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6 Reasons to Use Amazon's S3 for Business Storage
Amazon's S3 is a prime time cloud storage player for your business.
70 Percent of SMBs Using Cloud Storage Have NAS
Use of NAS by SMBs is about to take off, according to a new report by market intelligence firm In-Stat.
SSDs Can Be sooo Worth It!
I just upgraded my 3-year old laptop at work. The laptop had a quite slow 4,500 p.m. 1.8", 80GB hard drive. What's speed junkie like me to do?
ExaGrid Claims Fastest Backup Appliance
The Grid-based backup vendor rolls out its largest and fastest appliance yet.
Lucid8 Ships New Data Protection Manager
The maker of DigiScope updates its data protection products with a replacement for its DigiVault package.
More Thoughts on MapReduce
Here are some more thoughts about MapReduce, this time on storage.
Sepaton Rolls Out Remote Office Solution
Sepaton is readying new remote office backup solutions that work on a 'hub and spoke' model.
Symantec Acquires Ediscovery Tech
Symantec spends $390 million for Clearwell Systems to complement existing backup and archiving solutions.
More Small Files
I was just reviewing some blog postings and decided to read the "Best Paper" for Usenix FAST 2011. The paper, titled, "A Study of Practical Deduplication" was written by William Bolosky of Microsoft Research and Dutch Meyer of British Columbia.
The Amazon EC2 Outage: Lessons Learned
The Amazon EC2 outage last month will cause some people and businesses to conclude that relying on 'The Cloud'  is just too risky.  Here's why that's the wrong conclusion.
Dell Offers SSDs for In-Memory Solutions
Dell and Fusion-io say the server giant will sell the smaller firm's NAND-based memory as a replacement for slower, more-expensive disk drives, for in-memory processing.
A Billion Files May Not Be That Hard After All
I went to the Red Hat Summit the first week of May and attended a talk by Ric Wheeler from Red Hat. Ric is the file system manager for Red Hat and has been part of a group of people working on enterprise class features in Linux file systems.
SanDisk and Autonomy Make Strategic Storage Buys
As the industry heads into the summer doldrums, storage vendors are snacking on one another.
Seagate Rolls Out Wireless Storage for Mobile Devices
As the world of mobile devices has gone wireless and portable, so now have hard disk drives.
Taneja Group Lab Review: NetApp SAN Efficiency
NetApp’s claims to be the champion of storage efficiency, so Taneja Group took to the test lab with its hands-on testing "Technology Validation" service to see if NetApp does indeed see and deliver on a bigger picture vision of storage efficiency. 
IBM's Updated Tape Library Stores Exabytes of Data
Tape is far from dead.  IBM says its latest upgrade for tape library systems can support exabytes of storage.
ESG Lab Review: ParAccel PADB and NetApp SAN Optimized Solution
This report presents the results of ESG Lab testing of the ParAccel PADB Blended Scan SAN integration option, in combination with NetApp Snapshot and FlexClone technology
EMC Continues Its Cloud Barrage at EMC World
More wall-to-wall product announcements and enhancements around EMC's cloud offerings. Even more interesting,  for the second day running, EMC announced an open source initiative.
Storage, Power and the Role of Floating Point
We have all heard of the MapReduce algorithm and its implementation in Hadoop, an open source search engine framework. One of the big issues that always comes up when working in this area is the amount of power being used. For most Hadoop environments, the most significant power component is not storage, but CPUs and memory.
Object-Based Storage Debated at Interop
A panel of vendors reviewed the strengths and weaknesses of object storage versus traditional file system-based storage.
EMC World Continues Focus on Big Data, Cloud and Flash
EMC executives talk big data and offer a sneak peek at a new EMC flash storage product.   
NetApp Closes Engenio Acquisition
Purchase aimed at helping the storage stalwart enter new and emerging markets.
EMC Opens by Going Open Source
EMC World kicks off with big announcements on open source Hadoop adoption, cloud computing, big data, scale-out NAS and a 15.5 PB file system.
Symantec Begins Beta of Enterprise Vault 10
Cloud computing and social network tracking are on the menu for the next version of Symantec's compliance archiving system.
Seagate Debuts Drive with 1TB Per Platter
While hard disks continue to hold more data, a consolidation in the industry is making the two market leaders even stronger.
Seagate ups Areal Density - What it means for storage
Seagate just announced it reached an areal density of 625 Gbit/in^2, which correlates to about 1 TB per platter for 3.5" drives.
Iomega Debuts New Storage for Small Businesses
In a move meant to hone its focus on the SMB marketplace, storage provider Iomega trots out a new line of configurable storage for smaller businesses.
Brocade Flexes Fabric Muscles at Technology Day Summit
Brocade Flexes Fabric Muscles at Technology Day Summit
Brocade Debuts 16 Gbps Fibre Channel
Fibre Channel gets faster with new backbone switch.
openBench Lab Review: Veeam Backup & Replication v5
With the introduction of new vPower technology, Veeam Backup & Replication v5 provides IT with game-changing capabilities that radically alter previous notions about Recovery Time and Point Objectives and business continuity.
Lustre Comes Together
Two weeks ago the Lustre User's Group (LUG) took place in Orlando. This was the first LUG that was totally driven by the user community which is a bit of a change from past LUGs