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Top 10 things to read about VMware storage
<p>Several storage options are available when you're deploying VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3), including Fibre Channel SAN, iSCSI, and NFS.</p>
Deploying virtual servers in a SAN environment
<strong>September 27, 2008</strong> -- IT organizations are turning more and more to server virtualization as a means to transform data centers into &quot;service-centric&quot; shared pools of resources
Server virtualization: Storage-based performance 'gotchas'
Server virtualization has become an irresistible force sweeping into the world's data centers. With compelling cost and management savings from server consolidation, server virtualization's future seems secure. Or is it?
IBM SAN Volume Controller - Optimizing Storage Utilization and Availability
IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) is a network-based storage virtualization solution with over 13,000 appliances shipped running in more than 4,300 systems worldwide. This report documents the results of ESG Lab testing of IBM SVC performed in 2006 with a focus on the fundamentals of network based storage virtualization including ease of use, non-disruptive virtualization, data mobility and copy services. The enhanced storage utilization and availability capabilities of SVC 4.3 as validated by ESG Lab in 2008 are also presented.
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Asempra Technologies, Beijing Futong, Dell, Dot Hill Systems, EMC, InMage Systems, Intel, Lighthouse Computer Services, LSI, ONStor
Overland adds midrange NAS
Overland Storage filled a gap in its family of distributed NAS systems and upgraded its operating system and replication software this week when the company announced availability of the Snap Server 620
Next-Generation Scalable NAS for Digital Media
Next-Generation Scalable NAS for Digital Media Originally Broadcast: Sep 25, 2008 Overview: The digital industry is in the midst of unprecedented growth and transformation. With so many ways to capture and share digital information, Web 2.0 businesses like social networking sites have propelled the growth and consumption of user generated rich media like photos, graphics, music and video files. For video portals, live sports events and other online entertainment, the Internet is the vehicle for delivering on-demand digital content. Traditional broadcasting companies are also leveraging the Internet to deliver premium content in high-definition for on-demand viewing. As digital content and delivery evolve, both traditional enterprises and Web 2.0 companies need a solution that can scale to meet increasing demands. Managing and delivering rich media files requires a special storage infrastructure. Attend this webcast as Srikanth Venkataseshu of HP explores the company’s next generation of Scalable NAS and discusses how its high availability and massive scalability is uniquely suited to address the demands of this new and exciting digital era.
SNIA launches SSD initiative
The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) is stepping into the solid-state disk (SSD) fray by announcing the formation of the Solid State Storage Initiative (SSSI),
Seagate launches storage services company
Seagate Technology has been building its storage services portfolio through acquisitions over the course of the past two years.
Brocade ships encryption switches
<b>September 22, 2008</b> -- Brocade today announced a pair of new switching products equipped with security features that provide fabric-wide encryption for data-at-rest. The company also unveiled its long-awaited integrated fabric management platform
Double-Take does DR for second-tier servers
<strong>September 22, 2008</strong> -- Double-Take Software has released Livewire, a new disaster-recovery tool for second-tier servers that are low on the priority list in most DR plans.
VMworld product wrap-up
Rounding out our coverage of announcements from the VMworld show this week ...
Recent announcements from:
Asigra, Chelsio Communications, Consonus, DataCore Software, Emulex, Fujitsu-Siemens Computers, Hifn, Hi-Stor, Intel, Isilon Systems, Microsoft, ParaScale, PeakData LLC, Sun, Verari Systems, VKernel
VMworld: LeftHand streamlines virtual desktop deployment
At this week's VMworld conference in Las Vegas, LeftHand Networks announced the availability of SAN/iQ 8, the latest release of its iSCSI SAN software with new cloning technology
VMworld: EMC brings Symmetrix thin provisioning to VMware
<B>September 17, 2008</B> -- At the VMworld conference in Las Vegas today, EMC announced a round of upgrades to its ControlCenter storage resource management (SRM) software: Application Discovery Manager and EMC Infra service desk system products
VMworld: Cisco blitzes VMworld with SAN products
As Cisco Systems continues to flesh out its portfolio of products for unified networking, server virtualization has emerged as a major factor in determining the direction of Cisco's storage plans.
Rainfinity File Virtualization Appliance - Transparent, Heterogeneous File Storage Mobility
Rainfinity is a family of file virtualization solutions from EMC that customers utilize to optimize storage across their file sharing environment. ESG Lab validated the Rainfinity File Virtualization Appliance and its ability to non-disruptively move datasets between NAS devices and file servers in a heterogeneous, multi-protocol environment.
VMworld: FalconStor virtualizes SANs, replication for VMware
<strong>September 16, 2008 </strong>-- At the VMworld conference in Las Vegas this week, FalconStor Software unveiled a new virtual appliance that creates iSCSI SANs based on the internal storage resources of a VMware server
VMworld: HP rolls out integrated data protection for VMware
<strong>September 15, 2008</strong>--Hewlett-Packard used the VMworld conference in Las Vegas today as a launching pad for a new round of data protection products for VMware virtual server environments.
VMworld: Symantec adds VM support to Backup Exec
<strong>September 15, 2008</strong>--At the VMworld show in Las Vegas today, Symantec announced that the latest release of its Backup Exec product line includes support for data and system recovery for virtual and conventional physical systems from a single console.
Caringo introduces CAS router
<strong>September 12, 2008</strong>--In an effort to expand the capabilities of its CAStor CAS clusters, Caringo is set to announce a new router that can move data based on metadata values.
Evaluating ROBO data protection
<b>September 12, 2008</b> -- Although remote office and branch office (ROBO) environments host a large percentage of a company's critical data, they usually receive short shrift in terms of data protection.
Recent announcements from:
CA, DataCore Software, Emulex, Fujitsu-Siemens Computers, Hi-Stor, LeftHand Networks, Microsoft, NetApp, Nexsan, ONStor, PeakData LLC, 3PAR
Xsigo beefs up virtual I/O director
<B>September 11, 2008</b> -- Xsigo Systems this week has launched the VP780x2, a faster, lower-cost version of its virtual I/O director with a new batch of management tools that map the links between virtual servers and physical switch ports
Dell super-sizes iSCSI array for virtual servers
<b>September 10, 2008</b> -- Dell today launched its latest salvo in the iSCSI storage market with the debut of the Dell EqualLogic PS5500E,
NEC unveils grid storage system
<b>September 9, 2008</b> -- NEC today announced the second generation of its HYDRAstor HS8 grid storage system with new storage and compute nodes that bring higher capacities and faster speeds at a lower cost than its first-generation products.
ProStor's RDX gains momentum
<b>September 9, 2008 </b>-- When ProStor Systems and its partners began shipping RDX removable hard disk drive (RHDD) technology almost two years ago, there were questions regarding whether the technology could gain a foothold in a backup market
New 3PAR arrays offer hardware-based thin provisioning
<b>September 5, 2008</b> -- This week 3PAR announced the general availability of a new family of storage systems -- the 3PAR InServ T400 and T800 Storage Servers.
Recent announcements from:
Asigra, Atto Technology, BluePoint Data Storage, CDW, Data Domain, Distributed Systems Services, EMC, Emulex, Fusion-io, IBM, Lenovo, Paragon Software Group, Simply Continuous, Sun, 3PAR
Adaptec embeds power management in RAID controllers
<B>September 3, 2008</B> -- Adaptec today announced the availability of a new power-saving feature for its Series 2 and Series 5 RAID Unified Serial RAID controllers
InfoStor teams with Virtual Strategy Magazine
<b>September 3, 2008</b> -- <em>InfoStor</em> magazine and infostor.com this week announced a partnership with <em>Virtual Strategy Magazine</em> (VSM), a leading online publication dedicated to covering virtualization trends, technologies, and products.
HP bundles EVA with clustering
<B>September 2, 2008</b> -- Hewlett-Packard today announced a new virtual storage system comprised of an Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) 4400 topped with scalable NAS file serving software developed via HP's acquisition of PolyServe.
SSD flash drives enter the enterprise
Solid-state disk (SSD) drive manufacturers have solved most of the problems associated with flash memory technology, paving the way for use in enterprise-level storage systems.
Storage device trends for data centers
Drive and interface options are multiplying, making it easier for integrators and OEMs to meet a wider range of end-user requirements.
Storage buyers battle weak economy
Economic downturns typically touch off budget cuts, and if IT buyers have not felt the squeeze yet you will: It&rsquo;s coming and coming fast. As a result, some promising new storage technologies are facing an uphill battle in terms of adoption and others may be shelved altogether.
SSDs vs. HDDs: Pre-game warm-up
The upcoming battle between solid-state disk (SSD) drives and traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) is looming, and the heat in the controversy is reminiscent of the old iSCSI vs. Fibre Channel debates, even though the game hasn&rsquo;t really begun.
SSD flash drives enter the enterprise
<p>Solid-state disk (SSD) drive manufacturers have solved most of the problems associated with flash memory technology, paving the way for use in enterprise-level storage systems.</p>
Disaster-recovery management comes of age
DRM collects information from DR processes to identify vulnerabilities in the recovery paths. It mitigates these gaps by repairing them or providing administrators with detailed, actionable reports, which fulfills many DR requirements.
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Pivot3 combines server, storage virtualization
Pivot3 is hoping to break out of its niche role as a storage provider for the digital video surveillance market with the debut this month of a new platform for the masses that runs both server virtualization and storage virtualization on one massive IP storage cluster.
NetApp de-dupes competitors' arrays
NetApp has fired a shot across the respective bows of its competitors with the announcement that its V-Series family of storage virtualization controllers can now front-end primary storage systems from any vendor with virtualization and data de-duplication capabilities.
EMC loads up midrange arrays
EMC last month began shipping the Clariion CX4 Series of midrange disk arrays, which bring together a myriad of features and functions-including flash-based solid-state disk (SSD) drives, disk spin-down technology and dual-protocol SAN connectivity-that have previously been unavailable to midrange customers in a single array.
De-dupe inches into VTL backup
The exodus from tape-to disk-based backup is well underway as IT managers attempt to find a way-any way-to escape the money pit that is tape management.
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