products are available to make e-mail more manageable through technologies such as classification, de-duplication, and archiving.
Symantec encrypts at the media server
Symantec added another level of encryption this month with the introduction of Veritas NetBackup Media Server Encryption Option (MSEO).
Storage virtualization becoming a reality
It&rsquo;s been a long time coming, but there are now plenty of viable virtualization products, and early adopters of the technology can attest to the benefits.
SAS: The new kid on the I/O block
With the recent addition of Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), end users and systems/storage integrators have a wide array of choices in enterprise-level disk drives and host connections.
Replication: The next step in BC planning
With new replication technologies, business continuity doesn&rsquo;t have to be a costly and complex endeavor.
Quantum rolls out D2D de-duplication
Just a few months after completing the acquisition of rival ADIC, Quantum has rolled out a new family of disk-based backup and replication appliances with more horsepower, memory, and software features than previous systems, as well as the added benefit of data de-duplication technology.
NetApp cuts cost of managing unstructured data
Network Appliance is getting into the search and content services game in an effort to help users rein in the costs associated with managing and storing unstructured data.
How users address compliance, part 2
IT managers presently view compliance as just one piece of the storage puzzle they face, which includes mounting storage costs, double-digit annual data growth, a quest for more-efficient operations management, and their organization&rsquo;s efforts to successfully back up and recover critical data according to pre-defined service levels.
How ILM-and not HSM-improves backups
What is the best way to integrate ILM so that my backups run more efficiently?
High-end management, low-cost SANs
IP SANs based on the iSCSI protocol enable easy migration from DAS, and even entry-level iSCSI arrays have sophisticated management tools.
HDS teams with BlueArc for NAS
Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) announced last month that it had inked a multi-faceted deal with NAS vendor BlueArc to secure a foothold in the high-performance computing (HPC) storage market.
Diogenes delivers SRM alternative
&ldquo;Traditional SRM hasn&rsquo;t taken off particularly well because it&rsquo;s difficult to implement, complicated, and costly-in many cases, hundreds of thousands of dollars-and there&rsquo;s a long learning curve,&rdquo; says Phil Goodwin, president of Diogenes Analytical Labs.
Dell, Microsoft launch &lsquo;unified storage&rsquo; array
Dell and Microsoft have joined forces to debut the first integrated hardware and software system based on Microsoft&rsquo;s Windows Unified Data Storage Server 2003, the latest addition to Microsoft&rsquo;s family of storage-specific operating systems.
Data classification is the foundation for ILM, IIM
Data classification goes beyond storage-based information lifecycle management (ILM) into intelligent information management (IIM).
Cisco ships entry-level 4Gbps switch
Cisco is taking a crack at the small and medium-sized business (SMB) SAN market with the launch of a new entry-level, 4Gbps fabric switch as part of its MDS family of storage networking products.
Storage Basics: A Guide to the World of Storage Technology
Storage Basics: A Guide to the World of Storage Technology Regardless of industry, size, or age, businesses are awash in more data than ever before. Federal regulations require that data be stored, protected, and retrievable for a certain amount of time. Storage is also a growing area in IT, which means employment opportunities exist now, and should exist for some time.