Instagram brought three new features to make Reels more accessible on its twin platform: Facebook.

The new features now make cross-posting Instagram Reels on Facebook possible. Additionally, it will have ‘Add Yours’ stickers on the reels so that both Facebook and Instagram audiences will get to know who started a unique trend. Finally, influencers can track how their reels are performing.

Why Is Instagram Upgrading Reels?

Instagram launched Reels two years back, on August 5, 2020. It is a short-form video content hosting feature that enables users to post, share and consume unlimited short-spanned media.

Adding music, editing tools, and unique filters offering fresh visual style to content creators, Reels brought Instagram to par with other short-form video content-sharing platforms like TikTok.

The era of long Youtube videos was partially over as Reels slowly took over the video-sharing space. It hiked Instagram’s user base to 4.34% between October and November 2019.

In India, the platform recorded a 3.5% increase in average time spent on the application after the introduction of Reels.

Impact of Reels On The Gen Z Instagrammers

87% of young Instagram users using both Instagram and TikTok agree that Instagram Reels are similar to the latter. It is welcome news for Instagram as it comes with distinguishable advertising, marketing, and shopping options because Reels garner 22% more engagement than Instagram videos. Marketing-wise, it is a massive opportunity.

Both platforms have been vying for the short video hosting space on the web for quite some time. However, in 2021, indicating its sustained popularity, Instagram briefly overtook TikTok as the most downloaded application.  

Here is some specific Information about the updates: 

Crossposting Between Instagram And Facebook:

Instagram Introduces Crossposting Reels And Other Features To Facebook

Image: Twitter Adam Mosseri

A user with both Instagram and Facebook accounts can seamlessly share Instagram reels with the other platform simultaneously. This feature will improve in-app accessibility.

Also, content marketers and influencers can use the potential of the features to add more visibility, reach more audiences, align their content with emerging trends, etc.

Although, note that the reels’ privacy will be set as public by default even if the user locks his profile.

Imported “Add Yours” Sticker In Instagram:

Imported "Add Yours" Sticker:

Image: Twitter Adam Mosseri

Instagram has also decided to bring “Add Yours” stickers, which used to be featured only in Instagram stories. Now it can be applied to a Reels video to lead other users into creating content on a specific topic and format.

Users only need to tap on the sticker and respond to the original reel as they see fit. This feature would help trace back the account which first posted a reel that snowballed into a trend.

Reels Insight:

Users can get valuable data on the performance of their reels posted on Facebook. In addition, several crucial data points will be made available in real-time, including content reach, engagements, user actions, average watch time, total watch time, etc.

With this update, popular account holders, professional content creators, campaign managers, and social media managers can see how their reels perform.

Schedule Reels:

Now users can schedule reels on Facebook using Creator Studio. It will make account management more sophisticated and time-bound.

Undoubtedly, the new features will add more value to Instagram reels. As a result, it will help the users to propagate their content more efficiently across two of the most popular social media platforms. (c)

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