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Before jumping into data de-duplication . . .
<B>May 31, 2007</B>—Data de-duplication technology has attracted a lot of attention because it can conserve valuable hardware real estate by eliminating redundant data, resulting in an average of 30% to 50% savings in storage space.
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Data Direct Networks, EMC, ExaGrid, IBM, Infortrend, Reldata, Revinetix, and Sepaton
The Latest Storage News-294010
Data Direct Networks, EMC, ExaGrid, IBM, Infortrend, Reldata, Revinetix, and Sepaton
Ciprico branches out
<B>May 30, 2007</B>—Known primarily as a storage systems vendor focused on the entertainment market, Ciprico hopes to branch out beyond its traditional roots into the mainstream IT storage market.
ILM isn't just about storage
<B>May 29, 2007</B>—Depending on whom you talk to, information lifecycle management (ILM) is nothing more than "tiered storage," or, a new term for hierarchical storage management (HSM), or, a new way of classifying content for corporate or regulatory governance, or, something entirely different.
EMC upgrades virtual tape libraries
<B>May 25, 2007</B>—EMC this week added two new systems to its family of virtual tape libraries (VTL) in the form of the EMC Disk Library DL6100 and DL6300, both of which are aimed at end users looking to consolidate multiple, smaller VTLs on one platform.
In-Depth: Continuous data protection (CDP)
<B>May 24, 2007</B>—Industry analysts consider it to be among the top-five "hot" storage technologies, and end-user adoption is ramping up rapidly, yet there's still some confusion surrounding continuous data protection (CDP).
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Agility Recovery, Asustek, Digi-Data, EMC, FilesX, Fujitsu Ltd., Hitachi, Iomega, iStor Networks, Neterion, Nexsan, Oracle, Peak 10, Plasmon, QLogic, and Symantec.
MonoSphere software manages EMC arrays
<B>May 23, 2007</B>—MonoSphere has added deeper support for capacity management and planning in EMC storage environments with the launch of Storage Horizon 3.2
Reldata enhances virtual OS
<B>May 22, 2007</B>—Reldata has upgraded its storage virtualization software, RELvos Version 2.0, with 64-bit performance designed to boost the company's unified storage systems' throughput to be comparable to more-expensive alternatives, at a much lower total cost of ownership, according to company officials.
Storage Markets predicts storage trends
<B>May 22, 2007</B>—Last November, <I>InfoStor</I> reported on a new Web-based tool called Storage Markets, which claims to predict technology trends for the storage industry better than traditional market research and end-user surveys.
Panasas shares its software
<B>May 21, 2007</B>—Panasas today announced the planned release this summer of key components of its proprietary DirectFLOW client software for Linux to the open source community.
Introducing 'data warehouse appliances'
<B>May 18, 2007</B>—Despite all the marketing talk about "intelligence" in the storage network, we still have a ways to go. The truth is that most storage devices today are simply not as aware as they should be of applications, data access patterns, and workflows.
NetApp extends de-dupe beyond backups
<B>May 17, 2007</B>—Data de-duplication has, to date, been relegated almost solely to the role of a space-saving technology for backup solutions.
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CaminoSoft, Double-Take, EMC, EVault, IBM, LSI, NetApp, Northern, QLogic, Seagate Technology, Technical Architecture Solutions, and Tek-Tools.
Hitachi revamps high-end arrays
<B>May 16, 2007</B>—Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) has raised the stakes in the enterprise storage game with the launch of a bigger, faster version of its high-end disk array complete with thin provisioning, virtualization services, and a new approach to providing services-oriented storage.
NEC targets US disk array market
<B>May 15, 2007</B>—NEC, a major player on the global IT scene for more than four decades, is taking a crack at the North American storage market with the launch of a new series of modular disk arrays that can scale to more than a petabyte with zero downtime.
EMC unites SRM, VMware
<B>May 14, 2007</B>—It has been two years since the last major update of EMC ControlCenter (ECC), but the company today announced version 6.0 of its flagship storage resource management (SRM) software.
Data Domain doubles VTL performance
<B>May 11, 2007</B>—Data Domain plans to beef up its high-end virtual tape libraries (VTLs) with a faster, more-scalable de-duplication system that offers twice the performance of previous systems.
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Arkeia Software, Bell Micro, Dot Hill Systems, Dynamic Network Factory, Hifn, IBM, Incipient, Netswitch, Onaro, Promark Technology, QLogic, Rover Technology Fusions, Sepaton, Sonasoft, StoneFly, Storewiz, Sun Microsystems, SYNNEX, Tech Data, and WebHouse.
Microsoft teams with Packeteer
<B>May 9, 2007</B>—Microsoft has joined forces with WAN optimization/acceleration specialist Packeteer to integrate previously piecemeal technologies into a unified appliance for branch-office environments.
Akorri links VMware to storage resources
<B>May 8, 2007</B>—This week, Akorri released a new version of its flagship management software, specifically aimed at improving application performance and storage resource utilization in VMware environments.
Intransa delivers 10Gbps IP SAN
<B>May 7, 2007</B>—Intransa today introduced the StorStac Performance Controller Unit 100 (PCU100), a 10Gbps IP SAN that is targeted at applications such as video-on-demand, IPTV, digital imaging, video surveillance, data mining, and other I/O-intensive applications.
Lab Review: Building virtual machines on real SANs
<B>May 4, 2007</B>—As IT resources continue to expand, the rate of utilization of these resources has remained alarmingly low.
Tape market update: LTO the only bright spot
<B>May 3, 2007</B>—Tape market research firm Freeman Reports released its <I>Tape Library Outlook 2007</I> report this week, and in terms of tape formats LTO is the only growth market.
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AvePoint, Bycast, CaminoSoft, Centia, DataCore, Dynamic Network Factory, emBoot, EMC, EqualLogic, Fortiva, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Network Appliance, Oracle, StoneFly, and VMware.
Onaro ties applications to storage performance
<B>May 2, 2007</B>—Onaro has added to its SANscreen family of storage resource management and monitoring software with the debut of software that directly links storage resources with application requirements.
How to develop a practical storage model
<B>May 1, 2007</B>—Is your storage growth out of control, and are your storage purchases unpredictable? Do your vendors just tell you to "buy more storage" to fix storage capacity issues? Is your tiered storage model not realizing the promised gains? Is your storage provisioning measured in days or weeks, not in hours?
Start-ups versus acquisitions
An interesting-albeit predictable-dynamic is taking place in the storage market: The number of start-ups are dwindling rapidly, while the number of acquisitions are skyrocketing.
User Survey: E-mail maintenance inadequate
Even as organizations become more dependent on e-mail to run their businesses, many don&rsquo;t dedicate enough staff or technology to prevent downtime, according to a recent King Research survey.
Tips for data retention and purging
With the ever-decreasing cost of primary storage, why bother purging data? The status quo is to do nothing. Most legacy applications have never purged data, and new applications are rarely designed to accommodate purging.
Tape trends
As always, the main trend in the tape market is the inexorable march toward higher capacity and faster transfer rates, a trend exemplified by the imminent arrival of LTO-4 tape drives, libraries, and media.
Sun touts open source storage
Sun Microsystems has announced that it is handing some of its storage technologies over for free to the storage developers within the OpenSolaris community in the hopes that users and developers will combine the open source Solaris operating system with industry standard hardware to create commodity storage products.
Storage&rsquo;s star rises in the entertainment market
Data storage is a key element in the digital transformation of content creation, editing, distribution, and reception. Digitalization of content enables that content to be made readily available in the various formats required for traditional distribution markets, as well as for developing markets such as IPTV.
Data-center power and cooling strategies
The equipment that IT puts into data centers today is stressing powerand cooling systems in a way that was not fathomed when most data centers were built years ago.
New Products
Each month, InfoStor rounds up timely new product announcements, providing a buyer?s guide for professionals.
HP debuts new AiO array for SMBs
Hewlett-Packard continues to roll out new storage systems for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with the latest addition to its family of All-in-One (AiO) disk arrays-the StorageWorks AiO1200.
Gresham enters VTL fray
Gresham Enterprise Storage, the storage arm of UK-based software and services company Gresham LLC, recently announced a new virtual tape library (VTL) product with built-in monitoring and statistical analysis features, marking the firm&rsquo;s first foray into the North American storage market.
Data classification lays the foundation
When we profiled data-classification practices one year ago, we found many storage professionals using data-classification products to discover what the heck was taking up so much space on their G: drives.
Consider apps when deploying CDP
Business continuity is</b> consistently ranked among the top IT initiatives, according to end-user surveys. As a result, continuous data protection (CDP) as a function of business continuity is a growing market segment. Server consolidation, increased corporate governance, and system and application are also fueling interest in CDP as a complement, or alternative, to traditional data-protection technologies, such as backup and snapshots.
CAS users wary of vendor lock-in
When InfoStor examined the pros and cons of content-addressed storage (CAS) technology one year ago, users were singing the praises of CAS platforms and their ability to securely store and retrieve unaltered data for long periods of time.
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WAN acceleration improves DR
Disaster preparedness has raced to the top of the IT to-do list for many large companies since 2001, and as companies move more data between multiple locations, the cost and latency issues inherent in wide area network (WAN) connectivity have become a thorn in the side of many business continuity (BC) and disaster-recovery (DR) planners.