Industry News and Analysis

Data Integrity: Changing the Discussion
It's time for a data integrity standard.
Symform, QNAP Bring Together Cloud Storage and NAS
QNAP Systems has agreed to integrate its NAS offerings with Symform's Cloud Storage Network.
Supercomputing Technology: Why It Is Important
HPC may not always be profitable, but its long-term value is priceless.
Supercomputing: Japan on Top Again
There's more to successful HPC than who has the most FLOPS.
Teaching Performance Analysis in College
It is time to change the way computer science is taught in college. Students need to learn how hardware and software interact.
More on Performance Analysis
It's time to understand that a key part of performance analysis is understanding the hardware so you don't need to keep buying hardware.
EMC Improves Atmos Cloud Metering, Adds GeoDrive Linux Support
The storage giant has beefed up its platform for helping service providers and enterprises build storage-as-a-service offerings and has added support for Linux to its Atmos GeoDrive software.
Performance Analysis
In today's typical storage environment, it's usually cheaper to buy replacement hardware than it is to fix the problem. As a result, performance analysis and performance optimization is becoming a lost art.
When Will RAID as We Know It Change?
The timebomb of RAID and data loss is nearing. Is anyone doing anything about?
Quantum Unveils Tape, Dedupe Products to Ease Data Protection Headaches
The backup and data protection specialist takes the wraps off a new deduplication appliance, tape library and software for federated management and analytics of both tape and disk systems.
Fusion-io Doubles Capacity of ioDrive Octal PCIe Flash Module
The storage specialist says its new To TB ioDrive Octal gives customers the ability to pack up to 20 TB of flash-based acceleration into a 1U server.
What Is Going to Happen With Infiniband?
With only two vendors left in the Infiniband market space, does the technology stand a chance?
The Future of Archiving
Google, Amazon and a handful of others may be built to handle large archives, but that doesn't solve the issue of getting the data in and out.
Symantec Reveals Plans for Microsoft Storage Management, High Availability
Symantec says Veritas Storage Foundation High Availability 6.0 for Windows, expected in mid-December, will deliver 30x faster failover, disaster recovery and storage management.
ESG Lab Review: VMware vSphere 5
This ESG Lab review tests the performance and scalability of VMware vSphere 5 running large scale tier-1 applications
Flooding in Thailand Could Also Depress Worldwide HDD Shipments
The severe flooding in Thailand has taken hundreds of lives. The country is also a hard disk drive manufacturing center, and the disaster could have a severe effect on worldwide PC shipments through the first half of 2012
EMC Shows Off HPC Capabilities of Its Unified Storage Platform
EMC's VNX7500 attains record benchmark on the Lustre file system and unveils collaboration agreement with Los Alamos National Laboratories on high-performance computing initiatives.
Spectra Logic's New Tape System Holds 3.6 Exabytes
Storage vendor Spectra Logic launches five new products, including what it claims is the world's largest capacity storage system -- a tape library system that can store nearly 4 exabytes of data.
openBench Lab Review: Nexsan VCS
Nexsan Promotes Flexibility for Cloud Infrastructure via API Support for Veritas Cluster Software.
ESG Lab Review: Nutanix Complete ClusterServer
This ESG Lab review documents hands-on testing of the Nutanix Complete Cluster, highlighting its ease of use and support for enterprise class data management in virtual environments.
Cheap Storage Made Reliable
Can cheap technology be transformed into enterprise reliable storage? Short answer--maybe.
Nimble Brings Out a New Hybrid Storage Appliance
The hybrid storage appliance maker expands its family -- adds a VMware plug-in.
More on Interconnects
Market requirements will guide vendor adoption of proprietary interconnects.
Emulex Updates OneCommand Vision Package
The company claims that customers can save substantially just by implementing small improvements in monitoring and control of I/O infrastructure.
New Seagate Internal Drive Has 3 TB Capacity
Seagate launches a streamlined family of internal hard-disk drives that hold up to 3 TB and spin at 7200 rpm.
PCIe Performance
It's not news that PCIe performance has not kept pace with the requirements in some parts of the market, especially technical computing. The technology is likely not the solution to its woes though.