Virtualization Featured Articles

Emerging Trends in Software Defined Storage
To listen to its advocates, software defined storage easily solves many difficult storage problems. In reality, it's not that easy.
EMC Misses Wall Street Estimates for Q3 2013
EMC blames Uncle Sam the tightwad, in part, for an underwhelming third quarter as analysts hint at cloudier days ahead.
Fusion-io Tech Gets VMware's Stamp of Approval
Flash storage innovator's ION Data Accelerator and ioControl Hybrid Storage are deemed VMware Ready.
PernixData Promotes Flash Hypervisor Technology
In a bid to popularize flash-based server-side storage, PernixData is offering storage pros free access to its virtualization-friendly software.
Data Backup Virtualization Software: Four Solutions
Virtualization technology is greatly affecting the data backup sector. Here's an overview of four products in this rapidly changing market.
The Impact of Virtualization on Storage
Doubling processing power enables a storage environment to run twice as many VMs as before.