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ParaScale offers cloud storage software
Startup ParaScale is now offering a standalone software product capable of creating public or private storage clouds for a starting price of less than $10,000.
HDS Adaptable Modular Storage - Intelligent, enterprise class, modular storage
This ESG Lab Report documents the results of hands-on testing of the Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) Adaptable Modular Storage (AMS) 2000 with a focus on ease of implementation and management, availability, and agility as well as performance and capacity scalability.
SSDs: WD acquires SilconSystems
SSDs: WD acquires SilconSystems
QLogic delivers single-chip CNAs
QLogic is shipping to OEMs the second generation of its CNAs, which support the FCoE protocol. Company officials claim that virtually all of the Tier-1 server and storage OEMs are qualifying the adapters, and that products may reach end users within the next six months.
Axcient joins the cloud crowd
Axcient has joined the growing list of vendors providing cloud-based storage services. Like some other vendors, Axient offers a hybrid approach that combines cloud-based data protection with a backup/recovery and replication appliance that resides at the customer's facility.
The true cost of virtual server solutions
VMware recently contacted the Taneja Group to conduct an assessment of how VMware ESXi 3.5 and Microsoft Hyper-V compare when it comes to consolidating multiple servers -- what we refer to in our Technology Validation Report as "VM density." The Taneja Group executed a set of tests to evaluate hypervisor performance under different types of workloads.
Dell EqualLogic and IBRIX - Simply scalable enterprise-class file serving
This report explores how Dell EqualLogic PS5000 Series iSCSI arrays and PowerEdge servers, along with IBRIX Fusion -- a purpose-built platform for scale-out NAS -- have been combined to create a fast and scalable networked file serving solution that is easy to deploy and manage.
Dell overhauls iSCSI SANs, adds SSDs
Dell is transitioning to a new series of EqualLogic iSCSI SANs with faster processors, more cache, additional Ethernet ports, and support for solid-state disk (SSD) drives.
Recent announcements from:
Arista Networks, CA, Compellent Technologies, Caleido AG, GlassHouse Technologies, IBRIX, LaCie, STEC, Storage Guardian, Sun Microsystems and Terascala.
Simpler storage management for VOEs
Via Web Services, Xiotech moves storage administration out of its device-centric ghetto into the world of virtual operating environments.
Cisco's UCS: Winners and losers
Cisco's UCS: Winners and losers
Cisco's UCS: The industry reacts
Cisco's UCS: The industry reacts
The Planet offers cloud storage services
IT hosting company The Planet announced the general availability of a new Storage Cloud service that lets users choose where and how they store data across North America, Europe or Asia.
Data Domain ships midrange disk-based backup system
<strong>March 23, 2009</strong> -- Data Domain expanded its line of de-duplicating disk-based backup products with the introduction of the DD660, a quad-core processor system that offers a 50% increase in both speed and capacity over its dual-core predecessor.
CA upgrades SRM software
CA recently began shipping new releases of both the mainframe and distributed versions of its storage resource management software, marking the first time the company has synchronized releases of both versions.
Check out the new infostor.com
Check out the new infostor.com
Mimosa takes aim at SharePoint archiving
Mimosa Systems, which is primarily known for data protection, e-mail and file archiving software, is extending its reach into the fast-growing Microsoft SharePoint archiving market with the debut of Mimosa NearPoint for SharePoint.
Recent announcements from:
EMC, LSI, SANRAD, StoneFly, StorageCraft Technology and Storage Guardian.
Cisco enters server fray with Unified Computing System
Cisco put a new twist on next-generation data center designs this week with the debut of the Unified Computing System (UCS), which combines compute, network, storage access, and virtualization resources in a single system based on a new line of blade servers developed by Cisco.
IT spending: Storage the only bright spot
IT spending: Storage the only bright spot
Continuity adds HA gap detection to DR software
Recognizing that disaster recovery (DR) includes more than just data protection, Continuity Software is adding high availability (HA) gap detection and reporting to a new version of its RecoverGuard software.
Making the case for cloud storage
Use cases point the way to early adoption of "storage in the cloud."
Sun adds SSDs to enterprise servers
Sun Microsystems is continuing on its quest to put flash drives everywhere. The company revealed the latest step in its solid-state disk SSD) drive strategy when it announced availability of SSDs for its Sun x64 servers, chip multi-threaded (CMT) servers, and blade server systems.
Tips for choosing the right storage solution
With very few exceptions, it's rare to find two companies with identical data centers. Filtering through the numerous messages from storage vendors to figure out the best solution for your unique environment is a difficult task at best.
EMC automates VMware root cause analysis
EMC today announced Smarts Server Manager, a new tool that identifies the locations of virtual machines, determines their relationships to other parts of the infrastructure, and automates root cause analysis in VMware environments.
Recent announcements from:
AMD, Isilon Systems, i365, Ocarina Networks, Seagate, Seanodes and Spectra Logic.
Isilon expands NAS line, partners with Ocarina
Isilon Systems is shipping three new NAS platforms for transactional applications, nearline storage, and traditional scale-out implementations and offering integrated compression and de-dupe from Ocarina Networks.
HP upgrades EVA arrays, SVSP
Hewlett-Packard today announced enhancements and additions to its Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) systems, the SAN Virtualization Services Platform (SVSP), and Data Protector software.
Texas Memory launches PCIe SSD
Texas Memory Systems is shipping to OEMs the RamSan-20 solid-state disk (SSD) drive, which packs 450GB of flash memory on a PCIe card. End-user shipments are expected in the next month or two.
Pillar puts SSDs in Axiom arrays
Pillar Data Systems has joined the ranks of vendors now offering support for solid-state disk (SSD) drives across its line of enterprise storage arrays.
The benefits of clustered storage
Clusters address performance, scalability, efficiency and other IT requirements, but there are a number of options.
Is 2009 the year of unified fabrics?
Is 2009 the year of unified fabrics?
Recent announcements from:
AutoVirt, Caringo, FalconStor Software, Fusion-io and Western Digital.
HP StorageWorks ExDS9100 - Extremely scalable, affordable, and easy to manage file storage
In this Lab Validation, ESG Lab explores how the HP StorageWorks 9100 Extreme Data Storage System leverages standards-based servers and storage, along with clustered file services, to create an extremely scalable, easy to manage networked storage solution designed to reduce data center footprint, administration requirements, and acquisition costs.
What is virtual infrastructure optimization (VIO)?
<p><strong>March 4, 2009</strong> -- Virtual infrastructure optimization provides critical insight and management for virtual server environments.</p>
What is virtual infrastructure optimization (VIO)?
Virtual infrastructure optimization provides critical insight and management for virtual server environments.
Data Domain OS boosts performance
Data Domain today released a new version of the Data Domain operating system, which can increase the performance of the company's de-duplicating disk-based backup systems by as much as 100%.
High-speed storage for fast-paced studios
<p>From large production studios to two-person boutiques, the mantra is the same: More bandwidth and more capacity.</p>
The benefits of clustered storage
Clusters address performance, scalability, efficiency and other IT requirements, but there are a number of options.
SNIA releases 'green storage' metrics
The Storage Networking Industry Association's Green Storage Initiative (GSI) group recently released tools for classifying and measuring the energy consumption of storage systems.
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Lights, cameras, storage!
This issue includes our annual Storage in the Studio supplement, which focuses on the role of storage in media/entertainment applications, such as pre- and post-production, non-liner editing, animation, special effects, etc. in the film and TV industries.
IBM adds DB2, de-dupe to TSM
The newest version of IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) backup/recovery software includes performance, scalability, and availability upgrades, as well as free data de- duplication technology.
Dell partners with Quantum, EMC
Dell has entered a three-way development partnership with Quantum and EMC under which the trio will develop and standardize all Quantum, Dell and Dell/EMC storage products on a common de-duplication architecture.
High velocity data and access density
While doing some research for a white paper, I came across the term ?high velocity data??a term that resonated with me but caused me to wonder what the implications of high velocity data were for storage architectures.
ESG Insights - Upsides of economic downturns: Storage efficiency
Warren Buffett's remark that, "only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked," is apropos for the current economic downturn.
Do you really need a SAN?
Application-centric storage models challenge the dominance of SAN architectures.
Digital storage trends for media/entertainment
<p>Higher resolutions require massive increases in storage capacity and bandwidth.</p>
Dell to resell Xsigo's I/O directors
Xsigo Systems has landed a big partner: Dell is reselling Xsigo's line of I/O virtualization products as a server and storage connectivity option for its PowerEdge servers and PowerVault, EqualLogic, and Dell/EMC storage systems.
CommVault upgrades Simpana software
CommVault has released a new version of its flagship data protection software, Simpana 8, with upgraded recovery management, data de-duplication, virtual server protection, and content management capabilities.
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VTLs: Going beyond data de-dupe
Virtual tape libraries (VTLs) have come of age, solidifying their position as a preferred technology for tackling backup windows and data growth.