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SSD Trends, Tips and Topics
Solid state devices are in your future — if you're not using them already.
AES Encryption Advantages: Storage vs. CPU
You need to encrypt data at rest, but should you use the storage device or the CPU to do the encryption work?
10 Tips for Better Public Cloud Storage Security
In some cases, public cloud storage services may be more secure than in-house data centers.
Quantum StorNext Reaches into the Cloud
StorNext 5.4 from Quantum includes new public cloud integrations and the ability to run applications directly on Xcellis systems.
Flash a Bright Spot in Declining Storage Market
All-flash storage arrays made big gains in the last quarter despite a 3.2-percent dip in overall enterprise storage revenue.
10 Tips to Maximize the Value of Public Cloud Storage
Going slowly, doing your homework and making smart choices can ease your transition to cloud storage services.
Western Digital Previews Its Flash-First Future
Hard drives take a back seat as flash commands the spotlight during data storage provider's Investor Day.
High Capacity SSD Buying Guide
Vendors have begun rolling out SSDs capable of storing many petabytes worth of data while still enabling fast performance.