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Data Doesn't Move at a Constant Speed ...
Like people, data moves at different speeds. This must be taken into account when planning your storage infrastructure.
Moving Data or Moving Code
MPI is showing signs of age. What's next on the horizon?
Open Source Flash Cache?
Flash storage as a cache for storage devices or file systems is becoming increasingly common. Little seems to be going on for this in the open source world, however.
Standards Are Changing--With or Without Old Standards Bodies
Standards matter, but old standards on their way to obsolescence do not.
HP Peer Motion Delivers Virtual Storage Mobility
Servers aren't the only virtual assets that can be migrated, storage can move, too.
What Is Enterprise Storage?
What differentiates enterprise storage is both the availability and the consistency of performance. But it's not that simple
ESG Lab Review: EMC Avamar 6.0
Based on hands-on testing of EMC Avamar 6.0, this ESG Lab Validation focuses on how new features can improve data protection performance and management.
Pure Storage Launches Flash Enterprise Storage Arrays
The startup just emerged from stealth mode with flash storage arrays it claims are every bit as fast as enterprise disks and more cost effective.
Hosting Provider Increases Storage and Virtualization Reliability and Performance with HP 3PAR
Hosting Provider Increases Storage and Virtualization Reliability and Performance with HP 3PAR Prior to deploying HP 3PAR Utility Storage, hosting service provider, Intercept, was burdened by a poorly performing, inefficient legacy storage environment. The company determined that it needed a solution with built-in backup and recovery capabilities, proven to work well with virtual server and virtual desktop infrastructures and capable of supporting both its existing and planned virtualization services.Sponsored by HP
HP 3PAR Utility Storage Benefits Summary: Next-Generation Storage Virtual and Cloud Data Centers
HP 3PAR Utility Storage Benefits Summary: Next-Generation Storage Virtual and Cloud Data Centers HP 3PAR Utility Storage was designed from the ground up to deliver massive scalability, secure multi-tenancy, high performance, and high availability to fuel enterprise-class virtual data centers and cloud computing environments. Industry-leading software solutions provide unique benefits that make any cloud more agile and efficient while ensuring secure segregation of user groups and applications. By reducing or eliminating capital and operating expenses, and by enhancing, accelerating, and protecting application and service ROI, HP 3PAR Utility Storage, powered by Intel Xeon processors, improves the return on IT, and on information itself. Most importantly, HP 3PAR Utility Storage provides the storage foundation necessary in building a converged infrastructure that transforms the data center. Such transformation is key to overcoming the inflexibility and high costs created by IT sprawl and shifting the focus to innovation and strategic initiatives that add value to the business.Sponsored by HP
HP's Converged Storage: A Vision for Emerging Customer Requirements
HP's Converged Storage: A Vision for Emerging Customer Requirements Over the next five years, enterprise IT will be challenged to become an efficient and responsive service delivery organization. Administrators at all levels will be stretched to rapidly deploy IT services. A computing infrastructure that mimics the efficiency of a highly tuned engine will be needed. As new management and delivery models emerge, Evaluator Group believes the continued importance of data is driving IT to adopt new storage technologies and new approaches to managing the storage environment. Learn how HP's Converged Storage strategy, including HP 3PAR Utility Storage, powered by Intel Xeon processors, establishes HP's unique approach to storage going forward.Sponsored by HP
Iomega Ships New Array for Small and Mid-size Businesses
Iomega updates its storage array for smaller businesses -- aims to keep the price right for customers.
Gluster Goes After Hadoop Big Data
Open source file system expands deployment options with Apache Hadoop.
Dell Ships New EqualLogic Storage Arrays
EqualLogic arrays can hold between 36 TB and 72 TB of data.
HP Searches for a Meaningful Relationship
The computer giant is moving into information management and Autonomy fits the bill, the company said.
Xsigo Launches Virtual Server Fabric for Cloud Data Centers
Company claims to have the virtual connectivity component that will turn virtualized data centers free from technical drudgery.
Blu-Ray and Stones (Not the Rolling Kind)
The concept of keeping data on hand for multiple decades is not unusual, but few firms consider the importance of usability. The startup Millenniata, along with Hitachi-LG Data Systems, is working to make this possible.
Drobo and Carbonite Combine Online Backup and Data Protection
Through a new partnership offer, small businesses can try out local data protection tied to online backup in the cloud.
PCIE SSDs Keep Getting Bigger
Large capacity SSD drives are, while expensive, increasingly available. This is good news for many.
Samsung Delivers Faster SSDs
The new solid-state drives add support for SATA 3.0 and sizes up to 512 GB.
More Thoughts on POSIX
More on why the POSIX I/O consistency model is on its way to being old news.
Astute Networks Debuts Virtualization Appliance
New appliance plugs into virtualization environment to eliminate I/O bottlenecks.
POSIX -- What Are We Going to Do?
Finally, the research community agrees: POSIX limitations are a significant problem for I/O performance and scaling.
EMC Launches Auto-failover for VMAX Storage on z/VM
Updated virtual data center software is meant to automate and simplify failover between mainframe data center sites.
Nexsan Ships NAS SSD Systems
Nexsan's new family of NAS systems uses multiple tiers of SSDs to speed many data management tasks.
EMC Fields Disk-based Tape Drive Replacement System
Mainframe users can replace multiple tape systems with a single disk system that includes everything.
SSD Marketplace as Yogi Berra--It's Like Deja-Vu, All Over Again
As the SSD market starts to consolidate, things are looking increasing retro. Disk drive industry, anyone?
Teradata Grows Revenues by 24 Percent in Q2
Data analytics company had a good second quarter overall, though nothing to write home about.
OCZ Ships Next-Generation SSDs
New release of SSD storage can handle as many as 1.2 million IOPS.
Toshiba Debuts 1 TB HDDs for Use in Notebooks
Laptop maker coming out with 9.5mm internal drives that will hold up to a terabyte of data.
Enterprise Vault 10 Adds Social Content Archiving
The most recent update of Symantec's enterprise archiving package helps track social media use for eDiscovery purposes.
Final Thoughts on Online Backup -- One Last Rant
We complained about what is unworkable when it comes to online backup. Now some thoughts on what does work.