Industry News and Analysis

Google Floats Unlimited Business Cloud Storage Plan
The company launches an unlimited cloud storage plan for $10 per month.
Oracle Tackles Boot Storms with ZFS Storage ZS3 Updates
New upgrades take aim at unpredictable virtual machine workloads and OpenStack clouds.
Violin Plays a Flashy Concerto with New 7000 Array
New software adds comprehensive data services to the company's flash-based storage arrays.
Cray Adapts Big Data Tiered Storage Platform for Lustre
The HPC specialist takes aim at big data with new storage management software for the Lustre file system.
NetApp Targets Both Ends of Enterprise Storage Market with New Hybrid Arrays
The data storage systems provider bookends its product portfolio with a new entry-level system and a high-performance flagship.
SanDisk Eyes Enterprise Storage Market with $1.1B Fusion-io Buy
The flash chip manufacturer makes one of its boldest moves into the enterprise data storage space by snapping up Fusion-io, an early proponent of flash PCIe SSDs for servers.
Amplidata Himalaya to Power Verizon's Enterprise Storage Cloud
The telecom giant taps Amplidata's newest offering to provide a roomy storage cloud for enterprise customer data.
PCIe 4.0 Delays
The PCIe 4.0 specification won’t be available until early to mid 2016.
EMC's Version of the Future of IT
The storage titan’s use of the word “redefine” encompasses today’s Third Platform technologies.
Nimble Launches Adaptive Flash CS700 Storage Arrays
The company's new flash-enabled product line shuffles data to business applications at a rate of up to a half-million IOPS.
Dropbox Snaps up Private Messaging Startup Droptalk
Cloud-based file storage is no longer enough. Dropbox's latest acquisition may bring built-in collaboration features to its online file storage platform.
IEEE Mass Storage Conference Highlights
The forces now driving the storage industry are far different than in years past.
Infrascale Banks $16.3M for Cloud Backup, Snaps up Eversync
The cloud-based backup provider lands more funds, acquires data protection appliance maker Eversync.
Fusion-io Unveils Atomic PCIe SSDs
The enterprise flash storage innovator debuts a new, compact line of PCIe server cards that pack up to 6.4 TB of storage capacity.
Intel Debuts NVMe Enterprise PCIe SSDs
The computer chipmaking giant targets the data center with three new application performance-boosting PCIe SSDs
8 Gbit/sec SATA: Really?
Despite the hype, we still do not have 8 Gbit/sec SATA.
Tegile Moves Upmarket with All-Flash Storage Array
The data storage startup looks expands beyond its midrange roots with a new flagship system, the T3800.
OCZ Unveils Vector 180 SSD for Low-End Servers
The Toshiba subsidiary sets out to give modest server hardware a major performance boost with its latest 19nm MLC SSD.