Data De Duplication Featured Articles

Evaluating TTR in data deduplication environments
When it comes to disaster recovery (DR) operations, a key metric to focus on in order to make that decision easier is time to recovery (TTR).
NetApp shells out $1.5 billion for Data Domain
In a surprise move, NetApp announced today that it has inked a deal to buy disk-based backup and data deduplication vendor Data Domain for approximately $1.5 billion.
Hifn unveils capacity optimization cards
Hifn, which was recently acquired by Exar, is rolling out a new series of data protection cards capable of accelerating data de-duplication processes for primary and secondary storage capacity optimization (SCO).
Evaluating time to recovery in de-duplication environments
In this article, we'll take a look at a common set of processes for moving backup data from distributed sites to centralized locations and then to remote sites for DR purposes, evaluating the impact of the two main target-based de-duplication architectures -- inline and post processing -- in terms of recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTOs).
Data Domain expands de-dupe with replication
Some experts believe replication is where the battle for data de-duplication dominance is being fought. In an effort to strengthen its de-dupe offerings on that front, Data Domain today announced a round of updates to its Data Domain Replicator software option that extends global de-dupe to more remote sites and adds full system replication mirroring.