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Water, Data and Storage Analogy
What do water, data, and storage have in common?
DR as a Service Buying Guide
As cloud computing advances, Disaster recovery as a service is moving closer to a default choice – and the options are already numerous.
Dell buying EMC: What it Means for Enterprise Storage
Amid the competitive jockeying and product overlap, it’s possible that storage customers may be the winner.
Western Digital Craves Flash in $19 Billion Deal to Acquire SanDisk
Hard drive maker bets bigger on flash as a bout of furious deal-making rocks the storage industry.
Traditional Storage Continues to Weigh on EMC Prior to Dell Buy
Although the company posted profits generally in line with Wall Street estimates, EMC's traditional enterprise business continues to underperform.
Veeam Streamlines Backup Repository Management with Availability Suite v9
The company promises to simplify backup management by aggregating data storage capacity into a single, scalable repository.
How Do You Store A Zettabyte?
A ZB on flash, by one calculation, would cost $1.15 trillion per year to store at the moment, perhaps dropping to 238 billion per year by 2020. Tape would be $8 billion per year in 2015 and $1.9 billion by 2020.
OCZ Debuts Host-Managed Enterprise SSDs
The new drives accept background drive management commands from host systems for improved and more predicable application performance.
OpenStack Buying Guide
The open source cloud platform is available from a veritable cornucopia of vendors.
What’s The Best Storage Benchmark?
The best benchmark for your needs depends on that very specific situation.
Data Storage: Does High Capacity Create Big Problems?
Enterprise data requirements are increasing, but not solely because companies are storing more individual files or objects.
China's Unisplendour to Take 15% Stake in Western Digital
The company, part of China's state-owned Tsinghua Unigroup, will part with nearly $4 billion to expand its reach into the data storage space.