Industry News and Analysis

Chinese Supercomputer vs. Blue Waters
The real test of a supercomputer is how well it solves real-world problems—not how well it performs on a benchmark test.
They Keep Losing? Why?
Are the major storage vendors about to start acquiring the smaller vendors?
Quantum Computing
There's a lot of hype of quantum computing, but how will we program for these systems?
Archives and Big Data
Organizations in all industries are going to have to archive more data than they think.
Fibre Channel's Decline?
Although there are still a few reasons to use it, fibre channel appears to be on the way out.
Syncplicity File Sharing Platform Locks Down the Inbox
EMC seeks to delete the business world's attachment to email attachments with its Syncplicity file share and sync solution.
Western Digital Eyes Enterprise SSD Market with sTec Buy
The company is delving even deeper into the enterprise flash storage market in a deal worth $340 million.
Survey: BYOD and File Sharing
A brief survey explores users experiences within the rapidly changing BYOD trend. Respondents earn access to an in-depth whitepaper about business file sharing.
EMC to Acquire Virtual SAN Software Startup ScaleIO
The data storage titan is reportedly spending up to $300 million for server-side storage software maker ScaleIO.
SanDisk Adds Multi-SSD Support in FlashSoft 3.2
Flash storage provider's software gets a big bump in caching capacity and enables server-side SSD tiering.
What's Going on with Red Hat Storage? [VIDEO]
General Manager of Red Hat's storage division details progress made in the last year as well as what lies ahead.
HP Revamps Converged Storage Roster
HP Storage embarks on a portfolio-wide roll-out. Highlights include a new high-performance, all-flash array and upgraded Virtual Storage Appliance software.
Amazon vs. Best Buy and the Storage Industry
Vendors are moving away from low-margin commodity hardware business.
IBM Sell Off
X86 servers have become a commodity product.
Clouds Down Again
The reliability of cloud services seems to be getting worse.
NetApp Takes Software-Defined Storage Plunge with Data ONTAP 8.2
Latest storage OS offering promotes application uptime with storage virtual machines.
Dell Compellent Previews Flash Optimized Storage Tiering
Company takes the wraps off new and updated offerings that promise to alleviate the storage tiering challenges faced by today's data centers.
SSD Reality
Vendors who sell SSDs still need to address testing and quality issues.
Helium and Disk Drives
Will the helium shortage affect vendors' plans to ship helium-filled disk drives?
sTec Debuts All-SSD Windows Storage Server 2012 Appliance
Enterprise flash storage firm sets out to give Microsoft shops an SSD-powered boost.