Data De Duplication Featured Articles

Storage Startups Solving Cloud Storage Problems
Cloud storage is a highly effective strategy, but it's not without its challenges. These storage startups are working to solve the many cloud storage problems that are getting in the way of the sector's growth.
VMware VSAN Gains Dedupe and QoS
With the version 6.2 release, VMware's Virtual SAN software-defined storage solution finally receives some highly-anticipated flash storage optimization and management capabilities.
What’s Real Data Storage Innovation Among Products, Vendors?
If a data storage vendor is currently in business, they're likely claiming to be innovative. But what's real innovation in data storage?
Oracle Goes All-Flash with Database-Friendly FS1 Storage Arrays
The company's first stab at all-flash storage for enterprises is aimed at speeding Oracle databases and applications.
10 Questions to Ask Cloud Storage Providers
No two cloud computing storage services are identical. These questions will help you pick the best cloud storage provider for your business.
FalconStor Launches FreeStor Software-Defined Storage Platform
The VTL veteran and data protection specialist leverages its storage software expertise into an all-in-one data services play.
77 Open Source Storage Applications
These open source storage apps can help businesses or home users set up a storage appliance, build their own cloud storage service, backup their systems and more.
Boosting Backup Capacity with Virtual Servers
As many IT departments have seen, leverage virtual storage provides considerable advantages.
9 Storage Startups to Watch
The data storage sector is hot – and these storage startups are set to grab a piece of the expanding market.
Future of Data Storage: 8 Technologies Changing Storage
From near term improvements in networking to longer term evolution in storage media, data storage is changing dramatically.
Data Storage: What is Cold Storage?
An attempt to clear up the confusion in the storage industry about the oft-used term cold storage.
NetApp Targets Both Ends of Enterprise Storage Market with New Hybrid Arrays
The data storage systems provider bookends its product portfolio with a new entry-level system and a high-performance flagship.
EMC's Version of the Future of IT
The storage titan’s use of the word “redefine” encompasses today’s Third Platform technologies.
Actifio Raises $100M, Valued at $1B
Company announces a new round of VC financing as it prepares to take on legacy storage and expand into the mid-market.
Software Defined Storage: So Many Definitions
Software defined storage is a red hot buzzword, even as its definition remains decidedly unclear.
IBM and Actifio Team for Leaner Clouds
Big Blue's latest cloud storage service cuts down on capacity requirements, thanks to Actifio's space-saving tech.
Sepaton Takes Aim at Big Data Backup with VirtuoSO
Company addresses the backup challenges faced by today's data centers with its new product, VirtuoSO.
Tips on Selecting a Deduplication Appliance
A variety of solutions from storage vendors include built-in deduplication.Here's a market overview to help you select the best solution for your enterprise needs.
GreenBytes Raises $12M for Fast, Green SSD Storage
The storage startup's green storage tech has caught the attention -- and funding -- of Al Gore's venture capital firm.
5 Dedupe Products Worth a Second Look
Dedupe tools remain hot -- even as the technology moves toward ubiquity. Here are five offerings that stand apart from the crowd.
ESG Lab Review: Permabit Albireo SDK
This ESG Lab Validation report documents the results of hands-on testing of the Permabit Albireo SDK with a focus on ease of integration into existing solutions, capacity savings that can be achieved with real-world data, resource usage and fault tolerance
Need More Data Dedupe Capacity? Just Turn It On
New deduplication appliance lets you turn on more disk space when you need it.
BridgeSTOR Ships Dedupe on a Card
BridgeSTOR announces a data deduplication card for Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2010.
Permabit Strives for 'Dedupe Everywhere'
The company's latest dedupe software targets removing duplication throughout the data lifecycle to simplify life for data administrators.