Unified Storage for Virtual Servers: iSCSI SANs and NAS

Original Broadcast Date
Oct 07, 2009
Now Available
Length Approximately one hour
Speakers John McArthur, President and Co-Founder, Walden Technology Partners, Inc.
Terri McClure, Storage Analyst, ESG
Dave Simpson, Editor in Chief, InfoStor
Carryl Roy, Editor-in-Chief, Virtual Strategy Magazine



In virtual server environments, IT organizations have many different applications running on a single shared server.  Some applications may require different levels of service (e.g., RAID 10 vs. RAID 5). In addition, applications may require file-level and/or block-level services to run most efficiently. 

This Webcast will address solutions for the following storage issues faced by all virtual server managers and administrators: 

·        Storage management complexity

·        Underutilized storage

·        Data protection issues for remote offices, branch offices (ROBOs)

·        Skill sets of IT staff

·        Energy efficiency, or “green,” issues

 In particular, the Webcast will explore the benefits of using a combination of iSCSI-based IP SANs and NAS to maximize storage performance and efficiency in virtual server environments.

Speakers Title

John McArthur
President and Co-Founder
Walden Technology Partners, Inc.

Terri McClure
Storage Analyst

Dave Simpson
Editor in Chief

Carryl Roy
Virtual Strategy Magazine



RELDATA develops software-centric unified storage systems that greatly reduce storage management complexity and operating costs while improving data/application availability and business productivity. By consolidating SAN and NAS into a single solution, RELDATA allows organizations to see, virtualize and protect multi-vendor and multi-site storage environments.

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