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Caringo teams with Moonwalk for CAS migration
<B>April 30, 2008</B>—Storage management software maker Moonwalk has joined forces with content-addressed storage (CAS) specialist Caringo to offer end users a heterogeneous solution for migrating data from proprietary hardware systems to Caringo's CAStor archiving platform.
HP StorageWorks Secure Key Manager - Hardened, Clustered Key Management
The HP StorageWorks Secure Key Manager (SKM) is a hardened security appliance providing centralized key management operations for HP StorageWorks Enterprise Storage Library (ESL) E-Series Tape Libraries and HP StorageWorks Enterprise Modular Library (EML) E-Series Tape Libraries.
Sun adds tools, services for open-source storage
<B>April 29, 2008</B>—Sun Microsystems today announced the addition of new developer tools and expanded professional service capabilities to help developers make use of Sun's freely available open-source storage software found in the Solaris operating system.
WAFS/WDS product roundup
<B>April 28, 2008</B>—The market for wide area file services (WAFS), wide area data services (WDS), and WAN optimization technologies continues to grow as end users grapple with keeping distributed enterprises connected with fast access to applications and data over wide area networks (WANs).
LAB REVIEW: iSCSI array racks up high performance
<B>April 25, 2008</B>—Rasilient Systems' RASTOR line of storage systems integrate custom-tuned Linux software and rely on software to provide RAID, provision virtual disk volumes, and manage iSCSI connectivity. For enterprise-class networking, the software balances iSCSI traffic load and fail-over using multiple NICs, while simplifying client management by presenting a single IP address.
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What's a 'next-gen FC array?'
<B>April 24, 2008</B>—The Taneja Group research and consulting firm has produced a report, titled "Next Generation Fibre Channel Storage Systems Market Forecast: 2007-2011," that provides market size estimates/predictions,
TCG addresses storage security
<B>April 23, 2008</B>—The increased growth of various storage media has occurred at a time when increased security is required for data. In some respects, the growth has caused new data security problems.
CommVault teams with Index Engines
<B>April 22, 2008</B>—CommVault today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Index Engines to jointly offer users a new way to extract and process information from legacy backup tapes
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agámi upgrades iSCSI arrays
<B>April 21, 2008</B>—agámi Systems has added to its line of agámi Information Server (AIS) unified storage systems with the recent launch of the AIS3006i,
Xiotech Intelligent Storage Element - Managed Reliability
ESG Lab evaluated the Intelligent Storage Element (ISE), an integral component of Xiotech's new Emprise 5000 and Emprise 7000 storage systems, and its ability to enhance the availability, reliability and performance of storage systems. This report presents the results of an ESG Lab validation of the architecture, reliability and performance of Xiotech's ISE.
IBM acquires Diligent for de-duplication
<B>April 18, 2008</B>—IBM announced today that it has paid an undisclosed sum to acquire enterprise data de-duplication vendor Diligent Technologies in a move designed to plug a gap in its product lineup and bring de-duplication technology to the entire IBM storage portfolio.
FalconStor releases IPStor 6.0
<B>April 17, 2008</B>—FalconStor Software announced this week that it is taking a new tack toward selling its data-protection software with a round of upgrades
The benefits of clustered block storage
<B>April 16, 2008</B>—Today?s data centers can add storage capacity to almost incomprehensible levels. However, optimal storage capacity utilization or increased capacity does not necessarily equate to increased or optimal performance.
Evaluating options for file system software
<B>April 15, 2008</B>—One of the biggest challenges facing IT organizations today is the exponential growth of unstructured data. This trend is a result of numerous business drivers such as regulatory requirements to retain data, increasing amounts of information being created in digital form, and Web 2.0 applications.
IBM to buy FilesX
<B>April 14, 2008</B>—In a bid to bring block-level continuous data-protection (CDP) technology into its Tivoli software portfolio, IBM has announced it has inked a deal to acquire FilesX
It's time for primary storage optimization
<B>April 11, 2008</B>—The amount of information generated by enterprises has greatly increased over the last five years. Because enterprises often keep multiple copies of data for recovery and other purposes, storage capacity growth is a multiple of information growth and it is spiraling out of control
SNW product highlights, Day 3
<B>April 10, 2008</B>—Rounding out our coverage of some of the product highlights at this week's Storage Networking World (SNW) show in Orlando...
HP XP24000 - Enterprise-class Storage Virtualization for Mission-critical IT
ESG Lab tested the HP XP24000 storage system to validate the business impact of the new capabilities of the XP24000, including HP Thin Provisioning Software, creating large logical pools of capacity and the enhanced performance of the XP24000 as a core component of HP's extensive portfolio of IT solutions and services.
SNW product highlights, Day 2
<B>April 9, 2008</B>—Day 2 of Storage Networking World (SNW) was all about Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE). The emerging protocol, which has yet to achieve standard status, got a big boost today as a who's-who list of storage vendors pledged support and demonstrated real-world products based on FCoE.
SNW product highlights, Day 1
<B>April 8, 2008</B>—Over the next few days we'll be bringing you product highlights from the Storage Networking World (SNW) trade show in Orlando, FL.
Reldata adds NAS wizards
<B>April 7, 2008</B>—In an effort to reduce the complexity typically associated with implementing combinations of iSCSI SAN and CIFS/NFS NAS, Reldata today announced a set of NAS Adaptive Storage Wizards for its model 9240 iSCSI Unified Storage Systems and Gateways.
Fusion-io debuts solid-state drives
<B>April 4, 2008</B>—Another start-up has joined the emerging fray in the enterprise solid-state storage market. Fusion-io recently announced the general availability of the company's first product, the ioDrive PCIe card.
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Sun StorageTek 9990V - Simple, Scalable, Enterprise-class Storage
ESG Lab validated the Sun StorageTek 9990V Enterprise storage system and storage virtualization platform to verify the business value provided by Sun's integrated storage virtualization capabilities
SAS product update: Xyratex, Promise, Arena
<B>April 3, 2008</B>—Xyratex this week announced the OneStor SP1224s, a new member of the company's OneStor Extensible Storage Platform (ESP) family
Nimbus debuts hybrid IP array
<B>April 2, 2008</B>—Nimbus Data Systems today announced the Breeze Hybrid series of IP storage subsystems and software. The systems can be considered hybrids for a number of reasons
Start-up claims 11,000 IOPS
<B>April 1, 2008</B>—Atrato recently launched the Velocity1000 (V1000) storage system, the company's first product aimed at high-speed, high-volume I/O processing for high-performance computing (HPC) and digital entertainment applications.
Does SaaS for storage makesense?
<p>Although the acronym &ldquo;SaaS&rdquo; doesn&rsquo;t work well in the storage market&mdash;because we already have a SAS, as in <em>Serial Attached</em> SCSI&mdash;Software as a Service (SaaS) as applied to storage applications may be one of the hottest trends this year.</p>
The quest for unified storage management, part 2
<p>In part one of this series (see March 2008, p. 18), we looked at the unfulfilled promise of the Storage Networking Industry Association&rsquo;s Storage Management Initiative&mdash;Specification (SMI-S) to wrangle hetero-geneous storage platforms under a unified management approach.</p>
Start-up commercializes open source storage
<p>The Cleversafe project was launched on the campus of the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) as an open-source storage initiative with one goal: creating a &ldquo;storage Internet.</p>
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HP ships low-cost EVA array
<p>Hewlett-Packard took a long look at its family of Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) midrange SAN systems and decided that the low-end of the EVA line was missing the mark when it came to the cost and ease-of-use requirements of medium-sized businesses.</p>
EMC upgrades CDP, launches VTL
<p>EMC recently began shipping two additions to its data-protection portfolio, including a new version of its RecoverPoint network-based replication and continuous data-protection (CDP) software and its first virtual tape library (VTL) system built specifically for IBM zSeries mainframe environments.</p>
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Does SaaS for storage make sense?
Although the acronym "SaaS" doesn't work well in the storage market - because we already have a SAS, as in Serial Attached SCSI - Software as a Service (SaaS) as applied to storage applications may be one of the hottest trends this year.
CDP moves into the maturity phase
<p>After a slew of acquisitions, the continuous data-protection (CDP) market is maturing, and the debate between &ldquo;true CDP&rdquo; and &ldquo;near CDP&rdquo; is no longer an issue for most IT organizations.</p>
CDP moves into the maturity phase
After a slew of acquisitions, the continuous data-protection (CDP) market is maturing, and the debate between "true CDP" and "near CDP" is no longer an issue for most IT organizations.
Block virtualization: Switches, appliances, arrays
<p>It seems as if the argument over where block-level virtualization should reside has been around since the dawn of SANs.</p>
8Gbps SAN delivers blazing speed
<p>Go from 0 to 8Gbps in 10 minutes with the HP StorageWorks 8Gb Simple SAN Connection Kit.</p>
&lsquo;iWikiCloudStorage 2.0&rsquo; or . . .?
<p>Do you wonder what the next &ldquo;wave&rdquo; of storage means for your organization? Don&rsquo;t worry: It&rsquo;s not really &ldquo;iWikiCloudStorage 2.</p>
WAFS/WDS product roundup
<p>The market for wide area file services (WAFS), wide area data services (WDS), and WAN optimization technologies continues to grow as end users grapple with keeping distributed enterprises connected with fast access to applications and data over wide area networks (WANs).</p>