Data De Duplication Featured Articles

Q&A: EMC, Data Domain and deduplication
It has been about a month since EMC officially acquired Data Domain for its disk-based data deduplication technologies and EMC is starting to offer some information about the status of the deal and how it will bring Data Domain, its employees and its product set into the fold.
Spectra upgrades deduplication appliances
Spectra Logic today announced enhancements to its nTier line of disk-based deduplication appliances, as well as enhancements to its BlueScale tape management software.
Lab Review: Turning the tables on data deduplication
Rather than slow a backup job by comparing current data to previous backup data to remove common blocks from the current job, Sepaton's DeltaStor leaves current data untouched as a reference and instead removes blocks from previous jobs that match the new reference once the new job completes.
Nexsan, FalconStor debut data deduplication system
Nexsan Technologies and FalconStor Software are teaming up to deliver a co-branded data deduplication system with energy-saving AutoMAID technology for Nexsan storage environments.