Industry News and Analysis

Seagate to Acquire Xyratex for $374M
Hard drive maker is snapping up a provider of enterprise storage systems and drive testing equipment used in manufacturing.
58 Top Open Source Storage Projects
These open source tools can help storage administrators or home users backup, compress, manage and secure their stored files.
Choosing a SATA Drive: Three Key Factors
A look at Western Digital’s SATA drive line-up provides examples of how to choose a SATA drive from any vendor.
Backup Appliance Market Reaches $700M in Q3
Symantec makes big gains as storage vendors experience a 6.7 percent year-over-year improvement in backup appliance sales last quarter.
Data Storage in 2014: Cloud, Virtual SANs, Big Data
Seven key trends will dramatically shape the data storage sector in the year ahead.
Dell and Dropbox Team for Enterprise Cloud Storage
In a bold play for the enterprise, Dropbox begins offering cloud storage and backup on Dell devices, systems and services offerings.
Avago Eyes Data Center Storage with $6.6B LSI Buy
LSI tech gives the semiconductor specialist from Singapore a shot at the enterprise storage market.
The Rise of Helium Drives in Data Storage
After many years of research, helium-filled enterprise class disk drives are entering the market.
Backblaze Disk Drive Comparison
A storage pundit disagrees with a recent blog post that compares data storage drives.
Storage Software Market Nears $3.5B in Q3
Backup and recovery software helped the storage industry increase software sales last quarter.
Dell Debuts Faster, Flash-Friendlier EqualLogic Storage Arrays
Dell takes aim at virtualized environments with its new PS6210 line of EqualLogic storage arrays.
HP Enlists 3PAR for its New Converged Storage Slate
HP is taking on the cloud and Big Data workloads with flash-optimized 3PAR storage systems along with new backup and archiving solutions.
Toshiba Acquires OCZ for $35M
It's (nearly) a done deal. The electronics giant snaps up the struggling SSD maker's assets.
Why Microsoft Is Banking Heavily on StorSimple for 2014
NEWS ANALYSIS: Microsoft can make inroads next year in cloud storage because StorSimple and its easy-to-use appliances are on a fast ramp upward.
The Many Variations of RAID Storage
A look at current RAID data storage technology, examining issues like RAID groups and the rebuild conundrum.
Toshiba Debuts Read Optimized, 19nm Enterprise SSDs
The flash storage provider debuts new solid-state drives for IT systems that need to fetch data faster for efficient access to "read intensive" workloads.
Toshiba Eyes Bankrupt Flash Storage Provider OCZ
Electronics giant and flash chip manufacturer Toshiba offers to buy up the assets of SSD maker during bankruptcy proceedings.
SSD Business: It's Getting Crazy Out There
The news in the storage business, and in SSD in particular, has been remarkably volatile as of late.