Industry News and Analysis

Cloud-Integrated Enterprise Storage: Real Cloud for Real Data
Cloud and storage don't go as well together as the vendors would have you believe. Cloud-integrated enterprise storage is an up and coming technology that will likely change this.
Pricey, Buggy Services Stymie Cloud Backup Market
A new survey finds that despite brisk adoption, cloud storage providers are falling short of customer expectations.
Basho Floats Riak CS Cloud Storage Software
The startup targets both private and public cloud providers with multi-tenancy features and Amazon S3 compatibility.
What Happens When Disk Drive Volume Returns to Normal?
The flood waters have receded, and disk drive pricing likely will, too. How long will it take for the market to normalize.
WhipTail Flash-Based Arrays Target Performance, Latency
New Jersey-based startup offers all-flash SSD storage arrays it claims deliver application performance that far surpasses the limits of HDD technologies.
Morphlabs Readies All-SSD Private Clouds
Cloud startup leverages SSDs and Dell PowerEdge C servers for private cloud systems and services.
Zetta.net Upgrades Cloud Backup Platform
DataProtect 3.0 blends bandwidth-saving features with an enterprise backend for SMB cloud backups.
5 Must-Have SSD and Flash Products
SSDs and the products around them have gone mainstream. Offerings abound from established players and startups alike. If you're looking at flash or SSD, here are five products to start your search off right.
Tape Density, LTO and Enterprises
LTO-6 is dragging its heels, making the outlook for the LTO format less than clear. What's an enterprise to do?
Quantum Dedupes, Goes Virtual for Cloud Backups
The storage vendor takes a virtual appliance approach to cloud-enabled backups and disaster recovery.
EMC Isilon Snaps up Likewise
EMC's Isilon division takes home the multi-protocol NAS specialist in a bid to bolster its Big Data storage arsenal.
Fujitsu Enlists Smart Gateways to Cut Big Data Bloat
Are smart gateways the answer to curbing Big Data's appetite for network bandwidth?
Permivault Leverages Strongbox, LTFS for Tape-Based Cloud Storage
LTFS is opening up new horizons for tape, not the least of which is a cloud archiving solution from Fujifilm.
Symantec Ships New NetBackup and Backup Exec
Symantec updates its business backup software with streamlined management, updated VMware support and more cloud partners.
What Is the Next Big Thing in Data Storage?
Will it be SSD, tape in the cloud, active archives, or something else -- perhapsmaybe even Big Blue?
Western Digital's Hitachi GST Buy Is a Done Deal
Regulatory hurdles cleared, and with a near-$5 billion payout, Western Digital will operate Hitachi GST as a subsidiary.
Fujifilm Slots Tape into Cloud Backups
Tape storage specialist uses Crossroads Systems's StrongBox to bring LTFS-based backups to the cloud.
In Search of a Storage 'God Box'
If someone were to build a storage array that solves all the world's problems, what would the requirements be?
Tegile Touts Hyrbid SSD-HDD Storage Array
Firm champions a high-performance, cost-effective approach in its Zebi hybrid storage array.
FTC: Western Digital-Hitachi Deal Hinges on Asset Sale to Toshiba
Western Digital will be required to sell assets and IP related to the manufacture of 3.5-inch hard drives to Toshiba for the FTC to sign off on the $4.5 billion deal.
Nexsan Targets Clouds with a 'FASTier' of SSD Storage
The company enlists a DRAM-enhanced, RAID-averse SSD layer to speed clouds and virtual environments.
Sanbolic Conjures Scalable NAS from Windows Server
The storage software company brings advanced NAS functions to Windows Server-based file serving environments.
Why Did Red Hat Buy Gluster?
It's been four months since Red Hat announced its intent to purchase the Gluster  parallel file system. Its reasons are becoming clear, and they may surprise you.