Industry News and Analysis

Virtual Private Cloud Storage Startup Zadara Nabs $3M from Toshiba
The cloud storage startup will partner with SSD maker Toshiba for new "storage-as-a-service" offerings.
Diablo Takes DIMM View of Server-Side Flash
Forget PCIe SSDs. Diablo Technologies has found another way to cozy up to powerful server processors and deliver better application performance.
Data Recovery Requires Special Skills When Storage Server Suddenly Fails
NEWS ANALYSIS: Suddenly and unexpectedly you can’t access your storage server. When you try to start it, it won’t boot up. If you don’t have backups, you are looking for a data recovery miracle.
SolidFire Unveils the All-SSD SF9010 Storage System
Storage startup lays claim to the industry's largest and fastest all-SSD system as it attracts $31 million in new funding.
Fusion-io Courts the Open Source Crowd
As flash storage claws its way deeper into the data center, Fusion-io turns to open source developers to cook up the next generation of high performance applications.
The Death of Fibre Channel
A storage pundit addresses the criticisms of his column about Fibre Channel.
12 Gb SAS and FC
There's another nail in the coffin for fibre channel.
Violin and Fujitsu Team for Flash-based Microsoft SQL Data Warehouse
Companies aim for near-in-memory performance by leveraging massive amounts of enterprise solid-state storage.
Western Digital Acquires VeloBit
Western Digital is the latest to snap up a storage software specialist as the enterprise flash storage market keeps heating up.
HDS Takes Aim at Private Clouds in Storage Refresh
A wide-ranging series of updates, affecting the company's unified storage and computing platforms, brings a flash-enabled performance bump and more.
Asigra Decouples Backup and Recovery Pricing
Data backup specialist's summer refresh includes a new IT budget-sparing licensing model and new cloud storage updates.
Scality RINGs up $22M for Cloud Storage
Startup eyes market opportunities in cloud and Big Data storage with its software-defined platform.
SanDisk Makes $300M SMART SSD Buy
The flash storage giant is acquiring a data center solid-state drive (SSDs) company for over $300 million.