Industry News and Analysis

Helium Drives for Data Storage
You might consider a helium drive, but make sure you’re making the right product comparison.
Doubts about Gartner's Analysis of Enterprise Arrays
The methodology behind the research firm’s analysis of enterprise arrays is decidedly unclear.
Box Files for $250M IPO
The provider of business-friendly cloud storage services announces its plans to go public.
Tips on Future-Proofing Your Fibre Channel Assets
Despite many competing technologies emerging in the data center, Fibre Channel can maintain its place.
Actifio Raises $100M, Valued at $1B
Company announces a new round of VC financing as it prepares to take on legacy storage and expand into the mid-market.
CloudBerry Launches Cloud-to-Cloud Backup
CloudBerry Backup v3.8 gives businesses more cloud backup options, including a healthy selection of public cloud storage providers.
Backblaze Debuts Open Source Storage Pod 4.0
Cloud backup company cracks open the case on its faster, cheaper open source storage system.
Data Storage: Metadata Everywhere (And Not a Drop to Drink)
Because they can't handle the many different types of metadata in use today, POSIX systems are likely on the way out.
SpiderOak Announces Unlimited Secure Cloud Storage
The company offers businesses access to its privacy-enhancing public cloud for a flat fee.
Optical Storage for Data Archiving?
A data storage pundit opines that Blu-Ray is not suitable for long term data archiving.
Fibre Channel's Future in a Software-Defined World
Experts disagree about whether fibre channel will survive as datacenters become increasingly software defined.
SolidFire Continues Its All-SSD Push into the Enterprise
The storage company upgrades its all-flash lineup with new data protection features and Fibre Channel support.
Why Is Software-Based Storage Management Still Hardware-Dependent?
For now, most storage continues to be sold as appliances but moving to true software-defined data centers could disrupt the market.
VMware's Virtual SAN Finally Ships
Company jumps into the server-side storage fray by announcing the general availability of its Virtual SAN product.
StoneFly Unveils DR365 Backup and Disaster Recovery Appliance
The storage systems maker melds its backup and recovery technologies into an all-in-one storage appliance.
Data Storage Mysteries: What Happened to MAID?
The technology behind massive array of idle drives never took off, despite massive hype. Its failure offers a lesson for today's storage admins.
Sony and Panasonic Work on New Optical Archival Disc
Another optical disc format? The companies see a future for a Blu-ray successor that packs up to 1 TB of storage capacity.
Avere Launches FXT 4800 Cloud-Friendly Filer
Company adds more SSD capacity and faster processors to help speed up the company's cloud-connected NAS filer.
The Need for Realistic Benchmarking Protocols
Without realistic benchmarks that address real world problems all we we are going to get is vendor hype.
DataDirect Networks Launches WOS 360
The company doubles down on data protection after delivering an object storage platform for Big Data.
Rackspace Taps Brocade for Leaner, Greener Cloud SANs
The cloud computing company manages growth with Brocade's efficient Gen 5 Fibre Channel SAN technology.
Hybrid Flash Storage Arrays: When and Where?
Hybrid flash storage arrays are more expensive than other options, but in certain scenarios they are clearly the best choice.