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How server virtualization affects storage
<B>May 30, 2008</B>—It's no secret that virtualization is one of the hottest trends in IT, but what's less clear is how virtual servers impact end users' storage strategies.
SANpulse - Automating Data Migration
The process of migrating data and applications to a new infrastructure can be extremely lengthy, costly and error prone. SANpulse Technologies employs a powerful combination of people, processes and technology to solve the data migration problem. ESG lab performed hands on validation of the SANlogics software platform and audited a multi-month data migration project with a SANpulse customer.
Plasmon virtualizes archiving
<B>May 30, 2008</B>—Plasmon is moving beyond the physical limitations of traditional optical archiving into a virtual world with the announcement of the latest release of its Enterprise Active Archive (EAA) platform.
Xsigo, Verari offer virtual storage, I/O combo
<B>May 29, 2008</B>—Blade vendor Verari Systems and I/O virtualization specialist Xsigo Systems announced a joint product partnership this week that has the duo offering high-density blade systems with virtualized network and storage connectivity in the same enclosure.
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CommVault upgrades SRM software
<B>May 28, 2008</B>—CommVault has announced an updated version of CommVault Storage Manager, one of five software modules that make up the company's Simpana storage management software suite.
Silver Peak accelerates WAN appliances
<B>May 27, 2008</B>—Silver Peak Systems has introduced the NX-9000 Acceleration Appliance, the newest and biggest member in its family of NX systems, with 10Gbps interfaces, wire-speed encryption, de-duplication, and a new set of acceleration techniques
Video storage has unique requirements
<B>May 23, 2008</B>—Generating video content is no longer the exclusive domain of television and movie companies. The Internet is exploding with video and other rich media content.
Double-Take speeds up P2V migrations
<B>May 23, 2008</B>—Double-Take Software has enhanced its flagship Double-Take for Windows software with a Virtual Recovery Assistant (VRA) module that the company claims can reduce physical-to-virtual (P2V) migrations in VMware ESX environments from hours or days to a matter of minutes.
BakBone embeds VMware support
<B>May 22, 2008</B>—BakBone Software has become the latest vendor to integrate its data-protection software with VMware virtual server technology with the release of NetVault 8.1 and a software plug-in
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Atempo intros CDP for SaaS providers
<B>May 21, 2008</B>—Atempo is set to ship a new version of its Live Backup data-protection and archiving software that will mark its first continuous data-protection (CDP) offering for the Linux and Mac OS X markets, as well as the company's first foray into providing a platform for service providers interested in delivering storage services via the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.
EMC adds de-duplication to disk libraries
<B>May 20, 2008</B>—EMC pulled back the curtain at this week's EMC World user conference to reveal a family of de-duplicating disk libraries, new disk drive spin-down capabilities, and low-power drives for its high-end DL 4000 virtual tape library (VTL),
HDS unifies storage management tools
<p><strong>May 19, 2008</strong>&mdash;Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) today made headway in its quest to unify the management of block-, file-, and content-based storage with the introduction of the Hitachi Storage Command Suite</p>
Brocade rolls out 8Gbps HBAs, switches
<B>May 16, 2008</B>—As Brocade builds momentum for its vision of unified networks in the data center, the company continues to roll out real-world hardware to support users suffering the limitations of existing fabrics as they deploy virtual server and storage infrastructures.
HP revamps database archiving software
<B>May 16, 2008</B>—In an effort to combat "database bloat" and better manage data throughout its lifecycle, Hewlett-Packard has introduced an enhanced version of its HP Database Archiving software
Spectra Logic enters de-dupe VTL market
<B>May 15, 2008</B>—There's a new player in the world of de-duplicating virtual tape libraries (VTLs). Spectra Logic has inked a deal with FalconStor Software
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Caringo touts clustered storage capabilities
<B>May 14, 2008</B>—Caringo has announced a new version of its CAStor content-addressed storage (CAS) platform with an eye toward making its software an attractive, low-cost option for users interested in clustered storage.
Data Domain boosts de-duplication performance
<B>May 13, 2008</B>—Data Domain has moved from dual-core to quad-core processors to deliver a new data de-duplication system that boasts a 75% boost in performance, more capacity, and extended support for remote office replication.
VMware automates disaster recovery for virtual servers
<B>May 12, 2008</B>—VMware has announced a new tool for disaster-recovery management and automation in virtual server environments with today's launch of VMware Site Recovery Manager, a software product that works with VMware Infrastructure, VMware VirtualCenter, and replication software
The power shift to green storage
<B>May 9, 2008</B>—According to IDC, average data-center energy costs are growing at 20% per year and are expected to double by 2012. Discussions with Wikibon.org users confirm this expectation, as shown in <B>Figure 1</B>. Compounding this dynamic is the fact that power density is going up for all IT equipment, at a rate of 20% to 30% per year.
Riverbed ties into network management tools
<B>May 8, 2008</B>—After fine-tuning its WAN acceleration hardware appliances, Riverbed Technology has announced a round of software upgrades to its Central Management Console (CMC),
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IBRIX Fusion - Simple Scalable File System
This ESG Lab report examines the ease of installation and deployment of direct and SAN attached systems running IBRIX Fusion scalable network-attached file system software. Scalable capacity, performance for a wide variety of workloads and high availability are also explored.
HP announces multi-petabyte file storage system
<strong>May 7, 2008</strong>&mdash;Hewlett-Packard has announced the upcoming availability of the HP StorageWorks 9100 Extreme Data Storage System (ExDS9100), a high-performance, high-capacity system specifically built to house and serve file-level data for businesses
MonoSphere adds capacity management for VMware
<p><strong>May 6, 2008</strong>&mdash;Storage management software maker MonoSphere today announced a round of enhancements to its Storage Horizon capacity management product, including more features for VMware environments,</p>
Mimosa ships file system archiving platform
<B>May 5, 2008</B>—Mimosa Systems is branching out. The company, known primarily for e-mail and instant-message (IM) archiving products, will announce tomorrow the NearPoint File System Archiving (FSA) system
RenewData speeds up e-discovery
<B>May 2, 2008</B>—Searching thousands of backup tapes for individual files or e-mails is often time-intensive and costly. That is why RenewData is applying a new technology in its tape processing services that can quickly comb large volumes of tapes for discovery and risk management of stored information.
IBM launches SaaS storage services
<B>May 1, 2008</B>—This week, IBM announced its first foray into the on-demand data-protection market with the introduction of new Information Protection Services offerings based on Software as a Service (SaaS) technologies obtained via last year's acquisition of Arsenal Digital Solutions.
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Pillar addresses virtual servers
<p>In an effort to overcome performance and capacity utilization problems associated with deploying traditional storage systems in support of virtual server environments, Pillar Data Systems has introduced a set of pre&ndash;configured application profiles for its family of Axiom disk systems designed to improve the storage provisioning process for virtual machines.</p>
Virtual reality sets in
<p>According to IDC, the number of virtual servers deployed will rise at a 41% CAGR through 2010, resulting in almost 8 million virtual servers implemented on 1.</p>
Video storage has unique requirements
<p>No &ldquo;one&ndash;size&ndash;fits&ndash;all&rdquo; device meets the requirements of every video application.</p>
The power shift to green storage
<p>The pressure to go &ldquo;green&rdquo; in general, and in storage specifically, is an opportunity to assess and modernize IT infrastructures.</p>
Symantec updates Storage Foundation
<p>Symantec has announced the newest versions of its high&ndash;availability storage and server management software&mdash;Veritas Storage Foundation 5.</p>
Sense and sensibility about tape and disk
<p>The rise of disk&ndash;based backup&ndash;and&ndash;restore technologies, most notably virtual tape libraries (VTLs), has been well&ndash;documented.</p>
Sense and sensibility about tape and disk
The rise of disk-based backup-and-restore technologies, most notably virtual tape libraries (VTLs), has been well-documented.
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HDS beefs up search for NAS, archiving
<p>Addressing the tricky task of searching and retrieving unmanaged data in the data center, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) has introduced a new file and content services product that delivers common search, retention, movement, and protection of data across NAS and content archive environments.</p>
It&rsquo;s time for primary storage optimization
<p>Capacity optimization is no longer limited to secondary storage. The advantages are the same when applied to primary storage.</p>
How server virtualization affects storage
<p>An ESG Research survey of virtual server users reveals some interesting storage technology and implementation trends.</p>
FalconStor releases IPStor 6.0
<p>FalconStor Software recently announced that it is taking a new tack toward selling its data&ndash;protection software with a round of upgrades as well as a change in its selling strategy that will see its IPStor technology sold as separate products rather than as a single software suite.</p>
Energy concerns impact secondary storage
<p>While much of the recent attention paid to data&ndash;center power and cooling concerns has focused on servers and primary storage systems, a recent Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Research survey of 398 North American IT decision&ndash;makers found that energy&ndash;related issues are also affecting organizations&rsquo; secondary storage purchase decisions.</p>
CAS systems make the grade
<p>It has been several years since content&ndash;addressed storage (CAS) systems emerged to assuage end users&rsquo; fears that the pressures of regulatory compliance would ultimately result in a long&ndash;term stay in a sanitarium.</p>
Brocade debuts file virtualization box
<p>Brocade recently announced a new twist on its file virtualization technology in the form of the Brocade File Management Engine (FME), a 2U in&ndash;band network appliance that automates the movement and management of file data in Windows environments.</p>
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Avoiding &lsquo;partial information loss&rsquo; in ECM
<p>Enterprise content management (ECM) systems may require data&ndash;protection solutions that go beyond traditional backup&ndash;and&ndash;recovery software.</p>
Virtual servers meet VTLs
<p>The explosive growth of server virtualization is fueling a change in the way end users evaluate and ultimately choose their backup systems.</p>