Are you planning to build a new PC?Do you want to upgrade your OS to Windows 11?

If yes, keep reading the article to know the minimum requirements for Windows 11. Additionally, we provide solutions to all your problems for the smooth functioning of your PC.

Due to the semiconductor chip shortage, and high demand, the cost of building a PC has risen by 10% since 2021. In these market conditions, buying a high-end PC might not be feasible for most of you. But who wouldn’t love to upgrade the OS on their existing system? Right?

Before doing so, a few questions might strike your mind. How much RAM do I need for my windows 11? Is 4GB enough for windows 11?

Well, we got your back! This article addresses all the pros and cons of running windows 11 on a 4GB PC.

Is 4GB Enough For Windows 11?

Is 4GB RAM Enough For Windows 11

Is 4GB enough for Windows 11? The answer is NO.

4GB RAM for Windows 11 is not a sustainable option in the long term. After installing numerous software, downloading data, and browsing the internet over time, your system will slow down gradually. It might look smooth and fast for the first few days.

The processing time, running time, and memory utilization will increase with each passing day to turn your PC into a piece of an electric appliance that is good for nothing. All you can do is watch movies and listen to music.

Furthermore, you will be able to perform some highly productive tasks trouble-free.Eg.,

  • Coding
  • Trade of stocks, currencies, and commodities
  • Read E-books, articles, and newsletters
  • Write notes, articles, and books
  • live videos on YouTube
  • Podcasts

A tablet or mobile is also capable of executing all these tasks. Hence 4 GB RAM for Windows 11 is not recommended as it limits a wide variety of functions required to a great extent.

The Main Issue Of Running 4GB RAM On Windows 11

Before we move forward, let us look at the specifications for the PC on which we conducted our analysis.

Processor: i3 3rd generation.
RAM: 4GB DDR4 (Expandable to 8GB)
Cores: 2
Windows 11 – 32-bit
Clock speed: 2.4ghz
Graphics: Intel UHD graphics 1GB.
SSD – 256GB

Issue Of Running 4GB RAM On Windows 11

As you press the power button, the system takes about 7 seconds of processing time to start. If you look at the configuration for the PC, It’s still too fast compared to Windows 10 or its previous versions.

Even though, after experiencing a smooth start, the system starts to get a bit sluggish after executing system programs at the back end. You might have to wait another 5 seconds to run a program of your choice.

The Main Issue Of Running 4GB RAM On Windows 11

As you can see, the memory shoots up to 80% before you even proceed to use the PC for your purpose. Adding a secondary display to your system or running a browser whoops RAM usage by another 10%. The internet usage works perfectly fine with one or two tabs. If you open more than two web pages, things start to slow down. Along with the RAM, CPU utilization increases, eventually leading to the closure of the software.

You must be careful about memory and RAM utilization before multitasking. In some cases or occasions, things might work fine, but if you are investing long hours in these tasks, using 4GB ram for windows 11 is probably not a good idea to manifest.

Now you’ll be thinking, if not 4GB, how much RAM do I need for windows 11?
You’ll find the answer to this question in the next section.

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Do You Need 8GB RAM For Windows 11?

Microsoft formally introduced Windows 11 on 5 October 2021. The organization also released a set of instructions that included the requirement of 4GB RAM for Windows 11. According to our analysis, back-end OS processes occupy more than 80% of total memory. It’s impossible to run software and applications at their full capacity with just 20% of free memory. To optimize memory management and performance, we suggest you upgrade your system’s RAM to 8 or 16GB.

8 GB RAM provides enough extra space to perform multitasking and various other functions like video editing, music production, creating content, rigorous coding, etc. All these tasks work decently as long as you are not running high-end games, simulation software, design software, etc.

Do You Need 8GB RAM For Windows 11

If you are into design, gaming, and computational simulation of real-life scenarios, even 8GB of RAM won’t be enough for you. To be able to run this specific software, we recommend you upgrade your RAM to 16GB.

My Computer Has 4GB RAM. What Should I Do?

The first suggestion would be to upgrade your PC RAM to 8 or 16GB. But if it’s still a constraint, we have another solution to your problem. The best part is that you can enhance your PC’s performance by executing the functions listed below.

  • Disable programs with high start impact. (directly from the taskbar)
  • Disable automatic updates of system software
  • Disable automated processes like virus scan and system backup.
  • Avoid installing unnecessary software and applications.
  • Avoid running processes that involve high memory and CPU utilization, like gaming, video editing, etc.
  • Avoid multitasking.

All these functions will optimize the memory and help in the smooth functioning of Windows 11 on your 4GB RAM PC.


There is a lot of curiosity and confusion related to Windows 11. To clear the confusion regarding questions like how much RAM do I need for windows 11? Is 4GB enough for Windows 11? We conducted a test and concluded that 4GB RAM is not convenient and sustainable for the long term. It limits most of the tasks needed to be performed daily.

The optimum RAM to run your PC on Windows 11 is either 8 or 16GB. Furthermore, If you have trouble upgrading your PC, follow our approach mentioned in section 4 to optimize RAM in the best way possible.

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