Industry News and Analysis

SanDisk Launches a Line of SSDs
The storage firm comes out with flash disks for consumer use.
Will Global Deduplication Work?
I have been thinking about global deduplication for online backups for small businesses and its various complexities.
HDS Updates Its Dynamic Replicator Software
Data protection and replication suite adds new capabilities for enterprise customers.
ESG Lab Review: Dell PowerVault MD36X0f Series
This report presents the results of ESG Lab testing and explores the capabilities of a Dell PowerVault MD36X0f Series storage system deployed in a consolidated virtual server environment 
Let's Play Archive vs. Backup
Archive and backup are not one in the same and should never be confused with each other. These definitions and examples make it clear.
Quantum Ships Two New Deduplication Appliances
The appliances feature multi-protocol support and the capability to distribute deduplication tasks.
Imation Posts a Mixed Second Quarter
Margin pressures on Asian-made optical media helped undercut the storage firm's bottom line.
Online Backup Meets Reality
I keep hearing how online Internet backups are the future for businesses, but the numbers indicate otherwise.
Taneja Group Validation: Storage Done the Right Way With StorSimple
What happens when a vendor stretches its wings and takes on much more than just another version of storage done the same old way.
Will SSDs Change Storage Controllers?
Scan rates are going up. What will be the long-term impact of this?
Storage and File Systems
Is it possible that IBM has created the perfect file system?
Storage Titan EMC Charts Record Sales and Profits
Storage in the cloud and large volumes for handling "Big Data" helped power EMC to another record quarter.
Seagate Ships New SSD Line, Another Coming
The storage giant is releasing two new solid-state drives targeting the enterprise and data center applications.
Nimble Ships Hybrid Storage Appliance
By combining flash memory with high-capacity disks, Nimble aims for smaller IT shops that want a single device for both primary storage and enterprise backup.
EMC Launches Cloud Storage Management Service
Moving to the cloud and diverse virtualization strategies have created a data management nightmare for administrators. EMC aims to simplify that with a new storage resource management package.
Oracle Extends Exadata Rack for Storage
Oracle's big database box gets bigger with new storage expansion.
F5 Debuts Two New File Virtualization Appliances
The company says the additions help to bolster its virtualization appliances for small and medium-sized enterprises.
EMC Revs Atmos Cloud Storage Software
The storage titan releases the second major version of its cloud storage management product -- introduces a drag and drop product as well.
Taneja Group Validation: Making Endpoint Protection Practical
Has i365 set the bar for endpoint protection? If so, where that bar is set?  Find out in this Technology Validation test.
The Great File System Metadata Debate
In the past two decades, a 'holy war' has been going on in the file system community. Are technology changes bringing it to resolution?
Infortrend Launches Clustered File System for HPC and Media
Infortrend says its new clustered file system is designed for large data demands.