Virtualization Featured Articles

The true cost of virtual server solutions
VMware recently contacted the Taneja Group to conduct an assessment of how VMware ESXi 3.5 and Microsoft Hyper-V compare when it comes to consolidating multiple servers -- what we refer to in our Technology Validation Report as "VM density." The Taneja Group executed a set of tests to evaluate hypervisor performance under different types of workloads.
CA upgrades SRM software
CA recently began shipping new releases of both the mainframe and distributed versions of its storage resource management software, marking the first time the company has synchronized releases of both versions.
Cisco enters server fray with Unified Computing System
Cisco put a new twist on next-generation data center designs this week with the debut of the Unified Computing System (UCS), which combines compute, network, storage access, and virtualization resources in a single system based on a new line of blade servers developed by Cisco.
EMC automates VMware root cause analysis
EMC today announced Smarts Server Manager, a new tool that identifies the locations of virtual machines, determines their relationships to other parts of the infrastructure, and automates root cause analysis in VMware environments.
What is virtual infrastructure optimization (VIO)?
Virtual infrastructure optimization provides critical insight and management for virtual server environments.