Industry News and Analysis

Red Hat Storage 2.0 Hits General Availability
After months in beta, Red Hat makes its first official storage release.
Survey: Same-Day Recoveries for Majority of Cloud Storage Users
Businesses are finding much to like about parking their backups in the cloud as services charm users with off-site disaster recovery.
SanDisk Buys Schooner in Enterprise Flash Storage Spree
SanDisk feeds its enterprise storage ambitions by snapping up the flash caching software specialist.
The Problem With Requirements Gathering
Working together in a large organization means ideally everyone gives up control of information for the benefit of the whole. So why doesn't it work that way in the real world?
DataCore Automates Large Scale Cloud Storage
Hands off! DataCore's SANsymphony-V 9.0 aims to reduce manual intervention for data centers with large scale cloud storage implementations.
Nimble Storage Teams with VMware for Mobile VDI
Nimble adds a dash of flash for latency-free virtual desktop platform storage.
Big Data and Graph 500
Storage benchmarks and computational benchmarks make it difficult to see what a real system can do on a real problem.
HP Tackles Unstructured Data-Spewing SMBs with X5000 NAS
Updated NAS hardware from HP targets Windows environments tasked with the hefty file storage requirements of mobile workers.
Storage Technology Lost to the Recession
What if PCIe 3.0 had been released in 2010 as it was supposed to be? Who  cares about 3.5-inch drives vs. 2.5-inch drives? Readers' questions are answered in this follow-up blog post.
What Is PCIe Affinity and Why Does It Matter?
Does your storage vendor connect groups of nodes to each other via an external interconnect to build the SMP? Then chances are your I/O is going over the network to another PCIe bus and then out to storage. Here's why.
NetApp Updates OnTap in Agile Infrastructure Push
As storage follows virtualization's lead in the data center, NetApp's Data OnTap software platform gains enhanced workload migration features and remote office reach.
Caringo Delivers 'Complete Stack' for Elastic Cloud Storage
Caringo says no to piecemeal approaches to cloud storage as it extends data protection, multi-tenancy and indexing to its platform.
Disk Drive Performance Becoming Insufficient
Drives grow denser and continue to speed up, but controller bandwidth has not kept up.
10 Reasons Tape Storage Is Better Than Disk
Tape storage continues to thrive, and these 10 reasons are a key part of why.
Fusion-io to Lend Cisco Blades Some Flash
Companies sign an OEM deal that will bring flash-based application acceleration to Cisco's UCS blades while the PCIe SSD market heats up.
Nexenta Aims to Unseat Legacy Vendors With Open Storage Software
Powered by OpenSolaris and ZFS, firm's NexentaStor software promises significant cost savings by eliminating proprietary hardware.
Actifio PAS 5.0 Cuts Backups and Restore Times Down to Size
Company's new PAS 5.0 platform debuts with features to cut storage costs for cloud providers and Oracle testing environments.
Dell's Fluid File System Gathers Momentum in Compellent Refresh
Dell reaches its goal of integrating Fluid File across its major storage architectures.
LTO-6 Announced
The LTO Consortium revealed details about LTO-6. Real-world needs need not apply.
IDC: EMC Tops Strong 1Q Disk Storage Market
The disk storage market experiences healthy growth despite the squeeze on the entry-level and high-end segments of the disk storage market.
Sunny Outlook for Cloud Backup: InfoStor, Taneja Group Survey Finds
A recent survey of IT managers conducted by Taneja Group and InfoStor found nearly one-third of respondents using cloud backup and more than half planning to do so within the next two years. Concerns abound, nonetheless, and cloud providers must address them to remain viable.
Sepaton Thinks Small to Dedupe Big Oracle Databases
A new software update for the company's S2100 system cracks the 8K barrier to optimize Oracle backups.
NetApp Adds Flash to Midrange Market With FAS2220 Array
NetApp updates its midsize storage slate with flash caching support and new cloud backup partnerships.
SanDisk Lightning Strikes Flash PCIe Server Card Market
SanDisk gives its enterprise storage strategy a nudge by launching new flash PCIe server cards.
IBM Tackles Big Data with Smarter Storage
IBM's latest Smarter Computing initiative tackles Big Data with storage automation, built-in intelligence and new management capabilities.
HP Accelerates Storage Convergence
New performance and deduplication features comes to HP StoreOnce Backup portfolio
Open Source Gluster 3.3 Melds Object and File Storage
Red Hat led open source filesystem effort takes a leap forward with Big Data, self-healing and unified storage features. Open Source Gluster 3.3 Melds Object  and File Storage