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<B>Double-Take acquires CDP vendor</B>
<B>December 28, 2007</B>—In an effort to bolster its data protection and backup capabilities for both virtual and physical server environments, Double-Take Software this week announced the acquisition of TimeSpring, a Montreal-based vendor of continuous data protection (CDP) solutions.
Sepaton S2100 VTL with Data de-duplication
This ESG Lab report presents the results of hands-on testing of VTL solutions from Sepaton with a focus on the capacity savings that can be achieved with content-aware data de-duplication and the enterprise-class performance and scalability of the Sepaton grid architecture.
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Software is the key to 'green' storage
<B>December 21, 2007</B>—The constant "green" clarion call is all around us, with vendors from all areas of IT jumping on the bandwagon and marketing themselves and their products as eco-friendly. Green packaging, green facilities, green disk drives, green arrays, green switches, etc.
EMC offers business continuity services
<B>December 20, 2007</B>—EMC today announced a new set of services designed to assist companies in managing their disaster-recovery and business continuity plans.
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Onaro extends visibility into virtual environments
<B>December 18, 2007</B>—As virtual server infrastructures take hold, the need to see the links between virtual machines and storage grows. In response to the shift from physical to virtual data centers, Onaro today announced some new additions to its SANscreen software family
Mirapoint streamlines e-mail archiving
<B>December 17, 2007</B>—Mirapoint today introduced RazorSafe, which manages and archives e-mail and instant messages to meet corporate compliance and government regulations.
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Apple, Atempo, CommVault, Data Domain, Dynamic Network Factory, Hercules Technology, Index Engines, Iron Mountain, iStor, Kazeon, MetaLINCS, nCipher, NeoScale Systems, Seagate, and StoneFly.
Invista 2.0 bolsters block virtualization
<B>December 13, 2007</B>—EMC is continuing to build out its virtualization portfolio with the release of the second generation of its Invista block-level virtualization product.
Kazeon Information Server IS1200: eDiscovery & Storage Optimization
ESG Lab validated the Kazeon Information Access Platform focusing on its scalability, performance, ease of use and total cost of ownership.
Start-up makes SAN out of servers
<B>December 11, 2007</B>—Seanodes has entered the storage industry with a novel approach to creating high-performance virtual storage pools from the unused storage capacity found in application servers.
Mimosa adds disaster-recovery option
<B>December 10, 2007</B>—Mimosa Systems, which provides e-mail archiving solutions, will announce tomorrow a disaster-recovery option for its flagship NearPoint archiving software.
Online backup heats up with IBM acquisition
<B>December 7, 2007</B>—The online backup-and-recovery market is heating up this week with several storage vendors joining the fray, most notably IBM, which announced it plans to acquire Arsenal Digital Solutions for an undisclosed sum.
STEC ships MLC-based SSD
<B>December 6, 2007</B>—In another sign that solid-state disks (SSDs) are making their way from niche markets into more-commercial, and consumer-oriented, markets, STEC this week announced shipments of an SSD—dubbed MACH8-MLC—based on multi-level cell (MLC) technology.
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VTL delivers real performance with virtual reels
With no hope of any near-term respite in the growth of storage, enterprise and mid-tier IT sites have embarked on a number of resource management strategies and tactics, which include storage and system consolidation, iSCSI expansion of Fibre Channel SAN fabrics, continuous data protection (CDP), point-in-time snapshots, and a shift away from tape to disk-based backup and recovery.
EMC EmailXtender
ESG Lab examines features new in the latest release of the EMC EmailXtender family of e-mail archival and management products including User Directed Archiving and Archive Process Tracking.
Attune teams with Data Domain
<B>December 5, 2007</B>—File virtualization software vendor Attune Systems announced this week that it has entered into a partnership with Data Domain that will give end users the ability to integrate Attune's Maestro File Manager software with Data Domain's line of de-duplicating storage systems.
Marathon adds CDP
<B>December 4, 2007</B>—Marathon Technologies has added continuous data protection (CDP) software—dubbed everRun CDP—to its everRun family of availability software. The announcement also focused on disaster recovery with full WAN support to remote repositories.
Index Engines addresses eDiscovery
<B>December 3, 2007</B>—Enterprise search-and-discovery specialist Index Engines has released the eDiscovery Edition of its Tape Engine technology with a new set of features for automating the electronic discovery process for offline tape content.
SANitize DAS to enhance virtual infrastructure
With LeftHand Networks&rsquo; Virtual Storage Appliance, administrators can leverage direct-attached storage to create an iSCSI SAN and put VMs in motion.
Reducing migration pains with virtualized tiers
Server/storage virtualization and a tiered storage architecture produced significant benefits for a large retailer.
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Microsoft aims higher with DPM 2007
Microsoft&rsquo;s release of System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2007 has elevated the product into a new category by protecting data beyond just Windows file servers with expanded support for SQL Server, Exchange Server, and SharePoint Portal Server.
Intel, EMC team up on SOHO storage
More than a year after Intel struck a deal with EMC to bring entry-level storage systems to the small and medium-sized business (SMB) market, the companies are back with a new platform, but this time the vendors are targeting the smallest of small customers-the small office, home office (SOHO) and digital home markets.
Insight for managing storage as a service
Onaro&rsquo;s SANscreen Application Insight empowers IT to align a SAN for maximum application performance at the lowest cost by providing an automated solution for discovery, service monitoring, and capacity management analysis.
Hitachi extends thin provisioning to heterogeneous arrays
Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) has expanded the capacity and features of its Universal Storage Platform (USP) V system with support for 750GB SATA drives and the extension of the system&rsquo;s thin-provisioning capabilities to external, heterogeneous storage arrays.
File virtualization combats unstructured data growth
<p>Managing storage growth is a difficult task on the whole, but unstructured, file-based data is beginning to tax the management capabilities of current storage technologies, subsequently creating a need for more advanced ways to manage and move information in the data center.</p>
File virtualization combats unstructured data growth
Managing storage growth is a difficult task on the whole, but unstructured, file-based data is beginning to tax the management capabilities of current storage technologies, subsequently creating a need for more advanced ways to manage and move information in the data center.
Evaluation criteria for data de-dupe
How does it work? What are the different implementation methods? And what are the key evaluation criteria?
Dell-EqualLogic: It&rsquo;s all about virtualization
One of the cover stories in this issue delves deeply into the facts and speculation surrounding Dell?s impending acquisition of EqualLogic, but this deal is interesting (and was surprising) from so many angles that it begs for further speculation.
Dell-EqualLogic creates challenges
Dell is nearing completion of its acquisition of EqualLogic, which it described as &ldquo;a leading provider of high-performance iSCSI SAN solutions uniquely optimized for virtualization.
Cutting the costs of remote disaster recovery
Users are implementing technologies such as disk-based backup, data de-duplication, WDS, WAFS, WAN optimization, and low-cost, heterogeneous replication.
Brocade unveils strategy for future fabrics
Prompted by the ongoing growth of data and the subsequent need for bigger and faster fabrics, Brocade has announced its vision for the future and revealed a new strategy and products designed to serve as the backbone for the data centers of tomorrow.
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3PAR debuts &lsquo;virtual domains&rsquo;
3PAR recently announced Virtual Domains software for its InServ Storage Server platforms that lets administrators slice and dice physical arrays for secure, shared access to up to 2,000 virtual arrays per system.
Sepaton launches enterprise VTL
Sepaton&rsquo;s recently announced S2100-ES2 Series 750 virtual tape library (VTL) features twice the throughput and more usable capacity than the company&rsquo;s existing high-end VTL and includes DeltaStor de-duplication software to let users store more data in less physical space.