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Symantec enters online backup with SaaS
<B>February 28, 2008</B>—Symantec's long-awaited entry into the online backup and recovery services market has come to fruition.
Compellent: More performance, fewer drives
<B>February 28, 2008</B>—Compellent has fine-tuned the way its SAN software writes data to disk drives with new techniques that could boost performance and capacity utilization while simultaneously reducing disk drive requirements by up to 80%, according to company officials.
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BlueArc, Brocade, CipherMax, Copan Systems, Dell, EMC, FalconStor, Gear6, Hifn, IBM, LeftHand, Luminex Software, LXI Enterprise Storage, Mimosa Systems, Ovum, Pi Corp., QLogic, Storwize, and VMware.
C2C extends e-mail archiving capabilities
<B>February 27, 2008</B>—C2C this week announced that it has extended its ArchiveOne e-mail archiving software to help administrators identify and secure data that is likely to be essential for internal or external legal requirements.
CA upgrades Recovery Management
<B>February 26, 2008</B>—CA recently released new versions of three products in its Recovery Management portfolio, including ARCserve Backup, XOsoft High Availability, and XOsoft Replication
EMC to buy Pi for personal info management
<B>February 25, 2008</B>—When EMC acquires a company, it is usually a cut-and-dried proposition. The company's typical modus operandi is to identify a vendor with real-world products and an established customer base—Documentum for document management, Legato for backup and recovery, RSA for security, and so on—snatch them up and integrate their technology into the EMC portfolio.
Data Domain targets remote offices
<B>February 22, 2008</B>—Data Domain is extending its reach beyond the data center with a new de-duplicating system designed for data protection at remote office locations.
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Apple, AXS-One, CommVault, DataCore, Fujitsu, IBM, LSI, Promise Technology, Quest Technology Management, Reldata, SCSI Trade Association, and Vizioncore.
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<p>Apple, AXS-One, CommVault, DataCore, Fujitsu, IBM, LSI, Promise Technology, Quest Technology Management, Reldata, SCSI Trade Association, and Vizioncore.</p>
Block virtualization case study #3: EMC Invista
<B>February 21, 2008</B>—Wikibon was initially skeptical when EMC cited Purdue University as a key reference for its Invista 2.0 virtualization engine. Several Wikibon members indicated that a university environment was not the classic reference model for mission-critical business applications.
Block virtualization case study #2: HDS USP V
<B>February 20, 2008</B>—CS3 is a financial industry leader migrating to an IT model that relies on a "flat" or horizontal server approach, meaning it uses many smaller servers rather than smaller numbers of large servers. This proves challenging for the storage group because CS3 is often rolling in dozens of new servers each week.
Block virtualization case study #1: IBM SVC
<B>February 19, 2008</B>—While CS1, a large retailer, was satisfied with the performance and availability of its Tier-1 storage platforms (consisting exclusively of EMC's Symmetrix arrays), rapid growth of Tier-2 applications (mainly Windows-based) and increased demand for storage to support the company's growth were creating business constraints.
LeftHand bundles virtual storage with VMware
<B>February 18, 2008</B>—LeftHand Networks today announced a new way to buy a complete virtualized infrastructure by bundling VMware's ESX virtual server technology with LeftHand's own Virtual SAN Appliance (VSA) software
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IBM overhauls storage lineup
<B>February 15, 2008</B>—IBM this week announced a bevy of enhancements across its entire portfolio of storage hardware, from its high-end SAN, NAS, and data-archiving systems to its director-class switches and LTO-4 tape drives/libraries.
Unitrends enhances data-protection appliances
<B>February 14, 2008</B>—Unitrends has announced a new version of its Data Protection and Rapid Recovery platform and a high-capacity model of its Multi-Drive Archive System.
SGI teams with LSI on virtualization platform
<B>February 13, 2008</B>—SGI this week unveiled a virtualization appliance and software that provide a vendor-agnostic way to migrate data in any storage environment without application downtime.
NetApp targets virtual environments
<B>February 12, 2008</B>—Network Appliance today announced new software products for VMware virtual server infrastructures, as well as a set of professional services and a new partner program.
Continuity offers DR management as a service
<B>February 11, 2008</B>—Continuity Software is set to become the latest storage company to offer its product as a service. The company is scheduled to announce tomorrow that it has released a new Disaster Recovery (DR) Assurance service
DataDirect Networks
Capacity Optimized Speed and Reliability from DataDirect Networks
Emulex intros 8Gbps FC HBAs
<B>February 8, 2008</B>—Emulex this week became the first major host bus adapter (HBA) vendor to announce shipments of 8Gbps Fibre Channel HBAs, which effectively double the I/O performance of existing HBAs.
Software as a Service (SaaS) meets storage
<B>February 8, 2008</B>—With the growing acceptance of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model, many storage software vendors are moving to gain a foothold in this emerging market. The SaaS application delivery model established its roots in the CRM, HR, billing, and collaboration application markets.
HP unveils entry-level SAN array
<B>February 7, 2008</B>—Hewlett-Packard this week announced the newest member of its family of SAN arrays for the small and medium-size business (SMB) market in the form of the StorageWorks 2000 Modular Smart Array (MSA2000).
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Cisco delivers new switch for unified fabrics
<B>February 6, 2008</B>—Cisco has begun delivering on its promise to provide a new family of switching products with the debut of the Nexus family of data-center-class Ethernet switches
F5 expands file virtualization software
<B>February 5, 2008</B>—This week, F5 Networks announced the general availability of two new software products for file virtualization environments:
Dell EqualLogic launches iSCSI array
<B>February 4, 2008</B>—One week after finalizing its $1.4 billion acquisition of EqualLogic, Dell today hosted a town meeting to assuage its channel partners (regarding pricing and potential overlap between Dell's direct sales force and its channel partners)
Permabit ships multi-PB archiving system
<B>February 1, 2008</B>—This week, Permabit announced the Enterprise Archive Data Center Series system, a long-term archiving platform with data-reduction and availability features
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VTL delivers real performance with virtual reels
<p>Overland Storage&rsquo;s REO 9500D is a high-performance, data de-duplicating virtual tape library packaged as a fully configured appliance.</p>
VTL delivers real performance with virtual reels
Overland Storage's REO 9500D is a high-performance, data de-duplicating virtual tape library packaged as a fully configured appliance.
Users extol iSCSI benefits, part 2
<p>The first article in our series of case studies on why users are embracing iSCSI-based IP SANs concentrated primarily on the benefits of iSCSI in virtual server environments.</p>
User survey: Data-protection trends
<p>An end-user survey shows strong interest in disk-based backup/recovery technologies such as VTLs, data de-duplication, and CDP.</p>
The Year of iSCSI (or, this is like d&eacute;j&agrave; vu all over again)
<p>The vendor, analyst, and trade press communities have been proclaiming The Year of iSCSI since about 2004.</p>
Storage changes: Band-Aids and plastic surgery
<p>There is a natural tendency to look back at what changed during the past year and then make predictions for the forthcoming year.</p>
IBM buys start-up for fixed digital content
<p>IBM kicked off 2008 last month with news that it had acquired XIV, a privately held storage technology company based in Tel Aviv, Israel, that specializes in grid-based storage systems for fixed digital content.</p>
NetApp buys Onaro for SAN management
<p>Network Appliance has recently acquired Onaro, a privately owned company with software that provides an application-centric view into a SAN&rsquo;s access paths, redundancy, replication, and performance.</p>
Managing resource growth with storage virtualization
<p>Storage virtualization helps Purdue University manage storage complexity, facilitate change, and reduce costs.</p>
EMC ships entry-level Clariion
<p>EMC recently began shipments of a low-end Clariion disk array aimed at meeting the storage needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), but this time around EMC has a specific type of SMB customer in mind-VMware users.</p>
Disk drive market/technology/trends update
<p>Improvements continue in form factors, rotation speeds, interfaces, recording technology, energy consumption, and encryption.</p>
Data de-duplication: Questions and answers
<p>Eight questions that every IT organization should ask about data de-duplication before they deploy or upgrade.</p>
Brocade delivers on data-center strategy
<p>Brocade offered a sneak peek at its strategy for the future late last year and is now delivering products designed to be the foundation for a new generation of data centers.</p>
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WAN optimization gaining ground
<p>Virtual private networks (VPNs) still reign supreme as the top technology for tying together the distributed enterprise, but as the number of mobile workers continues to skyrocket, WAN optimization and acceleration technologies are gaining ground in enterprise environments as a viable option for centralizing data management and speeding application access at the edge.</p>